Silicase iPhone 4 Case By Logiix


Today I have the Silicase iPhone 4 case from Logiix which is a line of soft silicone cases to protect your iPhone 4.

Silicase by Logiix

The Silicase is a soft silicone case that covers the back and all sides of the iPhone 4. The case leaves cut-outs for the dock connector, speaker/microphone, silent switch, volume buttons, headphone jack, and camera. The case further covers the home/sleep button.

Since the case is made of soft silicone, it provides a minor degree of impact protection if the iPhone 4 was ever dropped. For better shock protection, the Apple Bumper or other hard silicone cases would provide more shock protection, so I wouldn’t view shock absorption as a case feature.

Since the case is a soft silicone, it can be a little loose around the edges. While the iPhone 4 does provide a tight fit on the case, the edges can still become loosened over time. The case feels nice when held and is a little sticky, causing a few issues when attempting to slide the case into a jean pocket for example.

A great bonus with the Silicase is that each case includes a screen protector and polishing cloth. This is a nice addition as the Silicase case covers the back/sides of the iPhone 4 and the screen protector covers the display.

The Silicase iPhone 4 case is available in Black or White. For purchasing, the cases are available at local retailers, so check out your local electronic store for availability and pricing.


  • Test

    So this review doesn’t even include a picture of the iPhone in the case? That’s a new lazy.

  • 123412@GMAIL.COM


  • BM

    Their website does not even allow you to buy their products! Under purchase it just says that their cases are sold at national distributors and electronic stores. Wouldn’t they at least want to put a link to the best buy or future shop page where I might be able to buy one if I so desired? All they are doing is sending me on a goose hunt to places where their products may be overshadowed by better known cases like Belkin or Case-mate.

  • Bizdev

    Hi BM Logiix here, thanks for the feedback and this is something that we have been working on should be live by the end of the week.

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  • JB

    Junk. The case I bought at London Drugs has flashing all around the edge, and a nice big chunk of flash sticking off the power button like a little shark fin. Loose immediately after installation, massive lint magnet.

    I will say, the screen protector is strangely good. I got the whole kit for $15 on sale, so there you go–cheap screen protector compared to some.