Consumer Reports Rates Canadian Wireless Carriers, Rogers & Bell In Last Place


In the January 2011 issue of Consumer Reports, the group provides a solid analysis of different mobile phones and wireless carriers. While most of the ratings are US-based, they did also compile a Canadian wireless carrier list.

The Consumer Reports ratings on the Canadian wireless carriers are based on 12,317 Canadian responses, which includes a combination of prepaid and postpaid customers. The rating categories are overall value, services such as voice, texting, data and consumer support such as phone, online, staff knowledge and issues resolved.

The results, marked out of 100 points, are seen below:

  • SaskTel came in first with an overall reader satisfaction rate of 71 points.
  • Virgin came in second place with 69 points.
  • Fido came in third with 62 points.
  • Telus came in fourth with 61 points.
  • MTS came in fifth with 59 points.
  • Rogers and Bell tied for last place with 57 points.
Image Credit: MobileSyrup

Interestingly, looking at overall value however, SaskTel and Virgin again came in tied for first place and Rogers and Bell, again, came in tied for last.

It is also note worthy to point out that none of the new entrants (WIND, Mobilicity, etc) are listed on the poll.

So what do you think of the results? Do you agree?

[Consumer Reports]


  • Mouss12

    Ratings like these are so subjective. I had huge problem with Rogers, but now love Bell. Other have had issues with Bell and are loving Rogers (and so on). As long as you are happy with your phone and plan then all is good. If not: CHANGE.

  • Lonnieg3

    Essentially FIDO is ROGERS, so it’s kind off redudant to rate them twice.

  • S3c0nd4ry

    You are an absolute idiot Lonnieg.

    Best Buy owns Future Shop. Does that mean they are the same company? No you goof. They still compete with eachother.

    Fido and Rogers contract out different people to do their customer service. They are not all in that call center. Again, your dumb.

    I think I am going to castrate myself, I dont want to have any kids growing up in a world populated by stupid duche bags like yourself.

    Get your info straight before you complain.

  • Wipdeedoo2

    Please do castrate yourself. The previous poster is right. Network is the same, pricing and marketing established by the same people, network engineering, and installation performed by the same people. Perhaps a different idiot answering the phone, but all managed by the same people using similar practices.

    Get your shot right before you comment and belittle someone else.

  • dave

    This is so ridiculius, Consumer Reports is so out to lunch on so many of it’s Reports. How did they score each carrier? Did they send out researchers to stores or kiosks and secret shop them? Did they randomly call centres? It does not seem very scientific and could very much depend on the simple person you talk to that day. Is it just based on who complains to consumer reports? Because that pool of people would be to relatively small to actually rate.

    You want a real review of the companies, ask your friends and family about who they use and their experiences. Go and ask sales people at teh various stores, and call in to their call centres yourself. Don’t trust Consumer Reports, its a 3 year contract, dont take their advice.

  • S3c0nd4ry


    Would you consider Bell and Telus the same company? They share phone warehouses, phone service centers, Towers (Exact same reception/coverage)and manufacturers. Just because a company shares or contracts out their own services to other small subsidiaries, doesn’t mean they are the same company. Ultimately it’s the customer service that makes a company, and that is always the variable, the people that make up the organization and the organizations goals.

    The Futureshop and Bestbuy example; if you worked at either, you’d know that the “marketing established by the same people, network engineering, and installation performed by the same people” applies right down to the contractors they get to set up for services like Bell TV. Yet they are TWO COMPLETLEY DIFFERENT Corporate Entities and thus COMPANIES. If they weren’t why would BestBuy price match Futureshop and vice versa? Do you think that the CEO of Futureshop is the same person as Best Buy? No. Tell me the last time you have seen a commercial or ad with both Futureshop and BestBuy advertising together? What about Rogers and Fido? What about Bell, Solo, and Virgin?

    Another example for you “Wipdeedoo2”, Save on food, buy low food, g+h, overwaitea are all owned by Jim Pattison. It is collectively called the Overwaitea Foods Group. Do you think they don’t price match each other and compete with each other? Do they advertise together? Are they the same prices?

    I can’t believe how dumb you are to respond like that. lol. You made my day. After i thought there couldn’t be a more stupid statement from lonnieg3, you proved me wrong.

    Good day.

  • Zeke2d

    It’s kinda amazing how different people are on the internet and in real life, respect goes out the window on forums and such, and why? Because people can flame and troll on the internet without consequence or anything bad happening to them. Read your post over, would you call people you didn’t know “dumb” if you were talking to them face to face? If you want respect, you have to earn it, and you have not earned my respect, maybe what you said is true, I don’t know, but the fact remains that you probably don’t act this way in real life. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

    “You are an absolute idiot Lonnieg.”
    …he says one fact that isn’t true and that’s what you say to him? What is this world coming to…

  • Mattg

    No need to be an internet tough guy/jerk S3c0nd4ry. If you’re going to call someone and idiot,jerk and goof at least know the difference between “your” and “you’re” you ignorant fool.

  • Dom

    Well, it’s called Market Capitalization. We seem to have tons of choices in cell companies, when really, we dont have much. Yes, they may be a different company but trust me, before they come out with something, they DO talk amongst themselves. Why do you think they have such different packages…. Oh! you get a good price for this package, but cant have it with this phone… Go to our sister compa… hrmpff I meant our competitor! They offer it! C’mon people, stop being bad and simply realize that if it seems too good to be true, IT IS too good to be true! I love you all… as long as we dont meet! 😉

  • rickfromeastcoast

    So is the 14 point difference between first and last in Canada meaningful? How meaningful? Do we know the criteria? The sample size?

  • doc0311

    RELAX S3c0nd4ry!!!!! How can you get so irrate and write such ignorant things about someone simply making a comment. Saying that you want to castrate yourself so that you don’t have kids growing up in a world populated by stupid duche bags is, in a word, Ridiculous. On the other hand maybe the world would benefit from hot heads like you not reproducing in it. CHILL OUT!!!!!

  • Guest

    Big surprise, we have been getting screwed over by all of them for way to long. Try comparing the same packages to any other country in the world.

  • Awesome.

    wow calm down.. pick up a dictionary why dontcha..
    your’e* douche*

  • Awesome.. kinda.

    you’re**** [my bad xD]

  • Awesome.

    everyone i know hates bell and rogers.. seems legit to me. a few people have switched over to virgin or wind. and im swtiching over to virgin next week, what a coincedence.

  • Xramca

    “They still compete with eachother.”
    I am sorry to say “no you goof”! Get a life in real world!

  • Darrin Mcmillan

    Actually he is right. I worked for BestBuy corporate and they are the same company as Future shop, just a bit of a different sales strat…When everything was all said and done at the end of the year all the money was going in the exact same place.

  • Atul Thapars

    in canada we need more competation , these all are just like mafia in wireless carriers. Please help consumer dont let Canada become U.S . Where business people control the politicans.