Virgin Mobile’s New ‘All in One 40 Plan’ Goes Live


Less than two weeks ago, Virgin Mobile announced its $50 and $65 smartphone plans for all existing and new postpaid customers and today, they have introduced a ” lovely newcomer” as they call it, the ‘All in One 40 Plan‘ (via MobileSyrup).

Starting from Thursday, August 23rd, all Virgin Mobile postpaid customers can shift to the new plan that costs $40/month and includes just about everything from Unlimited Texting to Call Display and Voicemail.

Here’s what it includes:

  • 150 Canada-wide Minutes
  • Weekends and evenings starting at 5PM
  • Unlimited Canada, U.S. & International Texting
  • Voicemail
  • Call Display
  • 250MB data or Unlimited BlackBerry Social.

So, is this “jam packed” offer good enough for you?


  • JMCD23

    That is really damn good for an incumbent offering. The data is lacking, for an extra $10 if they offered 2GB it’d be a sweet deal.

  • Not enough data for any real smartphone user, unfortunately. This seems to be where all these “all on one” of recent plans fall flat.

  • Was anyone able to find this on the virgin site?

  • Sam

    i cant seem to find this on the site either. the closest i can see are the 3 $40 plans in the “Hot Offers” sections in “Plans”.

  • I HAVE CANADA AND MOBILE INDUSTRY! To expensive and you do not get anything. In my country, that is in Europe (Serbia), for $25 you get 10GB. I think that that is bare minimum for today’s internet use. Therefore, for $40-$50 you get everything unlimited, but here even if you want to have, and pay for unlimited that is not an option. The best deal so far that I have seen is from Koodo(6GB plan). It is ridiculous that in country this rich people cannot enjoy in tech.

  • K1N6P1N

    for $80 including all taxes and fees, I get 6GB Data, free calling after 6pm and weekends, unlimited texts, mms, visual voicemail, call display, name display, and 450 daytime mins….thinking if I should switch hmmmm

  • Farids

    Not good comparing to what I have: unlimited incoming and outgoing calls, a all day, everyday, Unlimited international texts, voicemail, call display and 6 Gig (yes! That’s 6 gig!) data for total of $73 including taxes!!! You can get it too. If you are a Fido customer, tell them a friend has this plan and threaten to leave if you don’t get it. They have to absolutely believe you’re leaving. If they threaten to charge you penalty, tell them you’ll pay it! Once they believe you’re leaving, they’ll give you the plan! For none Fido customers, sign a city Fido plan on monthly basis with no contract. After 3 months, you are coincidered a Fido customer! You can then threaten to leave…

  • Farids

    Rogers customers can get the same plan for $83 including all taxes. $10 more than Fido, but still worth it considering the 6gig data.

  • GeeEl

    I’m searching all over for this plan and its not offered by Virgin. Please double check sources before posting…

  • Manny

    Just to be a troll,
    I pay for $35 (holiday miracle plan $40 – $5, i have my sis & friend under my account)
    I get everything same as those $73-83 plan. Just not the fast internet.
    – all on galaxy s3

    Some time feel too generous, i donate my data to a my co worker who as an iphone with fido.