Roam Mobility Launches Ready SIM: Self-Activating Prepaid SIM Cards for U.S. Roaming


ready sim

Vancouver-based Roam Mobility has announced the launch of a Ready SIM, a new self-activating SIM card for Canadians and other travellers looking to take advantage of prepaid voice and data plans to use in the United States:

“This is the first truly instant prepaid SIM-based product to hit the consumer market,” says Emir Aboulhosn, Founder and SVP Business Development of Roam Mobility. “Every other mobile service can require a complicated paper work and dealer activation process, but with Ready SIM, you just pop it in your phone, text us your zip code, and you’ve got instant access and a local number with affordable, unlimited nationwide talk and text, with 4G data add-ons.”

Ready SIM is the first self-activating SIM card on the market, according to Roam Mobility. Various SIMs will offer US nationwide prepaid talk, text and data plans off the shelf. Ready SIM cards will be available in 3, 7, 14, or 30 days of unlimited nationwide talk and text, and data at “very competitive rates” notes Roam Mobility. Tethering will be included as part of Ready SIM prepaid plans.

How does the Ready SIM work? Users just insert the SIM into their unlocked device, text their ZIP code to 7850, and will be immediately up and running with no registration whatsoever or contracts. Once activated, users will have access to the T-Mobile 4G network in the U.S. (along with Hawaii and Puerto Rico). Ready SIM will be available for purchase on November 19th at various distributors and dealers in the U.S. only.

iPhones normally would only be able to connect to EDGE data connections on T-Mobile due to network compatability issues, but with the recently announced upgrades, iPhones are now able to experience faster HSPA+ speeds in select cities:

T-Mobile customers can now experience these improvements in:

Washington D.C.: Alexandria, VA; Arlington, VA; Chevy Chase, MD; Falls Church, VA; Laurel, MD; McLean, VA; and Silver Spring, MD.
Baltimore: Glen Burnie and Towson, MD
Houston: Cypress, Jersey Village, Humble, Kingwood, and The Woodlands.

T-Mobile network advancements also continue in additional cities including Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, New York metro area, Philadelphia, San Francisco, San Diego and Seattle. Customers in parts of these metro areas are already experiencing improved coverage and iPhone “speed sightings” on T-Mobile’s 4G network.

Stay tuned! There are five markets live now – Baltimore, Houston, Kansas City, Las Vegas and Washington D.C. – and we expect to launch multiple additional major metro areas by the end of the year.

For those that have traveled internationally you know how easy it is to purchase prepaid voice and data SIM cards. Looks like this is another option for Canadians looking to get convenient access to instant voice and data plans without dealing with carrier registration or setup.

Would you be interested in using a service like Ready SIM in the U.S.?



    Well it’s about time…. Now lets see some prices !

  • We will keep you updated!

    Gary Ng

  • Hayman

    It would be nice to see some prices. I am traveling in the USA right now using Tmobile. For fifty bucks u get unlimited text and calling anywhere in the USA along with 100 mb of 4g speed when that runs out it’s 2g . That is good for one month. If you pay $10 more you get unlimited calling and texting to Canada and a buch of other countries. You can pay 10 dollars more and get 2 gb of 4g speed but that is only in the area that has been refarmed to support the iPhone. In Oregon there was no 3G only 2g but in California I found there was 3G speed in Sacramento

  • We are going to get some further details soon.

    Gary Ng

  • Rickyscv

    I was talking to a T-mobile rep at a kiosk in Bellingham, WA and was told they now have a plan for $15 that will give you unlimited local calling, messaging and some data for $2/day. The time period is 90 days. For people making day trips every week or two to the States, that sounds like a pretty good deal…

  • E!

    When I go to the US for more than a few days I get a SIM from Striaght Talk. $45 plus $15 for the SIM gets you a US number with unlimited calling to North America, unlimited SMS in North America, and 2 GB data 3G using AT&T’s network. Caller ID and voicemail also included. The only catch is that the SIM must be mailed to a location in USA. I had it delivered to a friend who mailed it back to me or brought it back to me in person, but you can have it delivered to the hotel you’re staying at. You choose what area your number is local to.

  • Anonymous

    guys this already exists. This is just a re-branding process for them and the setup process is a little bit easier as well. and I picked up my SIM for $20 from Yaletown Rogers.

  • Clay

    Beware, Beware, Beware. RoamMobility uses T-Mobile in the US, and in the last month I used them with my iPhone on trips to Seattle & New York. Edge speeds 99% of the time, which is like not having data at all. Cheap means nothing without a useable network.

  • Robert Godden

    They cannot tell you whereto top up. I am in Philadelphia for 4 days and was told by support “You need to find, like, a mall or something in Philadelphia and look for a kiosk”

  • Can’t you top up online or via the phone?

  • Robert Godden

    I tried to use their phone top up service. It fails to detect the buttons when you press them. You can’t do it online or via the support operators, But the worst thing is that they have no list of locations. You actually have to try every shopping mall until you find one of their kiosks. When I bought it I was told by the electronics store just to ring ready sim and it was easy.

  • I would try contacting their support to let them know your situation.

  • Robert Godden

    That was support’s response. Also. I paid over $200 for 2 x 2-week plans and it now looks like the pricing was a complete rip-off

  • Brudder

    The problem here isn’t cheap, it’s ignorance; iphone doesn’t have the support for the bands the Roam Mobility network uses.

  • AG

    Boy, am I sorry I bought this product. Easy ordering, ontime delivery, adequate service. BUT – the simplest of services – Topping Up – achieves a new record for poor service and planning. Becasue I may be delayed in leaving for home sue to weather, because of weather, I wanted to buy a few more days of coverage. “Kiosks” ostensibly exist but where? No one knows. According to the company service agent, he is not “exactly sure where they are. The Third Party provider of topping up service does not provide a list.” therefore, “not “exactly sure” = we have no idea. Can you contact the third party company? Nope. If you are travelling to the US, Go into a TMobile or AT&T store and buy a SIM. Will never use Ready SIM again.

  • AG

    Straight from the company:
    “We apologize. Unfortunately it is a flawed system right now, so there isn’t a whole lot else we can recommend.
    Top up kiosks can usually be found in gas stations and convenience stores, but since the vendor has decided not to disclose the specific locations, we know this information isn’t of much use.
    We are working very hard to launch online top ups and support top ups by phone and SMS. We just aren’t quite there yet.
    Again, we apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

    The Ready SIM Team”

    I guess you can give the company credit for admitting the service is flawed. What a mistaken purchase.