Rogers, Telus and Bell iPhone 6 Launch Report Card: Give a Letter Grade Here [POLL]


Another year, and another iPhone 6 launch. For those signing new contracts and performing hardware upgrades, it always seems like there are good and bad stories about Rogers, Telus and Bell—and Apple too.

Many of you have told us how Rogers’ systems were down (yet again) and also Bell had some issues delivering iPhones and providing up-to-date information for reservations. Others complained about slow moving Apple Store line ups and limited stock of iPhone 6 Plus models.

So like in the past, here’s another Big 3 ‘report card’ poll, where you can vote and share your feedback about how Rogers, Telus and Bell handled the iPhone 6 launch, along with SaskTel, MTS—and of course, Apple.

Give these companies either an A, B, C, D or F letter grade and share your experience in the comments. Vote below!




Bell/Virgin Mobile



Did you get your iPhone 6 from your carrier yet?


  • lopes66

    To bad there isn’t anything lower then a F to give Rogers… That should also include all carrier with there bs forcing people to change plans.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    gave rogers an F if only because a friend of mine upgraded from a 4S to an unlocked 6

    they wont sell nano sims, 1 per phone

  • Didan1951

    here are good

  • andrewe

    I bought my iPhone 6 unlocked and unsubsidized from Apple. I was able to keep my excellent $60 6 GB plan with Rogers. UPS delivered it on Friday while I worked from home. I did not wait in a ten hour line.

    I give myself an A.

  • iFone


  • Oli

    I bought mine with Fido with my FidoDollars (45$) and since my plan is over 60$ per month, I was able to keep my 6GB+250mins+unlimited texts for 65$/month with my subsidized iPhone 6. I couldn’t be happier!

  • lalaland

    what’s your reservation number and model you got?

  • T33BS

    I guess my comment got thrown out the window! I gave apple a ‘D’! inaccurate shipping times.

  • gerry

    Walked into Rogers and left with a iPhone 6. Despite I had to go back later in the afternoon to activate it. Nice to put my iPhone 4 to rest 🙂

  • Jamie Dickie

    Really!? Go to any store that sells all the carriers or Best Buy/FS and you can get one there for $10. Granted Rogers MyAccount has issues so getting on there to switch the sim numbers will still be an issue!

  • Hosaka

    Graded A for Fido.

    Phone was shipped on Thursday and out for delivery on Friday morning. Picked up the phone on launch day and renew my agreement using my old plans including $35/6GB. Everything went very smoothly. Happy customer here.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    yeah he went to FS (he had no problem changing sim numbers online incidently)

  • MechKobe

    I reserved at around 3AM on September 12th on Fido website with their
    reservation system. I was rank 54th canada wide for an iPhone 6 Plus
    128GB Space Gray. On September 19th, I was rank 19th…. So, Fido had 35
    in all Canada for my model of iPhone on release date.. This is so
    stupid -_-!

  • Chris

    I pick my iPhone 6 up from Costco on Sept 19th. I’m with rogers. Since I already have a custom family plan with Rogers my month price didn’t go up. Also able to get the Costco sales rep to help me get my plan lower by $7

  • Joe

    Now that the reservation is live again does anyone know can you apply Fido dollars when you do the pick up in Apple store?

  • Here are my thinking:
    Apple: A- (Despite reserved my iPhone on the day of release, I still need to line up for 25 minutes!)
    Wind Mobile: A (Fantastic savings on the monthly fee)
    Myself: A++ (Buying unlocked and big saving on the service)

  • Still haven’t gotten mine from Rogers. I reserved an iPhone 6, I’m number 4 for the location I chose, but that location hasn’t received any iPhone 6 units yet.

  • JfromC

    A for Apple. despite the store being offline way past when it was supposed to be open, I was able to finally order via the Apple Store app. Around 4am (EDT) I was able to order a 6 Plus, 64, Gray on the 12th. On the 19th I had it delivered to my office and in my hands by 11:45am. Other than staying up an hour later than I’d planned on Preorder night I received mine with no issue.

  • Riley Freeman

    people here are retarded. how do you rate all the carriers an F and not apple. Apple gave the BULK of their 6 plus phones to their own stores and pretty much left everyone else out in the cold. Did they warn anyone of this before hand so that you could make an informed decision where to line up? no

    apple gets a big fat F

  • Yeah it’s frustrating, but from what we’ve seen over the years Apple Stores traditionally always get more stock than carriers at launch.

  • Oli

    iPhone 6 Space Grey 16gb. I was #23.

  • anon

    35$/6GB ? Not that I don’t believe you, but this seems unlikely.

  • Vinnie

    Rogers is absolutely terrible. All they know how to do is screw up…. There are some of their employees that take their job seriously and know how to satisfy their customers. They should do more training for both CSR and Product knowledge.

  • Hosaka

    It was originally the $30 for 6GB Internet Data plan that both Rogers and Fido were offering back when iPhone 3G came out for a limited time.

    I believe the plan came back as a quick promotion for the release of iPhone 4S or iPhone 5. I can’t remember which model.

    Last month, Rogers and Fido customers who grandfathered the 6GB/$30 plan saw a $5 increase (for those not under any contract/agreement & just paying month-to-month). Still a good deal IMHO.

  • Hosaka

    I believe you need to purchase the phone directly from Fido to use your FidoDollars. Not the Apple Store. I asked around before I made reservations on the 12th since I racked up close to $200 in FidoDollars.

  • neodragon

    Telus takes forever to get devices to those who purchase through their corporate/business retailers, but even worse is the total lack of transparency so you don’t even know how long to expect to wait or if any progress is being made with your order.

  • neodragon

    It seems kind of obvious that if demand is greater than supply (and it always is) Apple will take care of themselves before worrying about carriers. Especially Canadian ones.

  • eric

    I bought my iPhone 6 from an apple store yesterday, on contract with fido, and YES you can use your fido dollars towards your purchase, you won’t pay anything in the store, the total cost gets billed to your on your next fido bill

  • Joe

    Yea the live reservation went back up at 11:00am EST..I was just browsing the apple site and ended up reserving the silver one. $274 for 2 years not bad 😀

  • Riley Freeman

    thats fine but theres a big difference between taking care of your own store and basically giving all the carriers 2 each and most locations didn’t get any. Big stores got some but thats about it.

  • Riley Freeman

    yea but they basically gave stores 2. larger stores got maybe 5 but mid to large stores got 0-2

  • KBlazer07

    Walked into the Apple Store Saturday morning and picked out an iPhone 6, size and color of my choosing. 10 minute process. A+

    In a battle with Rogers now, they won’t activate a nano SIM unless I change plans. Going to the CRTC with this one.

  • David

    Pre-ordered my iPhone 6 plus from Virgin the morning of the 12th, today they’re telling me it won’t be shipped for 4 weeks still. #superfail

  • Serious? Can’t you just change sim cards online?

  • KBlazer07

    Very serious. Web site won’t let me change it and roger’s “customer service” told me they won’t activate one unless I change my plan to $80/month. I’m on a $20 voice plan with all the bells and whistles and the $30 / 6 GB data. Ended up cutting the SIM card to fit 🙂

  • LC

    Pretty happy with Telus too. I ordered at 4AM and received it on Friday at noon by Canada Post. I was also able to keep my old plan $65 6GB + $8 Call ID. I understand that there’s a minimum of $70 for the iPhone so I guess I’m lucky as my Call ID promo ran out.

  • Dragoslav Zuber

    i ordered from rogers ($50 unlimited everything) and its gonna take forever to get here. the wait wouldn’t be so bad if i wasn’t stuck with an old iPhone 5 and wind mobile!

  • Dragoslav Zuber

    when i preordered my iPhone 5 (back in sept. 2012) they said it would take 3-4 weeks, it ended up coming a couple days before christmas! An entire 3 months later!