Bell Adjusts Consumer Rate Plans into 3 Categories, Angering Some Customers


Bell has just adjusted their consumer rate plans during this past day, and based off comments I’ve read, consumers aren’t all too happy with the changes. Bell began to shift away from their various numbers of plans to leave just three category plans: Voice & Data, Voice & Data Lite and Voice. But the name alone won’t suit you any good, so let’s review what each plan contains.

The Voice & Data plans come with $53.00/$63.00/$83.00 price-tags.

$53/$63 plans include 200 minutes. $83 plan includes 1000 minutes.
All plans include Unlimited E&W minutes 6 pm to 7 am.
$53 plan offers choice of Nationwide Fab 5 talk & text OR Unl. Text/Pic/Vid msg.
$63/$83 plans include both Nationwide Fab 10 talk & text and Unl. Text/Pic/Vid msg.
$53 plan includes 500 MB of data.
$63 plan includes 1GB + 10 hours of Mobile TV
$83 plan includes 3GB + 10 hours of Mobile TV

The Voice & Data Lite plan includes a single price point of $43.00

Includes 200 minutes.
Offers Nationwide Fab 10 talk & text and Unl. Text/Pic/Vid msg.
BlackBerry version offers choice of Unlimited Social Networking & IM or Unlimited Email & IM
Smartphone version includes:100MB with an OOB flex data rate of $10/500MB

Then finally the Voice plans, priced at $27/$32/$37/$47

$27 plan includes 150 minutes. $32/$37 plan includes 200 minutes. $47 plan includes 600 minutes.
All plans include Unlimited E&W minutes 6 pm to 7 am.
$32/$37/$47 include Unl. Text/Pic/Vid msg and either Local Fab 5 Talk & text (Voice 32) or Nationwide Fab 10.(Voice 37 and Voice 47).

The deals listed above from my point of view are very affordable. But I understand where Bell consumers are coming from. Nobody wants to pay a higher price when they previously paid a lower price.

Now let’s read through some of the interesting user comments on MobileSyrup. One consumer writes, “Bell, my wallet just got thinnER,” in response to the plan changes. Another reads, “Wow, way to rob the customers.” Now it’s your turn, what do you have to say about the changes?

[via MobileSyrup]


  • Terry

    Tieing data plans based upon your voice plan is old school. Money grab for sure.

  • Jon

    Some people may also wnat data without voice. They need to stop limiting choice!

  • Christopher Jones

    As far as I understand, carriers don’t allow you to have just a data plan, you have to have voice, then add the data

  • No voice mail or CID? Money grab for sure…how sad…2012 and the Big Three keep doing it again.

  • montymon

    How about a stand-alone data plan? Or data + text? I use less than 20 minutes of voice a month and could happily do without it entirely.

  • Erik

    Yes point being it shouldn’t be that way.

  • Khanh

    “very affordable”? Really? How much did Bell pay you to say that?

  • gerry

    I’m sticking to my 6GB plan I signed up for month to month. So basically with Voice mail, call ID, along with the other calling features, all for $61 before taxes. Not to mention my 10% discount when I brought over my unlocked iPhone.

  • Don

    I’m glad I got the Fab 65 last summer!! 200 mins, Fab 10 nation wide (Unlimited calls/Texting), Unlimited evening&weekends 6pm-7am, Unlimited received/sent text/picture/video messaging, Unlimited social networking and 6GB of data.

  • arshiesst

    i called bell & retention agent said if i wanna change my monthly plan, it will renew my contract!