‘Big 3’ Carriers Offering Free Long Distance to Customers in BC and Alberta


If you’re about to sign a new contract with the ‘Big 3’ carriers in Western Canada, you might want to take note of the following: Rogers, Telus, and Bell are offering unlimited long distance to three-year contract sign ups.

Your voice and data plan must be at least $50 per month, and this promo applies to new activations and renewals. Originally Bell and Telus launched the promo, but Rogers has followed suit.

Our carriers sure do like to make moves in unison, eh? At one point, Videotron in Quebec offered a 6GB data plan to its customers. The ‘Big 3’ saw this and matched the plan, which eventually included the rest of Canada. I have a feeling this long distance promo is going to spread once people start complaining about being left out.

[via MobileSyrup]


  • Scott_zablocki

    What’s wrong with Saskatchewan???   Just renewed for 3 years…

  • Perryfalconer

    Yeah and Atlantic Canada gets the shaft…

  • Dellar63

    too flat  LOL

  • Amr

    Just signed a month to month with Bell with an unlocked 4S. Me eligible?

  • 123

    I just talked to Telus and they stated they are NOT Matching this Plan…. Too Bad !!!

  • Woodynuts

    Is fido included in this?

  • Anonymous

    “Our carriers sure do like to make moves in unison, eh?”

    It’s called CARTEL!

  • Anonymous

    Why even have Rogers in sask you can do sasktel.

  • Anonymous

    Not matching because you are not in BC or Alberta?

  • Anonymous

    It has to be a 3yr contract

  • Gerry18

    Yes, they are. It’s on their web page.

  • Mikepanyue

    Does it work if you give them a relative’s address in Vancouver and later switch back to Ontario?

  • Joeblow

    mobilicity has canada/usa unlimited calling.  so phooey to the big 3.  It’s a race to the bottom!

  • Desi No79

    YAY!…i just got my upgrade to Free Candian Long Distance…w00t w00t!

  • Desi No79

    meant “Canadian” Long Distance…w00t w00t!…

  • Sweet!

  • Kraken

    I just renewed on a 3-year retention contract ($70) last Sunday.  Do I still qualify for this freebie?

  • Kraken

    Never mind.  When you sign up for this, they reset your contract for 3 years.

  • Kraken

    No.  You have to be living in BC or Alberta.  Once your address changes, or if your plans drops below $50 per month, this promo automatically gets removed.  Might as well wait a couple of months until this promo goes Canada wide.

  • Anonymous

    its on fido’s homepage so i’m assuming its open to fido canada wide now?

    that said, i pay $25 for unlimited 5pm eve/wkend/texting + $10 unlimited canadian LD, which is well below $50. i assume the appeal is to those who make heavier use of weekday minutes?

  • Kraken

    It appeals to those with voice and 6GB data plans paying $50+ a month that don’t have any long distance mins.

  • Desi No79

    YES U DO!…just phone and ask for it..

  • Kraken

    Do you know if there is a time limit on it.  IE:  Will it expire after a year, like most of their promotional offers?

  • Guest

    I’m from Calgary and when I called Telus today regarding a new activation for my brother (Christmas gift!), they had no idea what I was talking about. It looks like Telus is for sure not matching this plan.

  • Kraken

    Yeah, but for how long?  Usually promo’s like this expire after 1 year, and they don’t tell you this.  You have to verify the expiry date.