Bell iPhone 4S No Contract Pricing: $649, $769, $869?


We’ve received news from a tipster regarding the no-contract pricing of the iPhone 4S for Bell customers. Prices are as follows, as our source confidently states:

16 GB $649.95
32 GB $769.95
64 GB $869.95 lists the unlocked iPhone 4S available for pre-orders tonight, starting at $649.00.

Bell has not given word on pre-orders, or early upgrade pricing for the iPhone 4S yet. Stay tuned.

Thanks tipster!


  • Anonymous

    Has anyone here ever bought a no contract phone from a carrier? I have an unlocked iPhone 4 direct from Apple, and I’m curious if the full price iPhones sold by carriers are unlocked as well.

    I’m unsure because I know carriers in the US that sell no contract full price iPhones still have them locked to the network.

  • Derrick Rockwell

    Phones sold through carriers are not unlocked.

  • It’s locked if you are getting from carrier

  • Anonymous

    Seriously? Why the hell would anyone buy one then? Take the exact same amount of cash to an Apple Store and you can get the exact same phone but use it all around the world and with any major carrier in Canada. That makes no sense.

  • Anonymous

    What is the point then?

  • MAc

    True but people still buy em so thell keep selling them.

  • William

    Soooo…. are they doing pre orders for contracted phones?

  • William

    I have called their customer service twice. Both times they have said “No we are not doing pre-orders for iphone 4S”. To be fair their customer service dont know anything, so does anyone have a clue?

  • Joe

    Because there are people who are morons, that is all,

  • Easterner

    Don’t count on Robelus telling customers anything that can save them money. They are out there to screw everyone of us and they are doing it with pleasure.

  • Poochi

    Who with the right mind is going to buy full price LOCKED phone from any carrier?  This is beyond me. 

  • Shane_up

    alright, i need a courier to send iphones from canada to russia for extra $, who want?

  • Explode

    If you buy a new iPhone 4S from Apple and have an existing contract can that just move that to the new phone?

  • SSM


  • Seeks

    All new IPhone 4s are UNLOCKed. That is the point of the phone

  • Ddarren

    It’s a world phone. It’s Unlocked

  • danse

    buying a locked phone from a carrier allows them to subsidize the initial cost (you pay $269 on a 32GB iPhone 4 instead of $749). In exchange, you commit to sticking with them for a number of years.

     I agree – buying a phone full pop from them with no contract makes no sense. Except that with iPhone 4, Apple was charging a higher rate ($799 I believe) for the unlocked phone.

    If Bell’s matching Apple’s unlocked prices with locked phones, then it seems like they’re trying to gouge the customer again! Should the difference of whatever Apple’s charging to unlock the phones.

  • aj
  • Kamilpajkowski

    No they are not, When you buy a phone at a subsidised cost they are locked the that carrier. Yes because all major carriers offer the phone it doesn’t matter, as long as you say in Canada. However if you are a frequent traveler and you change sim cards to get better rates when traveling then you will not be able to do so unless you buy a factory unlocked phone or unlock you own iPhone when a method becomes available. 

  • Agreed. “here, let me give you a stupid amount of momeu to get this phone from you, so I can’t move anywhere else!”

    Unless you live in some island that only the carrier will deliver to and you’re completely unable to buy from apple, it makes zero sense.

  • Kamilpajkowski

    This is my understanding, at least this is how the iPhones work in the US now. All phones are shipping to apple and carriers unlocked. When you buy a phone from a carrier or apple at the subsidized cost i.e. contract) the apple employee or carrier will open the box and connect the phone to their computer/software , at this point the iPhone will be locked to that carrier. If you go to any carrier and ask for the non-subsidized iPhone and play full price they will hand to a sealed unopened iPhone which will be unlocked to all carriers. So basically all phones are shipped to carriers unlocked and it’s the carrier that locks them when they give it to you because its in their  best interest. At least, thats my understanding. Hope that helps.

  • Anonymous

    Apple was selling the unlocked iPhone 4s at the same price as the carriers were selling off contract but still locked phones, $749. I know because I bought one direct.

  • Poochi

    So Bell wants more money than Apple for the same model? Gee someone’s got tomb verynstupid to buy from them. – locked, and $20.95 more pricey than unlocked straight from Apple.

    Honestly I think all the major cellphone carriers are going to be losing 3 yr subscription renewals as people are paying more price now for unlocked and let their contract lapse. Hpe for bigger competition in a year and half or so.

    Only if Apple supports the band on wind, public mobile and mobilicity…..

  • Poochi

    Wrong, to lock a phone the carrier only needs the serial number. Box need not be opened. Witnessed when I bought iPhone 4 last year.

  • Aripovkh

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