Bell Trade-In Program: Your iPhone is Worth $10-$270


Bell tweeted about their Trade-In Program, and the iPhone is eligible for those interested. Just visit this page and enter in your iPhone model. The prices listed are ‘estimates’ and are pretty low compared to what you can get on eBay or Craigslist (but it is easy).

For example, a 16GB iPhone 4S is worth $230:

The trade-in program also lists an estimate for the original 4GB iPhone from 2007–it’s “worth” $10 (last time we saw an original iPhone on eBay for $10,000) :

Anyone planning on using this trade-in program?


  • DonatelloNinjaTurtle

    I really hope people don’t waste time with this program, there are much better ways to get rid of an iPhone. $230 for an iPhone 4S is just a rip off.

  • gtasscarlo

    Put your iPhone4s up for $300 on kijiji and it will be gone in an hour.

  • Poochi

    iphone 4s for $300? if unlocked it can go for at least $400 to $450 lol. (Brand new is $600 + tax)

  • MrXax

    Hell no. When/if I grab an iPhone 5, I’m guessing I’ll sell my 32GB iPhone 4 for about $300 privately.

  • Donelop

    I sold my rogers locked iPhone 4s 64GB for $450. Was that a good price?

  • Rob

    I sold iPhone 4S 16GB for $400

  • Canadan

    Anyone know how much a 32 gig black iPhone 4 in excellent condition would be worth? I’ll sell it to get my iPhone 5 but not sure what it’s worth.

  • Mr. Evil

    And today February 2017 it’s worth nothing