Hockey Canada Launches Concussion Awareness iPhone App


The NHL season is on hiatus due to the lockout, but that doesn’t mean it should end the education of concussion awareness. Hockey Canada has officially announced the launch of their Concussion Awareness app, a tool made for parents, players and coaches to educate themselves about concussions. The app provides articles, videos and also lists directions to the nearest hospital should that be applicable.

The Hockey Canada Concussion Awareness app is a great tool for parents, coaches, trainers, players, administrators and anyone interested in learning about the prevention, recognition and response to concussion injury, including responsible return-to-play protocol.


Sidney Crosby, who was directly affected by concussion symptoms last season has endorsed the app and called it a “commitment to educating families and players about all aspects of the game.”

The app was created by the Canadian Centre for Ethics and Sport, the Coaching Association of Canada and ThinkFirst Pensez d’Abord Canada, a joint effort funded by a $1.5-million grant from Ottawa.

Click here to download Hockey Canada Concussion Awareness–it’s free.


  • David

    I don’t understand apps like these. This is information that could just be presented on platform agnostic “web pages”. How often am I going to be like “oh right on, lets check out the concussion awareness app for the 6th time!” No, it’s one of those things you open once and never again. Not everything needs to be or should be an app.

  • David

    I’m also annoyed that our tax dollars are being spent on crap like this…and I’m a left of centre guy. Heck there isn’t even an iphoneincanada app. That should tell you something.

  • $1.5m spent on this app. Thanks for paying to play.

  • fredf

    I’m a left of centre physician and I agree wit you. You can google anything here. It should have been an app that coaches could open up and follow instructions on assessing an affected player on the bench.

    Concussion has become an industry. There are researchers but also ‘professional’ advisors and hangers on who make a living out of feeding information and advice to the public and the media. These are the people who get paid to do this apps and ‘consult’ on these topics.

    There is a ‘health and wellness’ industry just like the military industrial industry. It just appears more benign but is a huge waste of money and resources. Worse, yet, it often feeds fear among the public.

    end of rant!

  • David

    Cripes, just for the app? I hope that the money was at least for the initiative as a whole. You could pay a computer science student a couple thousand bucks to code this in his basement. Probably less, heck even free if someone was looking for a portfolio piece.

  • It was probably divided among three organizations, so $500K each to pay for salaries and development?? It’s insane.

  • joe

    wft is this bs? we get f’d in the ass on beer and dip tax and they blow it all on crap like this.
    It is an educational app, but everyone who plays hockey knows all the concussion shit already