Apple Adds Dedicated ‘Apps Québécoises’ Section in iTunes


Apple has updated iTunes to include a section dedicated to iPhone and iPad ‘Apps for Québécoises’ within the Great Canadian Apps section. The section highlights apps for French Canadian users in Québec, and even some are developed right in Québec.

Check out the apps here in iTunes.

If you know of any favourite Québécoises apps, share them with us below!

Update 1: We messed up and added an extra accent by mistake. Fixed. 🙂


  • Vcadieux

    It’s not Québéc but Québec… 😉

  • cyruskafaiwu

    and again with Québecois…

  • cyruskafaiwu

    This section has been since the new year started.

  • cyruskafaiwu

    and a lot of the apps are in french but not made in québec…

  • Bdes
  • You’re right on one count… <> accent on both “e”s in the first, only one accent when speaking of the province. Also, small “q” when used as a qualifier as in <> versus <> — Apple got it right

  • An acute accent is called exactly that in English. It is not an “accent aigü.”

  • Zimage8

    So, if Apple is releasing custom apps for Quebec, does this mean they can flick the switch on Siri so we can get location features. It’s ridiculous already.