Apple Releases Revised Build Of iOS 5.1.1 For iPhone 4

Tonight Apple released a revised version of iOS 5.1.1 for only the iPhone 4.

The original build of iOS 5.1.1 is labeled 9B206, while the new build is labeled 9B208. As indicated by the build number, the iOS release is two builds newer and most likely has a small fix.

At this time the revised build is restricted to the GSM version of the iPhone 4 and is not available for any other iPhone device.

Additionally, Apple has not described the changes that are included in the revised release.


[via iH8sn0w]

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  • DJGoofball

    Can you still jailbreak with this firmware?

  • chicoquente

     Worked fine for me. Just did it half an hour ago.

  • GatesMaura44

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  • Nppgaray

    where can i download the latest ipsw?

  • chicoquente

    I just did it through iTunes

  • Nppagaray

    i cannot jailbreak my phone huh

  • chicoquente

    Not sure what to tell you. I am on an iPhone 4. I updated it to 5.1.1 via iTunes and then ran Absinthe 2.0.1 and it jailbroke my phone without issue.

  • Nppagaray

    im on iphone 4 too it says device is not supported

  • Jon

     you need firmware 9B206, get it here and hopefully you can still install it.  I was able to yesterday after unknowingly installing 9B208 through iTunes, so it looks like the apple servers are still signing it (or at least were yesterday)

  • Jon
  • chicoquente

     Sorry I posted misleading information. While I had updated just before I posted it turns out I still got the older 5.1.1 for iPhone 4 somehow, luck I suppose. So that is why I was able to jailbreak.

    However I messed something up and needed to reflash my phone. I just downloaded 5.1.1 (9B206) just now from iClarified and was able to use OPTION+Click on “Restore” and select that IPSW and Apple signed it no problem for me. This window could close any time now though.

  • AlstonRoberto98

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  • That’s weird… my iPhone 4 is GSM, but I still have build 9B206, and if I check for updates from the phone, it says I’m up to date… 😛