Apple Changed the Game. Again.


In an interesting read from our friends at 9to5Mac, Nokia CEO Stephan Elop speaks candidly about Nokia’s position in the smartphone market. I won’t quote the whole article but at one point Elop comments, “The first iPhone shipped in 2007, and we still don’t have a product that is close to their experience.“. They go on to surmise that a partnership with Microsoft or Google may be in the works.

I remember the iPod being released in 2001 and for the next number of years all you heard about was “iPod killer”. If you look in the stores now you can buy half a dozen or more iterations of an iPod and yes – there are a handful of “low-end” MP3 players – but nothing that comes close to the iPod in experience and design.

Four years after the iPhone is released and the landscape is eerily similar. Sure, “Android” as a platform is widespread but the OS is installed in how many different handsets? 20? 50? I’m not talking about installed base here either – I’m talking about user experience. No other company has come out with one product that provides a consistent, high-end user experience across the board.

Can you imagine if Apple followed HTC’s hardware plan for example (no, I’m not slamming HTC here)? Suddenly in the Apple store there would be 23 different handsets – some only available in Canada, some in the U.S., different footprints, different colours, different OS flavours. This phone is marketed towards teens, and this phone is marketed towards college kids and this phone is marketed towards dogs. It would certainly be a different experience and I don’t think the iPhone would be the leader it is today with that approach.

And that, my friends, is why the biggest phone company in the world still doesn’t have a phone to compete with the iPhone user experience. What’s the old saying? Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door?

Behold Apple’s mousetrap.



  • Cake

    It’s laughable when I hear all those sales comparisons between iPhone and android. One phone Vs 50 phones. LOL.

  • true

  • Anonymous

    couldn’t agree more. although in the case of the ipod, maybe user experience once hte songs are actually on your device, but in my opinion being forced to use itunes and not being able to “drag and drop” music and folders on an mp3 is a deal breaker….also not being able to easily transfer those said songs off (without a 3rd party app), is rediculous. i guess you’re giving up those features for an easier to use interface once the songs are actually on the device….

  • Happy

    So sad…..

  • Brian

    The problem with Android is not that there are too many kinds of phones. It’s the difficulty upgrading/changing the firmware. I had the HTC Magic when it first came out and it was great. Pretty much a jailbroken iPhone right out of the box. And widgets – why doens’t Apple have widgets?! Anyway… I had to rely on Rogers for firmware updates, which is a horrible thing to have to do. That’s what makes the iPhone so great – they don’t allow carriers or manufacturers (although they’re the only manufacturer obviously) to cripple it. That’s a major hurdle Android has to overcome, but I don’t think it will happen. If you could just take any Android phone, plug into into your computer and then add the latest firmware, Android would be even more dominant in the market. That’s the one thing that turned me away from Android after using one for a couple of years.

  • Dennis

    That’s why I use a standard mp3 player and don’t have one song on my iPhone. That hurdle of iTunes is just so annoying.

  • Anonymous

    My iPhone 3G doesn’t work for crap anymore, since iOs 4 made it useless. Yeah, Apple’s great!

  • Mark

    I remember my Nokia 6185 best phone I ever had… well until the iPhone came out. lol
    I drive by the Nokia offices in Ajax, Ontario and wonder what do they do in there anymore these days. Nokia is on it’s way out with Blackberry right behind them… a little to late and your dead in this business.

  • Stevejobs

    I agree! My darn Newton is slow as molasses these days!

  • Ex