Spark High Definition In-Ear Headphones from id America [Review] UPDATE: Contest Closed. Winner has been chosen.


We all know that the earbuds that come with our iPhones and iPods leave a lot to be desired, when it comes to sound quality. I am always on the look out for something that sounds better, but is still somewhat affordable. The Spark High Definition In-Ear Headphones just might fall into that category.

The folks at id America were nice enough to let us try out their Spark High Definition In-Ear Headphones. I really like the style of these. They are modeled after a spark plug and are made of aluminum. They come in tons of of different colour configuration, so their is a look for almost everyone. The cord seems to be a good length, as I never needed it longer or shorter. The in-line mic and controls work similar to the iPhone default earbuds, and I had no issues with its use. The buds themselves are comfortable, and come with three sizes to fit different earholes. They also come with a little round case to carry them in.

Of course, the most important quality is: how do they sound? This is something that is really subjective, as everyone has different tastes in how they want their music to sound. I’ve been a musician for over 20 years, so I can get picky with how my music sounds. I can tell you that I like these. In general, the highs and mids are decent, and the bass sounds really good. At low to medium levels everything was nice and clear, but turning up the volume past 3/4 of the way, you do start to get a bit of distortion. They are loud enough to hurt your ears at that point anyway, so not a big issue.

The Spark High Definition In-Ear Headphones retail for $59.95. You can find them in stores or order them right online from their website.

Here’s the fun part! We have one set of these in “Cherry Green” to giveaway! Just comment below letting us know you’d really like to own these, and we’ll pick a winner at random. Winner will be announced a week from today, March 15th.

UPDATE: Our winner has been chosen! Thanks to all who entered. Our winner wishes to remain annonomys, as they are going to gift it to a loved one.


  • Renus McIntosh

    Would love a set of those!

  • Allan A

    Those would look snazzy in my ears!

  • nice, I’d love a pair

  • Jean-Pierre

    Can’t wait to try them out once I win this giveaway !!! LOL

  • Anonymous

    I’m used to the crappy old white apples that are too big for my little ears.  Some real headphones (and excellent ones at that!) would be awesome!

  • Scot Zawada

    As My Grandaughter keeps taking mine and misplacing them, I couold really Use a pair of new ones that A) I could hide from her, and B) ones that have great sound.
    Scot Zawada

  • Anonymous

    Would love to try out these cans.  Can you make my day with a set, please?

  • nice

  • Royar

    A little maniac about earphones! Saw theses a few days ago on the web and wondered how long I could wait before ordering a pair. Now, no need to wait to order! Just have to be the winner…!!!

  • Suwgk23

    I’m a bose fan and i never thought of change my headphones! But reading your review i want to try them out!!

  • Wynncy Manalad

    I’d love to have this ear headphones so I can give it to my wife because the earphones that come with her Iphone 4  always fall down.  She already tried a couple of unknown earphones but she didn’t like them because they tend to fall from her ears too.

  • Guy Soulliere

    would love a set for home so we can stop sharing ear wax, thanks!

  • Monty

    I would love to try a different set of ear phone aside from my apple earphones and these look really cool.

  • I haven’t heard of id America, but I would love a set of these! 

  • Fraser

    Would love to get back into shape by going to the gym- and these would be an awesome way to listen to some good quality sound while I do that. Cheers!

  • Peter Poon

    I’m in!

  • Mark Charko

    Been looking for a new pair of I near headphones for a while… Winning some in a contest certainly sounds better than buying a set!

  • Anonymous

    My crapple headphones broke down, and I’ve been following this blog for a long time 🙂
    New headphones would really help a lot.
    Thanks guys!

  • Bpardy

    I’d love a pair thanks lol

  • Emjunk43

    For free I’m in.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to own a pair too 😉

    Put me in the draw 😉

  • Anonymous

    Hell yeah I want these, they look fantastic.

  • Footy8

    The apple ones just aren’t cutting it at the gym – always falling out and I’m pretty sure my sweat has ruined something in the left ear bud.  Would love to win this! 

  • Gamehunter

    Looking for new ones anyway.. 🙂

  • I’d love to own these as I hike and bike in Vancouver 🙂

  • marcandrer

    I’d like a pair 🙂 .. if I dont get them I’ll probably buy them anyway 🙂

  • Kevin Lee

    Oh my, these look quite awesome!

  • je1man

    sign me up

  • Michael Bennett

    These sound great! I would love a nice in-ear pair with a mic. 

  • I need new earphones! They seem amazing

  • Syuyu

    hey guys! these look awesome, would love to try them out.

  • Anonymous

    I would love a new pair of headphones, I have gone through 3 pairs in the last year and a half.

  • I’d love to try out some and compare to my $100 ones

  • Anonymous

    I’d Love a Pair! My cat chewed the cord on my old pair and killed the earphones.  Love your website btw.

  • braiden

    would love a pair 🙂

  • cheeky

    pick me!

  • Wilme

    I’d love a pair of these!!

  • Jasraj Singh

    I would LOVE to win a pair of these!

  • Brian

    Dropped my apple in-ears in the toilet bowl at work yesterday. Thought for a second about fishing them out but it was an auto-flush… T.T

  • Ddisoul

    Want them please!!!

  • My earphones just crapped out on me, would be great to get these as a new pair. Thanks for the review!

  • Shawnbeals

    I would so love these I find the apple ones too hard on my ears lol

  • I’d love a set, just current pair just stopped working

  • I shall comment here.

  • Bvan37

    I’d really love a pair, they look amazing and the stock earbuds just don’t cut it for sound quality.

  • Yup, would very much like a pair of these.

  • Matt

    It would be great to win this pair of headphones! My apple ones are starting to get old.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Marc Wensauer

    I’m still hunting for the right pair — sign me up!

  • Robin Gambin

    I would love new ear buds. My apple ones are getting scratchy.

    Thanks for this chance and all the great posts on here.

  • Tim Rügemer

    The sparks, eh!
    I’m ready for a new set of ear plugs sine I wore out my old ones.
    Your writeup sounds pretty good and I would be happy to win a pair!
    And cherry green ….

  • Wingnutdan

    I’m in!  Would love a pair!

  • Philpaint

    I want them!!!

  • zapperman

    Would love these – my tiny ears make it impossible for anything to stay in them and these look like they might do the job!

  • Matt K

    My standard-issue iPhone earbuds are on their way out and considered ghetto now, so I would definitely love a pair! 🙂

  • Aaron Reibin

    Wow.  Nice review.  I would like to entered into the draw if only to receive the carrying case.

  • Anonymous

    look very nice

  • Anonymous

    I don’t have any other headphones so I think I deserve these the most.

  • Georj Bandicoot

    Thanks! I’d really like to own the “Cherry Green” Spark High Definition In-Ear Headphones!

  • Mark Ciszek

    Oh yes please, I’d love to win a pair.  My wife just loves my other headphones so I’ve been looking for a replacement pair since they no longer make the other one.

  • Mitch

    These headphones look really slick, I’d love to have a pair 🙂

  • Mcadamt

    I’d love a Pair!!!  Mine always pop out of my ears at the gym or while I’m riding my bike!

  • Jack

    Look sleek n would like to own a pair!!

  • Brian

    Looks really nice!
    I want one!

  • Chrisperro

    nice! if i win I’m burning those crappy apple ones!

  • I have a headphone addiction so I must have these.

  • I would love em

  • need some new buds and I’ve love to give these a try. thanks guys iphoneincanada rocks!

  • Glasonar

    luv to have it!

  • Michael Macfarlane

    I’d love to own a pair!

  • K3


    Would love to give these a work out and I am so listening to Whitesnake if won.. don’t know why just am.

  • Anonymous

    I would love to not have a pair of these

  • Gary

    I need some please!

  • Anonymous

    This is truly great. I love to own ’em

  • Kdjanz

    I’d like to be the big winner too – it would be great with the new iPad!

  • David Desson

    Hey I always looking for a great pair of headphones so put me in.

  • Anonymous

    Those look sick! Thanks for the contest. 

  • Anonymous

    Sweet, I just broke my Apple ones!

  • Anonymous

    I like headphones! So, yes, I would totally like to own these.

  • I need headphones that do not consitently fall out of ears while at the gym, these look great !

  • I wouldn’t mind a pair 😉

  • Anonymous

    Hook me up brothas and sistas! I just dropped my headphones in a bucket of paint:( I could use a new pair. I’ll neve do a little right up of the pros and cons of them after I get them. I’ve got my fingers crossed.

  • Adriano Mancino

    I have always wanted something that sounds great and is in-ear, I was saving my pennies for a set of monsters but I think these would be far better for the gym (only in-ear will actually stay in my ear).

  • Rob

    Those look really cool, I’d love a pair!

  • SteveK

    Sounds sweet

  • MyName

    I want those!!! Please pick me!!! Please!!!! I read this site daily!

  • Conny McRiner

    Love the look of them!

  • Sanders

    I would like these to listen to music.

  • Frankie

    I always wanted a good pair of headphones. Thanks for giving me the opportunity!

  • My Klipsch are about to die so I definitely want one of these

  • Scott

    Loving all these giveaways, sign me up!

  • Smorjug

    Me + those headphones = AWESOMENESS 🙂

  • Zachary

    those would look pretty good on me.. haha sign me up! 

  • Rick

    Me me me! 🙂   I’d really like to get them.

  • Mr Mike M

    I’m on this site a lot. It’d be a bonus to win headphones. Keep up the good work.

  • JH

    It would be nice to win a pair of headphones.  It seems like the ones I own tend to break easily or i end up losing them :(.

  • Isimportant

    Me!! If i win this ill be your best friend!!

  • Peter lai

    Be great to finally have a good set of headphones.

  • Matt

    I am only 14 and I love this site. I check to see new posts multiple times each day and it would be awesome to win a pair of these. I love this site and would love a pair of sweet headphones because most aren’t that good but if your recommending them they must be decent. Thanks

  • Daniel

    I spend a lot of time on public transit. Would love to have a great pair earbuds!

    Not sure if this is needed but if I win, you can contact me on twitter at @ddn2003.

  • ????Dennis

    As a long time follower of iphoneincanada I’d love a chance at winning these cool looking headphones.

    Due to recent events I have gotten a second job during the weekends delivering the paper. I have a fairly large route and listen to my iPod with the included headphones to make the time go by. They are a bit of a nuisance cause they tangle so easily and always fall out when digging through my buggy for the papers.

    I’d love a chance to win these headphones and make my job a little more enjoyable.

  • EC

    I’d really to own those.

  • Medeirossm

    Please I soo need a pair.

  • Opus

    Nice blog and excellent review.  Love to have a pair.  I’m in Toronto and rides the GO to work daily…need one of these to shut out all the noisy folks so I can concentrate in reading iphone  in canada…lol 

  • J Warwani

    Cute case

  • guylegend

    I’d really like to own these! Please!

  • Andy

    I want to win because I have a bad headphone right now….:(

  • Kevin

    I’d love to win a pair of these headphones!

  • Samuel

    Hey! I’d love to win a pair and try them out!

  • Frank Huse

    WHAT!!!!… non plastic earbuds exist!??!?! … My ears would be spoiled with these cool looking aluminm spark plug styl’n things.  My House and Techno wouldn’t sound right… better sign someone else up haha.  Joking,  sign me up;)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never had a pair of earphones. I wonder how it feels like having them plugged in my ears

  • Joey2413

    Would definitely enjoy a pair of these bad boys

  • Nav

    hook it up

  • prab

    These sound great! I would love a nice in-ear pair with a mic. 

  • EarThirst

    I’d be keen to hear what a REAL set of QUALITY earphones sounds like!  I’d love a pair.

  • Simon B

    I really, really, really want a pair of those sweet cans.

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    I’d love to get my hands on a set.

  • JB

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    Audiophile due for some new tunes

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  • Jusak Darmawan

    Give it to me!!!

  • Zee

    Hell yeah I want those!  My iPhone headphones are falling apart.

  • DDR

    These are awesome ear muds.  I want them bad!

  • Anonymous

    I’d also really like a pair. 😉

  • H8ncars

    I would like to have a pair because I have never used the factory apple headphones. They are cheap and do not give out the quality a listener deserves. I would prefer earbuds but with my work schedule and not having time to go out and purchase a pair. It is even hard to get hands on with earbuds to make sure that you have a good pair since you don’t want to go to a store and jamming ear buds in your ear knowing others are not doing the same that may be somewhat gross :D. I would like to have a pair tho with the type of work I do requiring earplugs , this would be perfect as I could keep better In touch with my phone and the world outside of my long days

  • Anonymous

    these head phone look pretty sweet, and i like the choice in colours as well at the little case that they come in.  $60 seems like an average price for decent headphone 

  • Anonymous

    Green? As in green apple? Headphones look sweet. I am like a headphones hobo. Always borrowing my buddies crap ones at the gym. After I broke my good set I haven’t had the chance to replace them and am in desperate need of another decent set!

  • Andrewward123

    I would really like these earphones.

  • Anon

    Quality and cheap don’t mix.  At $59, you certainly get what you pay for. 

  • Jeff

    Just lost mine, this would be a very pleasant surprise 🙁

  • Vikram Kalsi

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    This is so cool for my iphone4, this is a good replacement for the apple earphone which is kinda sucks.

  • Cathy Legere

    My family is really hard on ear buds… and therefore they seems to “”acquire” mine when theirs break. If I won these… I would not be so quick to give up my ear buds!

  • Karenn

    I bought the in ear apple headphones and they stopped working after less than 2 months.. After that I’ve been hesitant to purchase a new pair after my $80 went down the drain.. So I’ve been using the cheap $6 ones 🙁 I would love a proper new pair of headphones !!!

  • Anonymous

    Good ear buds are hard to come by. The iPhone buds deteriorate quickly and sound horrible. I could enjoy my music…. 

  • Tree42

    I’d love a chance at winning these! The stick ones hurt my ears.

  • Gottfred

    Am always wantIng the new tech !!!! For sure.

  • A Duffy77

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  • Douglas Wallace

    Thanks for your review. I am always trying to find a half decent set of earbuds that don’t cost a fortune.

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    I would love to win these! They look like Christmas lights and got a good review!

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  • They look very slick and I like the fact that they come with a decent storage container. 

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    Nice. It is hard to find good quality headphones that actually survive the daily abuse. I wouldn’t mind trying these out.

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    I have needed a new pair of headphones in months!! Can’t afford it at te moment. So I would truly appreciate this!!

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    Iw ould like to own it as it looks beautiful and it should be my first and last pair of earphones!

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    I love to have a new pair of headphones !!

  • Victoria

    Your (much appreciated) comments on audio sound quality have convinced me to give these earbuds a listen. I have persevered with Sennheiser’s poor quality workmanship because of the better sound quality (I’m on my fourth earbuds in two years). I would live to give Cherry Green a try!

  • gr00ve

    I am not a fan of in-ear headphones (at all), but these would make a nice gift for someone who does…

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    I would do anything to get one of these….well almost anything,

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    After trying the Beats Tour in-ear headphones, I’m looking to try another brand that’s not bass heavy and over priced!

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    I would be insanely ecstatic to own the Spark HD Inear headphones.

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    Please put me in the entry bowl! I listen to my slacker radio app running up and down the highways of northern Alberta and I have yet to find a sound that fits my music. Thanks!

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  • Look cool, hope they sound as good as they look.

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  • Im a Big Audiophile   love my music, and love good pair of headphones. Never herd of these but lets see!  Thanks & GoodLuck!

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  • Those look awesome!

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  • I would be thrilled to win these Sparks.

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    I would also win the Spark model. I have rarely seen the headphones as well (Aluminium) as the specific the sound is very good quality (HD) They’ve thought of all color coordinated with nine choice. Really impressed!

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    Wow these sound awesome, would be nice to replace my earbuds where sound only comes from one ear.

  • sparks in my ear. Would love to witness such a sensation.

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  • hope to win as would love to try this earphones

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    These are pretty cool.  They would be a good replacement to my broken iPhone ear buds.

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    free gift always appreciated, and this pair of headphones would make it better and excited.

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    These would be great for my iPod.  The earbuds that come with it suck for bass,  and my good headset is too bulky.

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    I would love to win some new headphones. My current ones only work if you hold them at a certain angle. Not fun. Thanks for offering this contest!

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    My ipod stock headphones are HORRIBLE. 

  • I WANT ONE!!!!

  • These look pretty good.

  • id love to own these!!!

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    These look great – would love them for my commute!

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    Never had a decent pair of earbuds before, and the crappy ones I had would all fall out so easily and sounded pretty bad.  This would be awesome, thanks!

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    I would use the Sparks for when I work out.

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    So, w hy not Zoidberg… ?

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  • Looks great, can’t wait to try it!

  • What a great little pair of buds. Would love to win a pair.

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    These SparkHD IEMs would be great for me my current music selection is primarily mid to low range.

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  • These look cool! Thanks! 

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  • Would love these! my ultimate ears just broke and I’m borrowing my daughters spare purple ones ha ha, luckily in ear headphones!

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