RIM Still Won’t Acknowledge The iPhone’s Impact On BlackBerry [VIDEO]


Stephen Bates Rim

In an interview on BBC’s One Breakfast, RIM’s European managing director Stephen Bates was repeatedly asked what his company has learned from the iPhone in producing the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones. However, Bates dodged the question over and over again, refusing to acknowledge the impact iPhone has had on BlackBerry in the past six years (via The Verge).

“RIM’s European managing director dodges the question over and over and over and over and over again, refusing to identify the iPhone.”

A video of Stephen Bates’ interview on the BBC’s ‘One Breakfast’ can be viewed here (for UK residents only). There’s also a poor quality version on YouTube video embedded below.

Update: for a further interview, listen to the audio below where RIM’s Stephen Bates also fails to acknowledge the iPhone:


  • Oh boy

    Haha. Will this be the future of RIM customer service.

    “Hello I have a problem with my blackberry”

    Customer service “We are excited you have a blackberry”

  • lmao

  • Wow! This guy should be a politician. He dodges questions better than Stephen Harper.

  • I love how even the hosts at the end throw in one last jab to really embarrass him for not answering the question.

  • +1

  • pegger1

    Any way he could answer that question would just be asking for a law suit from Apple

  • FragilityG4

    Best part of the video at the end “Thank you, we might never know what went wrong.”


  • Update: refresh this post for a new audio interview with RIM’s Bates on dodging questions about the iPhone. He’s an expert.

  • BBBB

    Just rest in peace now, RIM. Are you a zombie?

    No room for your OS in any part of the world. Too late.

  • jfmartel

    What’s the point of this? Is Apple alone? No? Android has a large market share and is contributing to the smartphone world. Why simply not a question “What have you learned from competition?” He clearly does not want to give anything that Apple could use in a promo like “See even Blackberry is copying us” or something like “Even Blackberry says that we are the best”. Did Apple paid that interviewer?

  • K4

    Blackberry helped to shape the smartphone market??? Oh bitch please….

  • gerry

    He knows for himself that the iPhone has kicked RIM’s ass over the course of the years, he’s just afraid to acknowledge the iPhone questions.

  • KJ

    That was Rims orginal mistake…not seeing the future…I’m interested to see what’s next in the post smart phone era because smart phones are getting old…reminds me of the old saying same shit different pile

  • Anthony ?

    All things considered he would have been better off to just make some sort of generic statement about the past few years being helpful in RIM developing a better understanding of market trends and adjusting their business model accordingly as opposed to spewing marketing blather over and over. His responses just make him look either ignorant or evasive, neither of which is a positive thing.

  • wahgee

    Not just the iPhone, but the Android phones as well have kicked the crap out of BB.

  • Guest

    Not just the iPhone, but the Androids have kicked the crap out of BB.

  • johnnygoodface

    They are as stubborned as they were 2 years ago when they miss the boat acknowledging the smartphone revolution… And they are a arrogant today as before… Nothing has changed… Proudness is very difference from arrogance… But they never learn those guys!

  • Yep

  • sully54

    Ignorant and evasive has been a common theme for RIM/Blackberry the last few years.

  • DjDATZ

    This man is amazing at dodging questions. He should be a politician.

  • We’ve been working extremely hard on the BlackBerry 10 experience

  • DjDATZ

    We’ve redesigned Blackberry because we were the inventors of the smartphone market.