Funny: The Most Patient SaskTel Customer Service Representative!


Mr. Rogers, from Mr. Rogers Neighborhood, calls SaskTel customer service and meets the most patient wireless customer service representative I have ever heard.

A great afternoon laugh. This definitely put a smile on my face.



  • iphoneinregina

    haha, hilarious. btw, SaskTel does have the best customer service!

  • Fredy

    omg that was hilarious! great find 😀

  • oh man, this is SOOOO funny.. I work in a call center and wish that happened to me! haha

  • Stringer

    That was awesome!! Thanks for that one!!!

  • Bob

    Hilarious! She’s probably too young to know that old dude…

  • Anonymous

    Haha thats awesome!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah I was hoping she would recognize the voice but too young I guess. That was great! Such Patience! Good on her! SaskTel should give her a raise!

  • Best CSR ever

  • I hope that could happen on Bell/Rogers… which is a dream

  • mike

    This is the reason why our wait times are so long.

  • That is what I call
    Patience. What if many customer service representatives posses that kind of
    patient? Maybe, all calls will be considered as good calls.