Instagram, Urbanspoon Updated for iOS 6 and iPhone 5


A couple updates have been pushed out to two popular apps, Instagram and UrbanSpoon. The updates bring support for iOS 6 and the larger 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5.

Urbanspoon brings some usability enhancements to the new restaurant map along with some bug fixes. The app looks great on the larger iPhone 5 display.

Instagram brings improved password recovery, a redesigned registration process along with some bug fixes and miscellaneous improvements. The larger screen allows for a bit more viewing room on your Instagram timeline.


What apps are you eagerly awaiting an iPhone 5 and iOS 6 update?


  • Gp92

    The weather network!

  • The Urbanspoon app “looks great on the larger iPhone 5 display”?!? Seriously? The screenshot shown is the exact same layout as the 3.5″ app design (which hasn’t changed) except that it has a larger black area under the shake button.

    Regarding the Instagram update, I noticed that the updated Instagram is now using Apple’s maps (which I was disappointed to find out… I find Apple’s maps kinda ugly) and it seems to dump its cache a lot more often, which is MUCH appreciated. Just last week I had to delete and re-install Instagram because it was the only way I could seem to clear the 500MB cache it had accumulated.