Virgin Mobile to Introduce 6GB Voice and Data Plan for $60 [Update]


Hot on the heels of Rogers introducing their ‘6GB Super Plan’, we’ve received a tip from a reliable source Virgin plans to do the same. An internal doc states the following 6GB voice and data plan for $60:

  • 300 daytime minutes
  • 5pm evenings/weekends
  • Unlimited incoming calls
  • Unlimited text and picture messaging
  • 6GB data plan
  • $60/month; available July 18th to August 8th; states for new customers, but try your luck as Virgin appreciates loyalty

No details yet if this will include a 5pm early evenings/weekend option. If you’re on Virgin and want 6GB, this seems like a decent way to get it. The existing Virgin Mobile $60/month plan only offers 1GB of data. No word on when the plan goes live but try calling in and asking for it, or expect it to hit the web soon. Stay tuned. We’ll keep you updated.

Thanks anonymous!

Update 1: We have updated the post above. The plan includes 5pm evenings/weekends and will be available tomorrow and expire on August 8th, just like the Rogers plan. Let us know if you jump on this!

Update 2: The plan is now live on the Virgin Mobile website.


  • So no My10 equivalent but 100 more minutes, unlimited incoming and an extra hour of unlimited nights. That’s pretty good. Nice to see some competition happening.

  • mcfilmmakers

    They should charge 1$ per GB. This plan is 40$ too expensive.

  • draz

    Now we wait for Telus/Koodo to come out with one!

    Also does the Rogers plan include MMS? Even without My10, this plan is better. Unlimited calling after work (5pm) rocks. And unlimited MMS too

  • AZ

    They also have voicemail and call display add-on for $10. It’s not visual voice mail, though.
    And the best thing is, there is no contract (as far as I can tell)…

  • Scott

    How about a decent plan like this for us non power users.
    Half the talk, unlimited text, half the data for $30.

  • Nabil

    When is Telus gonna come out with a special plan like this? Hope they’re next!

  • You can bet they will be next. We all have a ‘hunch’.

  • kennethb

    Just switched from $55 plan 200min/1GB data to this plan. You do loose the 10 buddies on this, so check your voice outgoing local calling patterns to see of 300 minutes is enough for you. My average outgoing plus 10 buddies outgoing is around 200 mins, so I am personally fine. The unilimited incoming included is sweet to also be included as I was paying $10 extra per month for that! Good plan. Love the upgrade to 6GB data…will do more music streaming now!! So I will now be paying $5 less for 100 mins/5GB data more, nice!

  • Nice! The 6GB data is awesome, just setup a SkypeOut account for VoIP calling for long distance to save on minutes.