Samsung Takes On iMessage, Launches ChatON Across Multiple Platforms


“Chat Your Way, ChatON!” This is what Samsung is calling its latest venture to compete with Apple’s iMessage and frankly speaking, its not a bad attempt. ChatON is a cross platform instant messaging app (available on the US App Store) which allows users of iOS, Android, Bada and Samsung Feature to communicate with each other for free.

According to the website, the service will also expand to Blackberry, Window mobile and web users soon. The initial version of ChatON for iOS app supports one-to-one chat, group chat, broadcast, message drawing features and allows users to share photos, video, voice snippets, their location, contacts and calendar appointments.

Here is the official iTunes description:

ChatON is a Global Mobile Communication Service that enables you to have better relationships with your buddies or groups.

ChatON brings together all of these methods of communication, expression, and sharing in one place.

1) ChatON supports multi platforms and devices. Users can chat freely through ChatON.

– Currently, ChatON supports iOS, Android, Bada, Samsung Feature and will support Blackberry, Window mobile, web soon.

2) ChatON provides multi ways to make your communication richer.

– 1:1 Chat, Group Chat, Broadcast, Drawing Message, Picture, Video, Voice, Location, Contact, Calendar.

3) Using ChatON, create your own unique drawing message by hand drawing etc.

4) ChatON provides group management feature for easy group chat

5) ChatON provides Interaction rank which informs you how often you chat with your buddies.

6) For every chat room, you can easily see all sent images and videos in a Trunk.

7) Something to say for your buddies? Use ‘Buddies Say’!

** Verification SMS not received? Go to for an alternative verification. It’s at the lower right corner”

Below is the direct iTunes download link (US Only):


  • Codywoodward

    Honestly how is this any different then something like whatsapp or kik, it really isn’t! The reason that BBM did so well was because it was native to BB and preinstalled on every BB, the reason iM is now starting to take off is because of the same reasons! A download app will never be as good as a native app! This may substitute itself for a whatsapp or kik, but it will not be a true competitor of BBM or iM if it doesn’t become native to android or at least Samsung.

  • Kenvin100

    from a Canadian perspective, most companies (the big 3 anyway) offer unlimited texting plans for low prices..unless you have buddies who live outside the country, these apps might come in handy

  • Anonymous

    Oh look another multi-platform messenger!

  • The problem there is the words THESE apps. It would be sweet if apple through down a cross platform client or some sort of communication with SMS. Until there’s a cross platform that works natively on all platforms it’s going to be an eternal cat and mouse game.

  • For me the beauty of iMessage included its transparency. Using my existing contacts list, I can send a message to any phone number (including landlines), but in addition, if the recipient is an iOS user, it switches to iMessage, and uses my data plan rather than my SMS , with costs. I need do nothing more than turn on my phone. 

    This new system seems to require that my ‘buddies’ also have the app, as you describe. I assume even if the app will send to those who do not use the app, then the message is no longer free.

  • But isn’t the goal of the manufacturer to draw clients to their platform with innovative tools? To make it cross-platform defeats that goal. Since the option of messaging, albeit with costs already exists, tools like iMessage provide a benefit to iOS users, while offering no loss to other users.

  • Email

    When is it available to Canada iOS users???

  • ??????