iPhone 4 Coming Soon To SaskTel


This morning, MTS announced its plans to launch the iPhone 4. On the back of that, SaskTel has now revealed that the iPhone 4 is coming soon to their network!

Checking out the SaskTel homepage reveals an iPhone 4 banner with the text “coming soon”. As SaskTel continues to develop it’s 3G+ network, the prospects of the iPhone become greater.

SaskTel will launch iPhone 4 in Saskatchewan in the coming months. iPhone 4 is the most innovative phone in the world, featuring Apple’s stunning Retina display, the highest resolution display ever built into a phone and FaceTime, which makes video calling a reality. For further information please visit

Aside from the homepage banner and general news release, no other information is available at this time.

Like MTS, SaskTel will be receiving the iPhone 4 late into the product life cycle. With the iPhone 5 rumored to be available this summer, it looks like SaskTel may support both devices.



  • Congrats America on getting your second carrier for the iPhone… meanwhile, Canada’s working on its sixth and seventh. I’m just surprised Koodo hasn’t picked it up yet, or Wind.

  • Anonymous

    And the prices are how much?
    Competition? What is that?

  • Jordanhollins

    Come on, your announcing both sasktel and mts as news yet your title is that sasktel is the one that gets it.
    Maybe a title like “2 more companies get iPhone”
    Why favor sasktel huh? Huh?

    Yeah I’m a Manitoban!

  • Anonymous

    Scroll down a bit further on the main site and you’ll see that the MTS announcement came first 😉