Fido Offering the iPhone 4 for $0 on a ‘TWO’ Year Term


Earlier today it was noted Rogers, TELUS and Bell had discounted the iPhone 4S to $0 on a three year contract (Fido has had the same offer for over a week now). But what’s interesting to note is Fido now also offers the older iPhone 4 for $0 on a two year term, which makes it the first fully subsidized iPhone offer we’ve seen from Rogers/Fido not on a three year contract. Yes it’s now the cheapest iPhone available, but previously older iPhones remained at three years for max subsidies.

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You may recall TELUS was the first carrier to offer an iPhone 4 on a two year term, which doesn’t seem like much, but when the rest of the world has subsidized iPhone plans on two years max, it could be a sign of good things to come.

Initial consumer input to the CRTC’s draft wireless code focused on the fact three year terms were the norm here in Canada, whereas other countries such as the US and Australia have two year terms max on the same subsidized handsets.

Thanks Sheldon, Mikeb


  • Fraser

    Telus has also done this

  • gtasscarlo

    If they can do iPhone5 and they old $56 plan, with 2GB. That’s a steal.

  • ASED

    not going to happen, these companies need to make profit some how, and what you are suggesting isn’t the “way”. It won’t happen.

  • hub2

    Net incomes for Q3 2012 alone for Rogers was almost $500M, Telus’ was $351M, and Bell’s was $569M.

    I’m sure they’re going to be absolutely *devastated* by the loss of a year’s guaranteed wireless income… which they wouldn’t lose in the first place if they treated consumers well. And realistically the big 3 are simply swapping many customers anyway, they aren’t losing anything.

  • Sarge

    Gary, there’s a typo in your title. Should say THREE years. Oh wait? It’s actually 2!?


  • Nasir111

    If you believe that there is a loss of income due to the devastation of the year consumer warranty … are treated well, I ** wireless is absolutely lost in the first place. Many customers of the Big Three simple switching realistically, I did not lose anything anyway.