Contest: Enter to Win $1000 Worth of ZAGGsparq Chargers from ZAGG [Update]


So far we’ve given away a TELUS iPhone 5 and ending tonight is an iPad mini giveaway from Rogers, all to celebrate our new site redesign. We’re not done yet folks (seriously, more to come!) as our friends at ZAGG want to share the love too, so we’ve teamed up to give away TEN ZAGGsparq 6000 chargers ($1000 value):

The ZAGGsparq 6000 is the most convenient and stylish portable backup battery available. The sparq’s 2.1A output provides ultra-fast charging for all your favorite devices. And with its four-charge capacity, and two USB charging docks, the ZAGGsparq 6000 is a must have for active device users.

Hero shot zaggsparq 6000

I’ve been using this new generation design ZAGGsparq (the 3100 model) for a while now and I’ve been loving it for my iPhone and iPad. It’s much smaller compared to the original square design and it also retains its charge for longer too.

Listen, you know shipping options from the USA to Canada can kill some of these accessory deals, so this is one contest you don’t want miss out on.

How to Enter to win the ZAGGsparq Contest

1. Follow @iPhoneinCanada and @ZAGGdaily on Twitter

2. Send out the following tweet:

Enter here to win a $100 ZAGGsparq charger from @iPhoneinCanada @ZAGGdaily!Β

3. Post a comment on this blog post to confirm your entry!

Contest ends May 20th at 11:59PM PDT. Winners will be announced shortly afterwards and must have a Canadian mailing address. Limit one winner per household. Good luck!

Update May 22: Congrats to the following winners!

  • @LukeLindsay
  • @Senators24
  • @MrDisco3
  • @RobinLeung
  • @MikeJenkinson
  • @jhuynh2000
  • @NicholasForsyth
  • @RyanToyota
  • @ClayJTweets
  • @CptKirk

Winners will have 24 hours to email us at tips AT to claim their prize. If we don’t hear from you, new winners will be picked.


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  • Update: winners announced, check the blog post above. Thanks all for entering!