Apple Publishes The App Store Best Of 2012


Apple’s App Store Best Of 2012 has just gone live, listing the best apps and games for iPhone and iPad for the year (via The Loop). The Best of 2012 iTunes category is further split into a number of sub-categories including Movies, TV Shows, App Store, Books and Podcasts.

Screen Shot 2012 12 13 at 10 16 46 AM

For the iPhone, Action Movie FX has been chosen as the App of the Year with Figure as the runner up, while Rayman Jungle Run wins the Game of the Year title, with Letterpress as the runner up. Similarly, Paper is the 2012 App of the Year for iPad, with Action Movie FX as the runner up. The Room gets the iPad Game of the Year title, while Waking Mars is the runners up in this category.

Screen Shot 2012 12 13 at 10 17 01 AM

Below are the “Made in Canada” top App Store choices for iPhone and iPad:

Screen Shot 2012 12 13 at 10 17 16 AM

Screen Shot 2012 12 13 at 10 17 34 AM

Did you favourite game / app of 2012 make it to the list? If yes, let us know which one!


  • jabohn

    Funny that the AirMiles app is on that list when the reviews are terrible. For one, it lacks Passbook support.

  • That’s true.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I think they are premature – I’m sure that Google Maps would be the TRUE App of the year.

  • draz

    That’s why they released this now because Google Maps would dominate in popularity.

    They prob wouldn’t list it anyways, YouTube isn’t even on there or any company that competes with Apple products (such as Mapping apps)

  • zukax

    Virtual Human Body !