Google’s “iLost” Motorola Ad Used A Fake Address To Make iOS 6 Maps Look Bad [PHOTOS]


Remember that dumb Motorola ad we wrote about a few days back which mocked Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app? Turns out that Google owned subsidiary used a cheap tactic in an attempt to make Apple’s newly introduced Maps app look bad by showing an address lookup in Manhattan that doesn’t even exist in reality. What a shame!

Motorola’s ad for its Droid RAZR M showed that its Android smartphone is able to precisely find an address that iOS 6 Maps is unable to locate correctly. However, the address used in the advertisement i.e 315 E 15th in Manhattan is actually a fake address, reports the Apple Insider.

The problem, as noted by reader AMD Pettitte, is that 315 E 15th Street is not an actual address in Manhattan. A public park sits on that side of the street, making none of the block’s odd numbers a valid address. The number will never be a valid address in Manhattan. This is indicated by looking closely at the picture, but none of the thousands of people sharing the false address lookup ad seemed to notice this.

If you look for an actual address in Manhattan, for instance 318 E 15th, the apartment building across from Google’s fake address in the park, Apple’s Maps can correctly locate it as shown below. And if you enter an address that actually could exist in multiple places in New York, iOS 6 Maps will offer you a choice of potential targets.

Of course Apple’s iOS 6 Maps app isn’t without flaws but inventing a fake address to create another smartphone ad is pretty lame don’t you think?


  • Jay

    They invent tons of things in ads, be it the telephone numbers that they’ll use so people dont call them or in this case addresses. The fact of the matter is when you search things in apple maps a lot of times it shows the wrong information thats it. What was written in the ad was irrelevant

  • …almost as lame as shortening the task sequences in iPhone ads to the point of federal intervention.

  • Anthony ?

    Actually, it’s not irrelevant, there’s a big difference between inventing a phone number in an ad just so someone out there doesn’t get unrelated calls (the same reason why all telephone numbers in movies and TV shows are 555-xxxx), and using a specific location-based example to discredit a competitor which turns out to be invalid itself.

    Looks like someone got lazy and didn’t bother to follow-up on the validity of the example they planned to use, rather then find a different example that might hold up to scrutiny.

  • GsBanga


  • Derek
  • I agree. The phone number comparison would be like them mocking Apple for dropped calls by showing that it couldn’t call a number that didn’t exist, because they made it up for the ad. Completely different.

    If all they were doing was showing a fake address when advertising their product, that’s one thing, but mocking their competitor because it can’t find that fake address? That’s another thing altogether.

  • Randy Ritraj

    But not as lame as not giving credit when those same ads have a disclaimer at the bottom that specifically states that the sequences have been shortened.

  • pedped

    Why dont we have the building 3D views in Canada? Is it US only??

  • johnny

    The real issue is that the ios6 maps suck even if google had bad judgemnt in ad placement

  • Calgary, Montreal and Toronto are live.