42 Promo Codes for the Starbucks App Pick: Living Earth – Clock and Weather


This week’s Starbucks App Pick of the Week is the universal app Living Earth – Clock and Weather. Regularly $1.99, you can now grab it for free from your local Starbucks.

This app can provide live clouds from near real-time satellite cloud data, updated every 3 years. This can allow storm chasers to keep up with what’s going on around the globe. There are also live 3D weather maps of temperature, humidity, wind and forecasts for millions of cities around the world. The app also has an alarm clock so you can wake up to a cool view of the planet to your preferred music choice and also has an auto-lock override feature for when you want it to be on your nightstand or as a desktop clock.

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Don’t have time to hit up Starbucks? Grab one of the 42 free promo codes below for the community! Thanks to @MatthewSantoro@adamhiscox and @swotam!



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Be sure to thank these guys if you managed to snag a free code!


  • wuju

    thanks. Got the REAF6M9… code

  • Dano

    Thank you…

  • Thanks. Claimed the one starting jn43…

  • Christopher Jones

    Thanks so much guys,, I used 6RY746JL3H4K

  • rollee

    Thank you. Code worked.

  • yamadori

    Used the one ending 779. thanks!

  • Jason

    used kr9rk…..

  • Christopher Jones

    I know all the codes after mine have been claimed, but not sure about the ones before

  • Nick

    Holy crap these codes went like the dickens. Anyone want to trade a living earth for a Brian Cox “Wonders of the Universe” code? 🙂

  • mnec

    All codes gone 🙁

  • BigMac

    …all gone thanks anyway

  • Crashes, full of ads . . . crap.

  • nosnoop

    >”This app can provide live clouds from near real-time satellite cloud data,
    updated every 3 years.”

    It’s updated every 3 HOURS, not 3 YEARS…. LOL