First Look: Here’s the iPhone 5s Connected to WIND Mobile [PIC]


The iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c supports both 1700/2100MHz AWS bands which means it will work on networks of newer wireless entrants. iPhoneinCanada reader Adrian sent us this screenshot of his brand new iPhone 5s hooked up to WIND Mobile, one of the first in the country. Check it out below:

Wind iphone5s

Also note Adrian’s iPhone 5s is downloading iOS apps from iWork and iLife, now free for new iOS devices. Some readers have also reported the free app download prompt for older iPhone 5 models, after being activated onto a new AppleCare plan.

WIND Mobile last reported they had over 2,500 unlocked iPhone 5 users on their network and are currently trying to lure more users with a new promo. Anyone else using their new unlocked iPhone 5s or iPhone 5c on newer wireless entrant networks? Email us a screenshot to


  • Justin Chen

    Signal not looking good.

  • But his wallet probably is 😉

    It’s a toss up. Save money but no LTE, or pay and get LTE from the Big 3.

  • the 6ee6


  • Curious Candy

    Can you find out from Adrian if iMessage and Facetime (via phone # NOT email) work on his phone that is hooked up through WIND? Inquiring minds want to know. Kthnx

  • wstoneman

    I never have LTE on anyways… it always kills the battery. 3G is fast enough for what i do and I use wifi alot.

  • TheOnlyAdvantageToLiveInQuebec

    Well Apple said that the battery life on LTE is 10 hours and on 3g is 8hours.

  • Chrome262

    and visual voicemail, its supported now on T-mobile wondering if the same update worked for wind

  • wstoneman

    They say alot of things. I assume their tests are done in labs. In downtown Toronto you cannot keep an LTE signal. The constant searching kills it.

  • Cagex James

    Why only two bars of signal, that is still going to be Wind Away which is like iPhone 3G 🙁

  • Aydreean

    iMessage works

  • Aydreean

    havent tried facetime. imessage works over network

  • Aydreean

    on 30th floor of a condo. full bars on ground level or around city

  • Joji

    Am in the 2nd floor with Rogers . Only 2 bars with 3G . Am in toronto only

  • Since iMessage and Facetime will both work over WiFi connected to any network (including iPods that don’t have cellular), it shouldn’t be an issue. Visual Voicemail would be the one thing I’d think you might not be able to get, as Chrome262 mentioned.

  • jaydenaphillips

    Wait so iMessage now works using your phone number? This would be big news!

  • Aydreean

    I don’t know if it works with number but I can send an iMessage to someone using their number

  • Kelvin Lau

    how did people get iwork to download for free?

  • Hasan Choudhury

    Nope, not through phone numbers yet. I am on iPhone 5 with Wind.

  • Ctatyb

    Did u figure out how to work iMessage and FaceTime with WIND?? Not using email???

  • jaydenaphillips

    Rats still a deal breaker for me. iMessage is very annoying when one person has to use their email to identify themselves.

  • jaydenaphillips

    Thats a carrier specific thing. Wind would have to offer it as a service which the probably can’t unless they strike a deal with Apple.

  • V Tzankov

    Signal is ok and yes 3g is slow but FaceTime and iMessage DONT work with wind!!!

  • Josh

    Adrian how is the network on a regular basis? I have a Blackberry on WInd and sometimes its slow, sometimes its regular speed, was hoping to switch to the 5S (Before they sold out) and I’m now wondering if my network would improve with the 5S? What phone did you have prior? Any improvement in coverage with your new 5S?

  • Jeffrey Wong

    Hi Gary, great article. I have a problem though with my iPhone 5S. My Wind Data only works with 3G enabled. But when I turn 3G off, it goes to “No Service”. Is it suppose to be like that? Your screenshot looks fine without 3G. Thanks

  • Thanks.

    Do you still connect to wifi when your 3G data is off? AFAIK there is no EDGE on Wind’s HSPA network, hence the no signal.

  • Jeffrey Wong

    I can still connect with wifi on. But when i turn 3g off, i can’t even make or recieve calls. It just says “no service”

  • Like I said, there is no EDGE data network on WIND Mobile if you turn 3G off (like Rogers/Fido). It’s either 3G or nothing.

  • Jeffrey Wong

    So does that mean 3g is going to drain the battery a lot faster then ?

  • NewSilver5S

    Looks like I’m going to with Wind for my 5S. Just don’t want to pay over $30 to $40 a month. But no 4G or LTE. How bad can that be? I have gone the last 2 years with no phone at all. I won’t know what I’m missing

  • Reflx

    Can someone answer me something? So I was looking through this and I saw something about having 3G to use cellular service. Where I live I’m only able to get the connection speed “H” in the corner of my phone with full bars. And from my understanding you need to have a 3G connection in order to use cellular service on Wind Mobile because the iPhone cannot use the connection I get labeled “H”? I’m just a little confused.

  • Ezko

    5S on WInd. Just switched from Iphone4S on Fido. Facetime works. Imessage works. MMS works. Data Speeds are more than sufficient. Not LTE, but more than sufficient, even for youtube etc. Things that suck. Winds classic “phone number only” showing up on people you call screens. No Visual Voicemail…big bummer. Otherwise Awesome! Overall 4 Stars out of 5.

  • Does iMessage/FaceTime work from number to number or only via email detection?