Future Shop Offers iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Oct. 8-10 for All Carriers


Have you placed your iPhone 4S pre-order? We’ve seen official pre-order launches for Rogers, Fido, Telus, Bell, Virgin, and from

If you missed out on pre-orders via the official carriers, you’re not out of luck just yet. Starting this Thanksgiving weekend from Saturday, October 8th to Monday, October 10th, Future Shop will offer iPhone 4S pre-orders for Rogers, Fido, Telus, Bell, Virgin, and Koodo.

This will take place across all 149 Future Shop stores, and requires a $50 deposit to secure your phone, as described to us by Future Shop in an email. This is the first time we’ve seen iPhone 4S pre-orders for Koodo.

Future Shop has turned the long weekend into an iPhone weekend. Yesterday, the electronics chain offered a one day iPhone 4 sale, free on a three year contract.

As for iPhone 4S pre-orders from, arrival times have now lengthened to 1-2 weeks. It was reported by Reuters AT&T in the U.S. sold over 200,000 pre-orders in 12 hours. Even though some have viewed the iPhone 4S as a minor upgrade, pre-orders for the device has remained high worldwide.

Let us know if you make it down to Future Shop for iPhone 4S pre-orders!


  • Tony

    Does anyone know if Rogers still offers 6GB for 30$? Also I need some advice. My contract has expired on my iPhone 3G in august and I’m still on that plan. Should I call Rogers to “cancel” to try to get a cheap contract while pre-ordering an iPhone 4s? I’m currently paying 75 with tax and all and it’s way tooooo much!

  • Patrick

    One option at Rogers is $62.35+tax:

    Weekday Minutes = 200
    Evening & Weekend Minutes = UNLIMITED after 6PM
    Messageing = UNLIMITED
    UNLIMITED MY5 (Canada-wide)
    Data = 1GB

    Add $12 extra for Voicemail/Caller ID.

  • Patrick

    Correction:  It’s UNLIMITED MY10 (Canada-wide), not MY5 as stated above.

  • Tony

    I have a student plan 25 from 3 years ago. 
    -weekend/weeknight: 1000 mins
    -Weekday: 200 mins
    -Anytime mins: 500 mins
    -6gb of data for 30$
    – My10
    -250 text 
    – Free call display 

    All this for 75$ with all the bullshit tax and system fee. I feel like it’s a downgrade if I get a new contract and pay more and get less. Mind you, my10 is way more than enough for me. I don’t use my phone tooooooo much as I am a student. To give u an idea I only used 64 mins of my minutes while using about 8000 mins from my10. Opinions?

  • Yes. Call retentions and negotiate!

  • Jarndt08

    Waiting outside the Northeast Future Shop in Edmonton. Didn’t get to preorder through Telus until quite late yesterday so I’m waiting here (the only person!!) to preorder and cancel my telus preorder. Excited to be first!!

  • Anson

    I rather order from my carrier dealership.
    My friend and I had nightmare dealing with Future Shop on our phones. Our plan were all changed and took hours talking to customer support to get back to right plan.

  • Nice! Winning!

  • Anonymous

    The fido 35 dollar city plan includes unlimited talk and text and with a 6 gig data plan is unbeatable. I negotiated free video and picture messag as well. One might try working out a deal with them.

  • So dumb. The Pre-order page on doesn’t let you preorder, and the “shop Apple iPhones” link doesn’t show any iphones.

  • Jarndt08

    Pre ordered! Thanks iphoneincanada! I went in there and the guys working in the cell phone area didn’t even know what I was talking about so they called the manager and the process was complete within 5 min! Now I’m definitely guaranteed one Oct 14 🙂 winning! Haha

  • Kevin

    I called both Future Shops in North & West Vancouver and they said THERE IS NO Pre-order program.  I told them I heard about it here and they asked managers etc.  They are not doing it.

  • JG

    Will i still be able to line up at my local Rogers Wireless store on the 14th to grab an iPhone 4s without a pre-order? 

  • Mmarsden

    Future Shop in Calgary, has the pre-order going this weekend but the $50 you put down does not guarantee you a phone on the 14th as Apple wants it to be first come basis. Not sure what the point is then. The guy ar the store we were at encouraged us not to pre-order.

  • SSM

    I went to the Future Shop in Port Coquitlam (located in Coquitlam Centre).  They had pre-orders there & I paid my $50 deposit.  Sales rep assured me that with my deposit I would get one.

  • TBay

    Future Shop in Thunder Bay is not offering pre-orders since they have no idea what tbaytel’s plans are. Stupid tbaytel.

  • 🙂

  • Wrong.

    Those managers did not check their email. Confirmed it is available at those locations today via a response I received from a reader on twitter.

  • Alex

    BEWARE – For all those people pre-ordering:  Although not Futureshop, I was told by a Bestbuy associate that once I make a pre-order deposit, the only time to cancel is prior to Oct 14th.  After the 14th, consider your money gone if you don’t follow through with the purchase and decide to cancel the pre-order.  Anyone want to confirm this?

  • ??

    I pre-ordered on 8/10 at 11am at Future Shop and I’ve been excited until I hear Iphone 4S were sold out on Friday.
    I hope they won’t refuse me at store on 14

  • Kieran Ward

    Ordered mine on Friday from Rogers, apparently I’m 2000 something in line. Any idea how many they have to preorder? I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s scared knowing I might not get the phone I’ve been waiting months for :/

  • Anonymous

    I’m visiting Alberta from overseas next week.  Can I purchase an unlocked iPhone?

  • Yes but only from an Apple Store.

  • Dont worry you will get your phone 🙂

  • Yeah that really sucks. I never thought I’d miss Rogers but given TBayTel’s service failures the last couple months and refusal to get the iPhone 4S, I can’t wait for a new mobile provider to come to town!