Angry Birds 2 Has Already Hit 10 Million Downloads


Angry Birds 2 launched in the App Store at the end of July and in four days, Rovio has announced its newest game has already been downloaded 10 million times by iOS and Android users, as announced on Twitter:

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Click here to download Angry Birds 2 in the App Store. What do you think of this freemium game so far?


  • Angry Birds got a little boring to me, but this latest release really added a lot of nice flair, options and keeping the game interesting. They did a great job.

  • Biggy604

    It doesnt help that People in Canada already had Angry Birds 2 in the guise of “Angry Birds Under Pigstruction” lol

    I hope Rovio did not add those app updates (of the name change) to their total downloads of “Angry Birds 2” lol

  • Dave B

    I’m one of those 10 million … but I deleted it after playing for 5 minutes. Nothing new, except more annoying and slow to load.