Rogers, TELUS and Bell Promo: Up to Double the Data on Select Plans


Rogers, TELUS and Bell have started to offer bonus data allotments on select plans. Details below for the monthly plans and the bonus data in bold. Essentially, listed Rogers and Bell plans have double the data, while TELUS SharePlus data plans have 1GB extra across plans $30 and up.

Rogers Talk Text and Internet Share Ready Plans

  • $85/month plan: 1GB + 1GB bonus
  • $105/month plan: 3GB + 3GB bonus
Screen Shot 2013 08 19 at 1 51 05 PM

Rogers Talk Text and Internet Individual Plans 

  • $50/month plan: 200MB + 200MB bonus
  • $60/month plan: 250MB + 250MB bonus
  • $75/month plan: 1GB + 1GB bonus
Screen Shot 2013 08 19 at 1 50 55 PM
Bell Voice & Data Lite Plans
  • $45/month plan: 200MB + 200MB bonus
  • $60/month plan: 250MB + 250MB bonus
  • $75/month plan: 1GB + 1GB bonus
Screen Shot 2013 08 19 at 1 49 53 PM
Bell Voice & Data Plus Plans
  • $85/month plan: 1GB + 1GB bonus
  • $105/month plan: 3GB + 3GB bonus
Screen Shot 2013 08 19 at 1 49 12 PM Screen Shot 2013 08 19 at 1 49 27 PM
TELUS SharePlus Data Plans (this is the data portion added to the monthly plan)
  • $30/month: 1GB + 1GB bonus
  • $45/month: 2GB + 1GB bonus
  • $50/month: 3GB + 1GB bonus
  • $65/month: 6GB + 1GB bonus
  • $85/month: 10GB + 1GB bonus
Screen Shot 2013 08 19 at 1 50 03 PM
If you recently signed up to one of these plans, call in and get your bonus data. Anyone notice a pattern here with these bonus data promos?




  • FragilityG4

    Now if they double up the bonus it might be worth considering … No way I’m paying $105 for 6GB ….

  • Why can’t they divide the price, while doubling the data+minutes?

  • Chrome262

    Yeah, this is crazy expensive. Who cares about unlimited voice when most of us want more data. Hell I run on 300 min now, but at least a gig a month.

  • rrosales

    The cartel has done it again! Keep it up! I mean, down! Bring those prices down, down, down and soon consumers might agree with you (the Big 3) that we don’t need a 4th wireless carrier in Canada.

  • djepsilon

    Wow! Great deal! Now I can pay $105 a month for what I currently pay $60 a month for! Sweet!

  • JB

    erm, it’s a deal, just buy it. The poor mobile companies have to make up their revenue somehow after us greed consumers demanded 2 year terms…

  • Khoa

    Maybe they are trying the strategy of making expensive plans then say that they listened to the feedback, and then mark the prices it down to what it is now(which is still expensive), so that we all would be happy. Kind of like the gas prices?

  • MrXax

    Those prices are ridiculous. Come on, Verizon… we’re waiting.

  • Michael Moniz

    What don’t they understand? You can’t tell me they can’t offer 1GB pan with say 200 minutes/month plus features(unlimited text, Caller ID & VM) for about $50/mth and STILL make a handsome profit! That should be a base plan, then everything goes up from that!

  • mcfilmmakers

    It’s not a deal. They are not losing money. They offered these exact same plans at exactly the same contract terms for 40$ less just 2 months ago.

  • JB

    (I was being sarcastic) ;oP

  • mcfilmmakers

    Oh, the Internet sucks at sarcasm.

  • DJ

    so where is the promo? everything still looks regular price at the big3.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Am I the only one that thinks its insane the way they hiked up prices??

  • joyn6160

    LOL I pay $72 after taxes for 300 min, unlimited text and 6 gigs of data through Bell.

  • Peter Pottinger


    /s means *sarcasm*

  • djepsilon

    I had a friend who works for Telus tell me yesterday that Telus will be switching ALL customers to these new plans by 2015. He said it doesn’t matter if you have a retention plan or are off-contract, they will move every single person on to these plans.

    Surely he must be mistaken, right?… RIGHT?!?

  • Josh

    all 3 have the same pricing.. exactly how is this not price fixing?!?

  • sam

    Tbaytel city owned you must be living in a deep deep hole not to realize that mts has owned them for years

  • MleB1

    Wasn’t aware of that, Sam. I’ve only ever been a short term working visitor to TB and not there now. Only went with what I’ve been told. 🙂
    Regardless, I doubt its the mandate of MTS or Tbaytel to lose money – yet they can offer plans like these.

  • mcfilmmakers

    Mind the insults buddy. I’m no newbie. You placed it two lines below the end of your comment.