Google Gboard for iOS Gets Voice Dictation, iOS 10 Emoji, More Languages


Google has updated their iOS keyboard, Gboard for iOS, with a decent update. This new update adds 15 languages, voice dictation and more iOS 10 emoji.

The new languages are: Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Polish, Romanian, Swedish, Catalan, Hungarian, Malay, Russian, Latin American Spanish, and Turkish.

With voice typing, you’ll need to grant access to the iOS microphone. All you do is tap the microphone icon in the top right corner of the spacebar, then a full screen dictation prompt appears (just like the Google search iOS app) for you speak. Your phrase should appear ready to send, but in our tests it was buggy. We tapped send but nothing sent, and text only appeared when we tapped the prompt area a second time.

Gboard google keyboard

While glide typing on Gboard is great, I recently switched back to the iOS keyboard as the latter lacked the latest iOS 10 emojis. Now, I’m giving Gboard another try again, and this is still one of the best third party iOS keyboards.

Google says when the “G” button animates—that’s when you’ll get to see the newest Google Doodles.

This update does not apply to those who have installed Gboard via the Google iOS app. Looks like you’ll have to wait for an update to the Google search iOS app, which should be coming soon.

Click here to download Gboard for iOS in the App Store.


  • Shawn Rouse

    Nice! I might never use the native keyboard again now. That will save me from having to switch every time I don’t want to tap-tap-tap.

  • Riddlemethis

    Well. That’s a start. I have tried all the free 3rd party keyboards and they are all horrible and frustrating to use. The less worst of the bunch is SwiftKey. The native iOS keyboard is the worst of all of them in my opinion.

    The predictive text with the iOS is so light to see on that already poor background that it’s next to impossible to read. Apple dropped the ball big time there and they see no issues at all. They are simply too lazy to add a few themes to their keyboard. Maybe Cook is color blind? However, I admit that Apple’s predictive text is far better than the rest.

    I am still baffled why nobody has the feature of a realizable keyboard like they have for most third party keyboard apps for Android. All iOS keyboards are simply too small for me to use. I try to use voice dictation whenever possible otherwise I stay with SwiftKey.