Roam Mobility Announces New 4G LTE Network for Canadians Travelling to USA


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If you’re heading to the U.S. this summer and want to save on voice and data roaming, Roam Mobility has you covered. The Vancouver-based company has announced its new 4G LTE network is set to kick in July 7, and will automatically transition registered SIM cards to the faster network (customers will receive an email).

Roam Mobility’s USA network is tied to T-Mobile, which recently announced new 4G LTE coverage, meaning major cities such as New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Seattle, Atlanta, Miami and others will now have faster data access.

“Our 4G LTE Network doesn’t just bring faster data speeds,” says Emir Aboulhosn, CEO of Roam Mobility. “It’s the first of many new services we’ll be announcing in the coming weeks that we expect to have a big impact on Canadian roaming services.”

Roam Mobility also announced new plans are coming in the coming weeks, such as ones featuring unlimited data, easier plan scheduling, international long-distance and lower introductory pricing. The company will also add the ability to choose any area code for your Roam phone number and also add USA number porting to Roam as well.

The advantage of Roam Mobility is you get to schedule and setup your plan before your trip in Canada, so it will seamlessly kick in once you arrive in the USA. Sure, you could also setup a local SIM card when you arrive but that takes away time from your precious vacation.

You can read our review of the service here and our hands-on with their Liberty Mobile Hotspot here.

Click here to learn more about Roam Mobility’s plans.


  • Al

    What makes Roam Mobility better than KnowRoaming?

  • No need to apply a sticker to a SIM card and you get unlimited calling and texting versus the pay per rates from KnowRoaming. But KnowRoaming offers rates worldwide beyond just the USA.

  • Al

    oh… ouch… I just did the math on the data alone. KnowRoaming would be $225 for 1 week of data alone, based on the max data allowed by Roam Mobility’s $28 inclusive plan (phone-text-data) for the same period. Not that I’m likely to use quite that match, still pretty much a no brainer. Did I calculate that right!? Holy smokes.

    Would I be correct in assuming there is no issue with tethering your iPad to your iPhone while using the Roam Mobility chip in the iPhone?

  • Correct. You can tether as normal with Roam Mobility. You’ll have an American number but if most of your communication is with iMessage your contacts won’t know the difference.

  • Jezzah

    Any idea when these new plans are going to be announced? Summer driving season is here, I would have though that new plans would be ready to go already to take advantage of travellers heading south.

  • Roam Mobility’s press release said “in the coming weeks” so it shouldn’t be too much longer.

  • ECBomb

    I used Roam Mobility during my trip to LA in late April and they were experiencing technical issues and had moments of service outage when I was there. When I came back to Vancouver and read that they had another system outage, I tweeted them about how I thought their service’s reliability was questionable. To my surprise, someone tweeted me back and asked me about my issues in LA. After a lengthy email explaining what happened, they offered more than adequate compensation.

    Basically what I’m saying is they’re still a growing company so there are times when there will be hiccups with their service. But at least from my experience, their customer service is exceptional. Not to mention they’re based in Vancouver, so of course I’d support a local company with great offerings!

  • Now that’s decent customer service.

  • Bobo

    I use tmobile SIM card when I’m in the US. $2/day unbeatable. I would consider Roam only if most of my calls where to Canada. In my case, it’s to communicate with friends in US so if I go with Roam, it would be long distance for them to call me (at least that’s my understanding of Roam’s model i.e. Cdn numbers only)

  • Ty

    Little trick I’ve found for iMessage with your local number unlimited data for $30, Unlock your current iPhone, use an old iPhone with whatever sim adapter you need to use your home sim. I put my home sim in this old iPhone, which ties it to my apple id. So then i bought the prepaid $40 walmart mobile kit ($30 a month after) and inserted it in my current iPhone and went to iMessage settings to enable my home number. I know have a good iPhone with my home number iMessage for dirt cheap thanks to tmobile. The plan has 100 minutes and 5gb of high speed data but tmobile never seems to throttle when i go over. Its a killer deal.