RedEye Mini: iPhone Universal TV Remote


A while back we reviewed the Bell PVR Remote App. This app lets you control your PVR from your iPhone when you’re not home. ThinkFlood has introduced the RedEye Mini, which will turn your iPhone into a universal TV remote!

The RedEye Mini is a plug in Infrared adapter dongle that fits into your 3.5mm jack. With the accompanying customizable iPhone app, you’ll soon be able to control every device in your home (it’s like your iPhone is now a Logitech Harmony) up to 30 feet away.

The best part about the RedEye Mini is that it’s only $49 and it’s coming this Spring. At that price, I can see a tonne of these being sold. This is why I love the iPhone–you can do so much when companies create innovative accessories!

Would you buy the RedEye Mini?

[ThinkFlood via Engadget]


  • winger

    How does this compare to the L5 remote iphone accessory?

  • johnkneematrix

    Cool design. It leaves the iPhone port connector open for additional accessories; charging, FM transmitter, etc. Does anyone know what the range is for the L5? RedEye Mini's 30 feet range is pretty good!

  • Half_Pint

    I would buy it if there was an RF version. The real power of the Logitech Harmony series is the ability of their top remotes to not require line-of-sight to the unit being controlled. Naturally this would require an additional piece of hardware to receive RF and rebroadcast in IR, but it would be well worth it for serious aficionados.

    Heck, maybe Logitech themselves will come up with an app and dongle that interfaces with their existing products!

  • matteagar

    Hi there,

    Our first product (the “original” RedEye, if you will) works over Wi-Fi – so it is RF. It is also unique in that you can have many different iPhone or iPod touch devices connected at once to the IR blaster, so everyone in your house can have their own, personal remote control. This model is on sale now through, and shipping to Canada is free.



  • Nick_Abby

    it would be hard to compare 2 products that are not even on the market yet 😉 however i would expect smilar performance with the advantage going to RedEye due to the fact that i can still charge my iphone while using the remote portion as the docking port is not tied up!

  • Nick_Abby

    thats what i am really hoping for a Logitech solution but RedEye seems to be the the most innovative in using the headphone port!

  • Nick_Abby

    at $188 its a lil too much if it would have come in around 120 or less it would be a bargain… iphone charging dock + IR hub you sit in your room and use the wifi to control everything!

    here is a direct link to the 15% discount

  • I would for sure buy this. It would replace the 5 remotes I have in my living room right now.

  • MistahTibbs

    Since the iPhone is BT compatible what about controlling your PS3? Or has this been done already?

  • rorypiper

    I think I would buy this, over the L5 Remote, that I reviewed on Sunday. The accessory looks nicer, and leaving the bottom port open for charging is great. I haven't been able to find a release date for this, anyone know when this is coming out?

  • Mark
  • Phillip

    Takes the TV-B-Gone (google it) aspect to a whole new playing field. If codes could be downloaded from within the app over WiFi or 3G, you could control practically any TV anywhere at any time. Sitting in the waiting room at the Doctor's office and the TV is playing some lame soap opera or reality show, plug in the IR, fire up the app, download the IR codes for that model TV and change the channel.

  • Mac

    Please elaborate — why is the FLPR “way cooler?” Nothing at their website to support that it may be.

  • dave8277

    Sure I will

  • Mac

    Please elaborate — why is the FLPR “way cooler?” Nothing at their website to support that it may be.

  • dave8277

    Sure I will, I hope they have made this one able to operate a PS3 unlike the first Redeye. I just ordered a Harmony One, partially due to this, and sure I will love it.