How to Pair RunKeeper for iOS with your Pebble Smart Watch


RunKeeper has released an update to its iOS and Android apps to support the Pebble Smart Watch. Both companies initially announced a partnership to work together and it has finally arrived. Pebble users will now be able to view their RunKeeper stats plus pause and resume the app right from their watch.

What’s New in Version 3.3
Support for new languages!
You can now use everything from goals to audio coaching in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese!

Track your runs with your Pebble watch!
– Use your Pebble watch to view your stats while working out.
– Pause and resume RunKeeper right from your wrist.

How to pair RunKeeper with your Pebble?

There are no instructions on how to set this up–it’s automatic. As long as your Pebble is connected to your iPhone, the moment you tap ‘Start Activity’ in the app it’ll send data to the watch’s screen.

A tiny watch icon will display in the top left corner of RunKeeper to note your Pebble is connected:

Pebble Screenshot

Photo 1  6

To pause or resume RunKeeper from the Pebble, just tap the middle button on the right side of the watch. If RunKeeper was active and you exit to the main Pebble menu, you’ll see the app listed  so you can return to it.

Photo 2  3

RunKeeper fans will love the integration with Pebble, as you’ll have live info and be able to control the app right from your wrist. Let us know how you’re liking RunKeeper integration with your Pebble.


  • Mark

    Wish the watch app would show labels in Metric

  • Yeah even with metric settings, the watch displayed miles. You can bet a fix is coming for this.

  • Kien Tran

    That’s the first thing I noticed! What the frak is with these units?!? LOL. I did read on their support blog that this oversight will be corrected with the next release. Aside from that I find the Pebble quite handy. No pun intended. Maybe.

  • h2

    Well, Pebble still doesn’t fully support metric, after all this half a year. Some symbols show up corrupted. And what’s worse, if I want to run other app, better Pebble supported app like Pumatrac, at the same time on my iPhone, I can’t force RunKeeper not to be shown on Pebble and instead Pebble randomly switches between these apps.