Fido, Virgin Mobile, Koodo Promo: Double the Data and Minutes On Select Plans


Yesterday Fido launched a $39 Standard Plan with 400 Canada-wide daytime minutes and 400MB of data. Later on that evening Fido also doubled the minutes and data on its $45 and $55 Smart Plans, which this morning was quickly matched by Virgin Mobile and Koodo (you knew that was going to happen right?)

Check out the changes below on Fido’s Smart Plans (note Fido’s Standard Plans also have double the minutes and data too):

Screenshot 2013 11 23 08 53 05

Also: for those on Fido and looking to add a second line, you can get 10% off. But what is even better is if your second line is bringing its own device (example: unlocked iPhone or any unlocked phone), the BYOD 10% discount is stackable.

So that means the $39/month Standard Plan with 400 Canada-wide minutes, 5pm evenings/weekends and 400MB of data can be had for $31.60/month. It’s a great plan for kids or people in the family who don’t use a lot of data.

Here are the changes to Virgin’s Gold Plans:

Screenshot 2013 11 23 08 53 14

…and Koodo’s Canada-wide data plans (talk and text plans also have double the minutes):

Screenshot 2013 11 23 08 53 28

If you’re on any of these plans, call in and get your double data or minutes. Of course, these plans listed don’t apply to Quebec or other provinces that get special regional pricing.


  • Richard Xing

    Wow so much competition.

  • az

    What’s the difference between the smart and standard plans on Fido? It seems like the exact same features are 5 dollars more expensive on the smart plans, compared to the standard plans…

  • sfsfs

    From what I can tell, they are identical, if you pay month to month. If you’re getting a new phone, then smart plans are usually required to get the subsidy (or you will get a bigger one). Max plans are the same idea, poorer/more expensive but apply to better phones (iPhone). Really just makes you want to buy outright, but of course then you need to spend a bunch of cash upfront and don’t really save much more than the subsidy.

  • Buying outright does save you on the unlocking fee of either $35 (Telus), $50 (Rogers), or $75 (Bell). You do also get to subscribe to a cheaper plan (ie the $39 plan) if you aren’t a heavy user, saving you more monthly versus being ‘forced’ to subscribe to an iPhone 2-year subsidy plan, which usually has a minimum of $60-$70.

    Again, it all comes down to whether people want to save up front or in the long run.

  • Rio

    They are the same, except you get more of a subsidy on your phone with the Smart as apposed to Standard

  • QcCanada

    Friday, I found in my mailbox a flyer from Fido talking about
    a standard plan with unlimited calls and 1Go of data for 40$ (I leave in Québec
    City). I called the 611 and they told me this plan doesn’t exist. So, I called
    the Fido Shop that was mentioned on the flyer. They told me that Fido made a
    mistake when it printed the flyer (it is in fact the plan at 45$ only available
    for Québec that was printed at 40$). So, the guys in the Fido shop told me that
    I should call back the 611 and ask for it (legally, they have to respect their ads).
    So, I called back the 611 that told me to go to the shop. I called back the
    shop that told me that they can’t do anything… Bref, I called back 611. They
    almost give me the plan after 30 min on the phone with them but asked me to go
    to the shop to prove that I received the flyer. Finally, I went to the shop.
    The shop called 611 but they said “the plan doesn’t exist, we can’t do anything”
    ! Even if, there is a note about the mistake in the Fido system that the guy in
    the shop was reading on his computer. In the shop, they can activate a new line
    with the “mistaken” plan but they can’t activate it for an existing customer
    (as I am). So, here I am. I left the flyer to the guy in the shop. He told me
    that he will call them back Tuesday and hope that he will be able to talk to a
    head person (he said “Sundays, there are no heads”). I wanted to share it with
    you and to know if someone already encountered a similar situation. If they do
    not accept to give me the plan (for the 2 lines I have in my account), I will
    have to send them a “formal notice”. Always a pleasure to deal with
    the big 3…

  • Ray

    Gary, any thoughts on where I can get refurbished/ new iPhone 5?
    I am looking for a safe retailer and not a stolen one from Craigslist/ Kijiji.