Rogers, Telus, Bell Promo $60/10GB Plans Targeted Freedom, But Not Turning Point: Report


After Rogers, Telus and Bell offered simultaneous $60/10GB promo plans in Alberta, BC and Ontario, some analysts have weighed on what these one-time discounted offers mean in Canada’s wireless world.

Telecom reporter Christine Dobby from The Globe and Mail (paywall) collected some information from analysts, while also noted an unnamed “industry source” hinted the promos recently offered were not exactly a turning point in Big 3 wireless plans, but rather fourth quarter jousting for contract-free bring-your-own-device (BYOD) customers.

The overall theme of these promo plans was for incumbents to prevent BYOD customers from switching over to Shaw’s Freedom Mobile, ahead of the ongoing rollout of the latter’s LTE wireless network, and their recent launch of iPhone sales.

Kaan Yigit, president of Solutions Research Group Consultants Inc., told the Globe the promo plans don’t make Rogers, Telus and Bell “look very good” or “consumer-friendly”, as they only proved how important fourth players were in the market, plus reminded customers, government and more about data pricing in Canada. He predicts we can expect “some informal retention deals” and possibly better-priced plans this spring.

Scotia Capital analyst Jeff Fan said in a report Thursday, the “willingness” of the Big 3 to leverage their various brands against Freedom Mobile, only shows it won’t be easy for the latter to gain subscribers. Fan believes Freedom is not just going up against Rogers, Telus and Bell, but rather nine total wireless players, if you count flanker (Fido; Koodo; Virgin) and prepaid brands (Chatr; Public Mobile; Lucky) held by the Big 3.

Bell, in a statement to the Globe, said they “respond to promotional action in the market”, while emphasizing upcoming holiday promos. Rogers echoed similar sentiments, adding they will “continue to offer time-limited promotions to meet the different needs of our customers,”; Telus did not respond for comment.

Currently, Freedom Mobile still offers a $50 per month plan with 10GB of data, despite the Big 3 seeing their limited time promo ‘expire’—a plan which was difficult to acquire, as incumbent staff and systems failed to keep up with demand.

Do you think the $60/10GB plan will return at some point? Or will we start seeing lower wireless plans in the near future?


  • Si2k78

    Anything the government can do to help freedom better compete interms of providing more reliable service(granting better spectrum), better coverage(forcing incumbents to allow freedom
    to piggy back off their network without penalty), will go a long way in increasing competition and decreasing prices for Canadians, more so than any wireless code could achieve.

  • My 1/2 cents

    I said this before…Freedom’s days are numbered.

  • Manpreet Singh

    10 gb won’t be offered, they might offer 5-6 GB for 60$ in the near future to compete. Understand that freedom’s network will never be able to compete against big three unless Shaw makes a humongous investment

    10 gb was a snowball effect of what Rogers did with “ +5 gb for 24 months”. This time, they will all play a safe game

  • aRhyno

    too rich for my blood. i struggle some months staying under 4 gb with my public mobile plan but paying 60$ a month for a damn phone plan with no subsidy just seems wrong lol. had a phone for over 10 years and never paid over 65$ a month with a subsidy. enjoying my 4gb 31$ plan a lot right now.

  • Riddlemethis

    Agreed. When my iPhone dies…after replacing the battery, I’ll be switching to a flip dumb phone. No more data for me. Eventually you’ll probably need to do the same or get a part time job.

  • Many99

    I was told by a bell representative that it will return on dec 26

  • Riddlemethis

    Freedom is kind of like Apple with it’s maps. It’ll never catch up to Google or in this case the Big 3. The government is extremely resistant to allow carriers to piggy back off each other.

  • Mobile Guru

    This just goes to show the big 3 are gouging and can offer these plans

  • Surveillance

    Won’t be long now until Rogers buys Freedom.

  • I’m on a plan with Rogers that gives me 5Gb data, voice and text services, 100 minutes of Canada-wide long distance, and other benefits for $50/month. So the big three certainly can and do offer such plans when their customer retention staff get involved!

  • JOK3R

    “Apple sued by iPhone users after company admits it slows down old devices” whats the point?

  • BeReal

    Ya the multibillion dollar company Shaw is just going to sell Freedom to Rogers lol And Microsoft is just going to sell the Xbox brand to Sony..

  • henndrix1

    Do you think that’s a good plan? You are getting ripped off. 5gb for $50 and 100 Canada wide long distance is a ripped off

  • 3Stacks

    I’m just waiting for Freedoms LTE network to mature and I’m willing to leave for better, more aggressive pricing options. Waiting for the right time to join “Un-carrier North”

  • Jpod20

    I’m curious about the subscriber numbers from last quarter and compare them to this quarter just to see how many people bounced around between carriers. I took advantage of last weekends promo and went from being with Rogers for 9 years to Telus, I got a call from Rogers this week offering me a deal to come back.

  • Si2k78

    If the plan includes a subsidized device, it’s quite a good plan, actually.

  • Simranjeet

    This $60 10 gb plan will worsen the telecom sector , as consumers will now stick to this plan for years and it will be difficult for 3 Bigs to launch a better deal than this …

  • henndrix1

    For $60 bucks i got 10 gb data, 1 gb free data roaming, 2400 free roaming talk time minutes, unlimited calling and unlimited calling in North America free! and no up front down payment cost on the latest Galaxy Note 8! LOL

  • Sam

    Freedom LTE is awesome. Been using it for 2 months now. It’s going from fast to lightning fast. No drop connection no drop calls. Bye bye Rogers forever.
    Got 8GB Home + 1GB roaming
    + No overage fees anywhere in North America
    They just slow me down when data allowance is done

  • Wireless pioneer

    Do you realize the big 3 are all charging outrageous overage fees should you exceed your 10GB on your new $60 plan? The wireless business is very profitable for the big 3 and they Are masters of repackaging rate plans so they appear to be a bargain, but their is always a Catch. The amount of money they will charge you when (not if) exceed you 10GB is astronomical.

  • Mobile Guru

    Ya, $7/100MB. Expensive.

  • Jetfire

    No way will they sell freedom and only thing I can think they’ll do(when the network is mature enough) turn Freedom to be the flanker brand and announce Shaw mobile/mobility/wireless as the main like Rogers/Fido etc

  • L williams

    I have been with freedom mobile for over two years I pay $50 a month for ten GB’s of data each month so this is nothing new. Since I am a pay as you go customer I have no ridiculous overage bills and if I need extra data I can buy it. But I have have never needed to since they will allow you 1 GB extra at the end of the month at a slower speed. Excellent service in urban areas and once they get their network updated watch out.

  • Manpreet Singh

    You gotta know how to negotiate for your needs. Added 2gb for free on top of 10 gb today. I can bet you 1000$ that ill add another 2 gb in 2-3 months for no more than 5$. A consumer shall be proactive, companies are built to squeeze money out of you.

  • Pedro

    The moral of the story is to buy your phone outright so you can easily switch to the carrier that best meets your needs of the moment.

  • Cam McArthur

    just go back in time to when ROBELLUS first started out. Everything takes time. Freedom already has a decent sized network. They need new spectrum (the 700MHz). Rogers and them will have to compete when service improves in Ontario at least. Think of the population, let alone the GTA area

  • Hardeyjorlar Anthony Hayormipo

    Honestly, I knew that the big three will reduce their prices. I have been using a $35/2GB for two years now with Freedom mobile, same plan cost $60 on the big three carrier.

  • michael shaffer

    How is this not price fixing, especially when all the 3 big providers post the exact same price for exactly the same service, only in Shaw serviced regions, and totally neglecting all other provinces?

  • Dustin Sargent

    Currently pay $90 for 4 gigs.. would gladly pay $60 for 10 gigs..

  • Elizabeth

    Who are you with to get such a great plan?! You got the Note 8 for free and all that data and unlimited calling in North America for $60, that’s the best deal ever.

  • N2Fracture

    Yes… it’s almost always cheaper in the long run to just buy your phone and let them stick their contacts where the sun don’t shine.

  • N2Fracture

    Why is ut when? Just don’t go over.

  • So Young

    $60 for 10GB is not an exceptional deal, at least here in Quebec. Personally I pay 51,30 for 7Gb right now with 2GB bonus but when I’ll come back to 7GB it will be enough for me and i’ll Never pay that high for a BYOD plan and honestly, on very busy months I never go past 6-7GB. 10GB seems overkill to me.

  • Brandon Arneson

    I am on the Everywhere50 plan with 8gb of high speed home data and 1gb of high speed roaming data and i pay $10 extra for their 3gb full speed data addon so i have 11gb of full speed home data, my total monthly cost is $60 per month, cant complain about that especially since when your roaming off the big3 your data is unlimited and throttled past the full speed allotment just like it is on freedoms 3G and LTE Networks

  • Brandon Arneson

    I am with freedom mobile on the Everywhere50 plan with 8gb of high speed home data and 1gb of high speed roaming data and i pay $10 extra for their 3gb full speed data addon so i have 11gb of full speed home data, my total monthly cost is $60 per month, cant complain about that especially since when your roaming off the big3 your data is unlimited and throttled past the full speed allotment just like it is on freedoms 3G and LTE Networks

  • Foreign Devil

    I already pay $65 for high-speed unlimited internet at home. Just give me a plan with 4 or 5 gigs data for 35 to 40 dollars a month. No way I will pay more even for 20Gb data on the phone.

  • Kefra

    My experience is that it is not when you do the math. For the same period (24 months), the contracts are usually the cheaper option. After, if you’re phone is still in good working conditions, then switching to BYOP plan is just gravy.

  • FragilityG4

    They both have pros and cons but for me I feel that buying outright is the best option because I hold all the power. If I were to want to switch I can do so without having to worry about paying out the remainder of my phone. Will I switch? Probably not as I’ve been with Rogers for fifteen years, their customer service is way better than before and they just gave me a huge credit because it took so long to get my phone; but I do have the option.

  • N2Fracture

    Are you considering that off contract plans are cheaper? I saved 40 per month by going off contract. Over 2 years that’s 960 dollars. That will more than pay for any 0 dollar phone they would offer. And if you add in what they ask for a premium phone your still covered. I think the key is that when you are off contract price is the only way they have left to keep you. Unfortunately you still have to call and kvetch to get a deal.

  • FragilityG4

    That’s because your province has a regional carrier to compete with. We don’t have that in Ontario.

  • aRhyno

    Lol. 60$ a month with no subsidy. The telecom company is laughing. Wasn’t long ago they had 60$ plans that included phones. They are making good money off this.

  • le10017

    More like they’ll be the lowest for a year or so, then just become part of the big 4 and have the same prices as the other 3.

  • clee666

    Freedom come to Québec please

  • mb

    I don’t understand why more people are not furious and re-focusing their anger at the CRTC and canadian government, led currently by Trudeau, who claims he is a representative of the people’s interests, because it is the CRTC that caused the oligopoly of Telus, Rogers, and Bell to screw canadians and put out wireless AND internet cost as the highest in the western world! It is the CRTC and their government who took and still take campaign contributions to sell out the canadian public and keep prices high and stifle free market competition and prevent the letting in of more competitors including those from the US. Prevent, you know… competition!! Bell, Rogers, and Telus will never not gauge consumers until they are forced not to! And that force will come from the so called people’s representatives who have sold us out in order to take money from companies who contribute to all the parties equally so as to make sure no laws get passed.

  • Dee Roman

    #Bell and the other incumbents can go ‘F’ themselves. Yrs of being loyal to Bell did nothing for me & you will be treated the same. Freedom Mobile is GREAT!

  • mIX

    There are arguments both ways. In my research, plans are typically $20 more on contract which is there to pay off the phone ($20×24 months=$480). You pay $20 less for a BYOD plan and you have more freedom to jump. Yes you have to buy the phone, but you can find good ones around $400-$500. I went on BYOD because I don’t want to support the contract market and can grab the best deal.

  • mIX

    I can’t switch to Freedom until they cover the whole province. I welcome the competition as it helps me, but I won’t be able to help out the competition until they expand.

  • Wireless pioneer

    Canada will soon join the rest of the world with regards to always owning your phone outright all the time so that you can easily flip networks will eventually become the norm for most consumers. We are always tempted with the latest greatest phone releases that we can’t afford (i.e. iPhone X) but getting stuck into into a phone contract always proves to be not worth the tradeoff in the long run. We just need to be smarter consumers and not get sucked into cell phone contracts that dangle a shiny new smartphone that we ultimately end up paying so much more money for by committing to expensive cell phone plans that can drop in half at any time.

  • CKinTO

    The key numbers you should be looking at is:
    – How much more for the “Premium+ tab” vs BYOD plan (it’s usually $20 – $25/month more expensive). $20 x 24 = $480
    – How much of a subsidy are they giving you off the full cost of the phone?

    It varies, but typically, I’ve seen subsidies between $500 – $550 for newer iPhones. So you pay $480 more over 2 years, but get $500 off the phone upfront (net discount of $20 – $70).

    Then you have to compare that savings to any change in your plan you have to do (typically to get a subsidized phone, you have to be on a newer plan). If you have a good grandfathered plan from years back, the $20 – $70 true net savings may not be worth the increase in plan price.

    For me, the net $20-70 discount hasn’t been worth losing my plan, and so I’ve bought my phones outright the last few cycles (including most recent iPhone X).

  • SK

    Loyal is a dirty swear word for Robelus. It’s a Wolf-Eat-Wolf world when it comes any services we pay for. Being loyal to one of them equals being a toothless sucker who is too shy to stand up for themselves. Been there, done that but no more! If I can squeeze a single penny out of those providers, I will without blinking an eye.

  • Jay Parker

    I think the Big 3 need to look at all their customers currently paying more than $60 for less data and automatically give them this deal as an act of good faith. I’ve been paying $100/mo for 2GB with Rogers and any time I’ve tried to upgrade my plan online I conveniently get a “maintenance error”. The cell phone industry in Canada is BS.

  • FragilityG4

    It’s pricing fixing in the customers favour. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  • FragilityG4

    It’s also the CRTC who have made locking and paying to unlock phones illegal along with three year term contracts. They are not perfect by any stretch and are lobbied a ton by the Big Three, but they have made taken some steps in the customers interest as of late.

    Furthermore, I would be surprised if a company like Verizon did make it into Canada and did NOT align their prices with the incumbents. At any extent it’s the network that will win people over.

  • Richard G Cantin

    my math showed me savings of close to $1,200 over 24 months on the purchase of my Keyone and staying on my current plan…

  • gtasscarlo

    I agree with your math, but typically if you plan on Black Friday and talk to retention you can get an phone with a $300 off and on sale. So usually around a $800-$1000 subsidy. Making it worth it for a premium tab


    Have been on Wind/Freedom for over 2years now after leaving Bell

    I recently switched to $50 plan that has 8 GIG data, US and Canadian roaming and LD.

    They don’t charge for overage, just slow it down or you can buy 3 gigs for $10

    Best plan I have ever seen Americans can’t believe it when you tell them especially when you let them know that is only $35.US

  • RickysCV

    My wife and I switched from Virgin ($50/2GB everything) to Freedom
    Mobile’s Everywhere50 plan with 8gb of high speed home data and 1gb of high speed roaming data. Unbelievable deal for $50 and we picked up a couple of new iPhones as well. Her iPhone 8 costs us just $15/month more. I’ve always bought my phones from Apple because that was the cheapest way. But who can beat this…NOBODY- a new iPhone 8 for $360! We live in Abbotsford and we haven’t ported our numbers over yet as we try the new phones coverage on Freedom. so far, so good! My iPhone X was no where as good a deal as I got the 256GB model. But I still saved lots. Because it was an ‘open box’ sale (someone wanted a different colour), I got $50 off and a huge discount on 2 cases! So I will end up paying $1199 for a 256GB iPhone X after 24 months. IF the coverage sucks, I’ll return everything within 2 weeks and carry on with Virgin; but I expect we’ll be porting our numbers over within the week. Can hardly wait to try the free roaming into the States. By the way, I think this $50 deal is only available here in Abbotsford and maybe Burnaby at the Brentwood mall. Crazy! The plan deal ends tomorrow (24th) and the iPhone deals end on the 31st. I’m impressed.

  • True hockey fan

    It’s not shareable which sucks and it’s only for new customers. So loyal customers to bell who have been with them for over 20 years for example are paying 35 for 2 GB and first day customers can get 10Gb for 60. Something is screwed up with that.

  • henndrix1

    make sure your roaming settings is enabled and call Freedom to help you set it right. roaming with Freedom is awesome! Been with them since Mobilicity and the networks have definitely improved by a lot specially with the new LTE network. some location im getting LTE speed over 90 mbps down, thats 3 times the speed of my home internet in most days! and I only paid $60 10gb a month!

  • mb

    I’m shocked you believe the crtc did any of the things you mentioned as some sort of thing associated with standing up for the citizens of this country. They could have done those things and more ages ago and did so only because to top brass was worried they would be so unpopular they would lose their jobs. They have no interest in fighting for anyone other than their donors. Totally part of a system that is rigged in favour of those who have the money to pay for what they want to happen in government. Throw them all out! The fact that i’m the only one that complains about them on this board and that there are people like you who go against their own self interest by backing them is exactly why canadians will continue to get screwed by their so called representatives.

  • FragilityG4

    You’re right I shouldn’t thank the CRTC. As we all know it was the Harper government that pushed these ideals. I stand corrected.

  • mb

    I wish you were right in your belief that this corporate giant will not raise prices as soon as they have enough of the market share. The solution is more competition and new reform laws. That’s all that will lower prices and stop the gauging. Believing a corporate giant will act ethically all on their own is completely naive.

  • mb

    Very true. And believing otherwise is showing how brain washed canadians are.

  • mb

    Cancel your plan and pay off the tab and then right there get a “new” deal. It’s as easy as that.

  • mb

    You’re dreaming about any of these gauging companies doing anything “automatically” and “in good faith”. They would charge you double for half of what you have if they could.

  • mb

    We need to organize and drag everyone at the crtc out of their offices and string them up for treason!

  • mb


  • mb

    100% true!

  • mb

    I’ve never had any luck with the consumer retention staff despite being a rogers customer for a decade. They are gauging scum. And the crtc sold out canadians ages ago. #riggedsystem

  • mb

    That is patently false. The crtc is responsible for this and they are bipartisan in their dirtyness. Back up your claim with a link or two to support it. I suspect you will exit this conversation right now given you won’t be able to back up that claim with evidence via a link or two. Was your harper claim a reaction to my trudeau comment? I believe it was. Stop making this a partisan issue. It’s not. It’s a rigged system issue.

  • FragilityG4

    What Trudeau comment? I’m not sitting and refreshing that screen. Whatever comes to my inbox via disqus I respond to. The fact is that the Harper government was set on making the wireless industry more affordable for Canadians. They were the ones that pushed the extinction of three contracts, the capping of data overages and tried their best to bring an international provider (Verizon) to Canada. It’s not partisan, it’s what happened. I don’t defend the CRTC as I still believe that despite the best efforts we have seen as of late, and they have been there, they are still very susceptible to the Big Threes unending lobbying. The big difference now is that via the internet the people have a more effective voice. Having said that I am not consumed by hate and blinded to the point that I can not recognize when something is done right. Stop banging your fists on your desk and realize that it is possible, even for the CRTC, to have an epiphany— even if it’s manifested by public outrage.

  • Jetfire

    I have the exact same plan plus fnf and $5 off per month and only have to pay $27.50. Can’t beat that anywhere though my iPhone 6 still relies on B13 and if I’m lucky then I may run in to the B7 spectrum. Until I get the iPhone X then I’ll fully enjoy the the LTE speed!

  • Jetfire

    That’s freedom and no hidden fees, the bill is what you see on the bill and nothing else.

  • mb

    I misunderstood. I thought you were saying all of the mess with the canadian wireless system / rates we have in this country was created by the harper government which of course is not true. They tried to fix it. I agree with 100% of what you wrote in this last submission especially the fact that the crtc has only made these changes DUE to public outrage not before the outrage. Without the public outrage, which frankly comes way too slowly, the crtc would have kept the rules in place that favour the group (the canadian telecoms) that throws money at the system in order to keep it favourable to them.

    I’m trying to encourage more people to stop sleeping and accepting things for the way they are and pressure their government / crtc, no matter who is in power, to keep the greed and gauging nonexistent .

    I find canadians to not at all be proactive enough in the system and have too much faith in politicians because we are not enough into politics like most other countries are. We need to wake up as a nation and demand more and that requires being more political. We are too sleepy and it’s literally costing us.

  • FragilityG4

    I agree as well, only problem is in this situation both Canadians and Complacency seem to go hand and hand.

  • mb

    That’s essentially 50% of what I was trying to convey.

    The other 50% is for people to focus more of their anger toward the crtc and their political representatives who can make permanent legal change instead of corporations who will always gauge consumers right up to the line of legally able to do so and where change from them last 3 days (of understaffed abilities) in some sort of desperate promotion to stop the bleeding. We, as proactive citizens, need to focus our energy toward the people who can tame the exploitation that is present in a not-so-free wireless and internet telecom “market”.

  • True hockey fan

    For how much its would cost to cancel my plan, which is a 2 year contract, I might as well pay the 85 for 10 GB and that 85 for 10 is shareable between my husband and I. So its not as easy as that. Believe me, I tried.

  • Up until Freedom changed it, it was $10 for double your data. A lot of people on the original Freedom 10GB plan actually have 20GB for $60. Sucks that they dropped it to 3GB for the same price for newer customers

  • And those who got the $10 add-on before Freedom changed it are paying $60 for 20GB (it used to be $10 for double your data instead of just 3GB, those who still have it ain’t giving that up!)

  • RickysCV

    I’ve always preached buying outright from Apple before, but as I said, I’m saving BIG bucks going with the plan/purchase I got from Freedom Mobile. I’m happy with being ‘locked’ into my plan for 24 months. In two years, I can go to whatever plan/provider I want with the new phones. Unbelievable deal! Coverage has been excellent so far. The iPhone X has been a bear to set up (probably the fault of iOS 11), with some of my apps having not been updated by the developer or pop-ups telling me I need to purchase the app, which I had done over the years. The apps still work on my iPhone 5 so I’m not impressed with that. A trip to an Apple Store is coming up I think.

  • KoodoCustomer

    The plan might not have officially expired at least from Koodo. I messaged them on Facebook because I couldn’t get through on the phone and on Friday I got a message back from them apologizing and asking me to fill out a form to supposedly get in on the deal, after it had expired.
    I am still waiting for a reply but because of the weekend, Christmas and Boxing days, it probably won’t happen until later this week. It seems to me that Koodo at least is still offering the deal.

  • Cp

    You sound very optimistic, but I don’t believe your rant…

  • DD

    Anyone who sign up with BELL on the 10GIG plan during the Promo period got SCAM like me??
    They sign me up for it and later tell me they didn’t sign me up for that Plan, and that PLAN is not available now. Put me on a lower data plan. I was on Koodo 10GIG plan and switch over to Bell since I like their National coverage more. After they port my plan over during the PROMO period from Koodo, told me the plan will show up on my account in 72 hours. After the promo period was over. They told me they Didn’t sign me up for that plan and put me on a lower plan. BELL’S customer Service Dept. said I can’t get that PLAN anymore. Bunch of SCAM ARTIST!!! DO NOT SIGN UP to their network. THEY ARE SCAMMER!!! Tell you they match the PLAN and once you are on board THEY SCREW YOU OVER !!!! I am one of them.