Shine Personal Activity Tracker Launches in Apple Stores in Canada, USA


The personal activity tracker segment is heating up as the Misfit Shine, which started as an Indiegogo project (it reached $846,675 in funding) has officially launched in Canada, the USA, Japan and Hong Kong, available at Apple Stores or online for $99, along with various accessories:

Tap Shine and a halo of lights appears to show progress toward your daily goal. Set your goals on the app and then wear Shine anywhere: hip, neck, wrist, shoes, chest, shirt, etc. Super-strong and water resistant to 50 meters, Shine is great for swimming. It is carved out of a solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum and is built to last a lifetime. Shine syncs with your iPhone in seconds and is powered by a regular user-replaceable coin cell battery which lasts up to four months – no cables for syncing or charging.

4 shine size comparison

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The Shine App allows users to sync the device to their phone wirelessly and track activities. Misfit was co-founded in 2011 by John Sculley, the former CEO of Apple. Did you back the Shine or would be interested in getting one?


  • Chrome262

    I remember the kickstarter for this, such a great design. Was so tempted to get this then, then but talked my self out of it, because its useless when you actually perform no activities

  • Sloth life 4 ever

  • Chrome262

    Well i actually walk everywhere but I don’t want to be reminded on how I have failed yet another goal in life LOL. If it told the time it would be cool, its so compact and durable

  • hehe

    I think it does tell the time?

  • Chrome262

    it doesn’t display anything other then the dots oh wait, maybe they changed it a bit since the Kickstarter.

  • Peter Pottinger

    I think its a FANTASTIC idea and wearables are the future, but the first version? eehhh pass.