Quebec Sales Tax Rate Increase Will Affect Rogers & Other Canadian Wireless Services


We received official word from Rogers that with new sales tax rate increase to 8.5% in Quebec, the new rate will apply to all Rogers services.

Quebec Sales Tax Rate Increase

Please note that on January 1 2011, the Quebec Government will increase the QST to 8.5%, which apply to all Rogers services.

In other words, expect your wireless (and other Rogers services) bill to be slightly higher in the coming months. This also means that devices, such as the iPhone, purchased at retail will also cost a little bit more.

We have not received official word yet from the other Canadian wireless carriers such as Bell and Telus, but since this is a sales tax increase, it is likely to affect the customers of these companies as well.

For more information, customers and Quebec residents can visit for details.


  • Service fee hike across Canada or just QC? >.

  • Glacasse

    Just in Qc !

  • Anonymous

    Well they have the best wireless competion in quebec, it was bound they would pay more for taxes. I wish we can have cheap taxes like USA states 6-8 percent.

  • Best wireless competition?!? Do you really see a competition?!?

  • Anonymous

    You got videotron,bell,telus,Rogers and their flaker brands all offering unlimited, And public mobile. Compare this to Ontario, actually no it’s more price fixing, but still you guys get unl plans without retention.

  • Competition for me means lower price…
    Vidéotron did not do anything to lower the price… Yes it has unlimited calling…. But to get the best price, you have to have all other services (tv, phone and Internet) with them…

    If you compare lower cost plans that are not unlimited, the price is still the same… No real competition here…

    Public mobile and chat-r are out of the question for most of cell phone users because data is not available….

    So in Quebec, the only “competition” we have is Vidéotron… And this company is not known for its lower prices… They are known for following others in the same industry…

    Wind mobile offers real competition… But it’s not available in Quebec… And coverage is too limited…