Fido iPhone X Pre-Orders Launch in Canada


Last week, we let you know Rogers’ flanker brand Fido had announced they would be launching iPhone X pre-orders, and they kicked off today as promised.

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Customers just need to visit and click on ‘Reserve’ when you see the featured iPhone X story.

Fido customers will also be able to make pre-orders at their partners Best Buy (although the website hasn’t been updated but you should try in-store), and Apple will be able to handle Fido iPhone X contracts as well starting Friday.

Originally, Fido had told customers they would not be carrying iPhone X at launch, a move which confused some since rival brands Koodo and Virgin were carrying the device, but as of today that is no longer an issue.

Let us know if you made a Fido iPhone X reservation today.


  • Zain L

    made a reservation, number 29

  • Arvind Bala

    Reserved a 256 GB silver – position in line – 12

  • Cornfed710

    Definetly good for Fido customers.

  • Ian Geoffrey Minton

    Glad to hear I can upgrade at my reservation time on Friday with Apple!

  • af

    256GB silver Position 1, up from 2

  • Arvind Bala

    Did your position move up in the last few hours? Is it still showing Open or In progress? Thanks.

  • DP

    I was in position 19 for the same phone, but moved to 18 shortly after 7am ET. I guess someone changed their mind. I’m still 18 tonight. Although how many days/weeks wait that is, who knows. I’d imagine the first few dozen at least will get done at the same time whenever Fido gets their stock now that they decided to offer the iPhone X and not loose customers over it.

  • Arvind Bala

    I have a feeling that Fido will not have any iphone X’s tomorrow. It might take us a few weeks.

  • Hosaka

    Position 21 for a 256GB model but I may have to cancel it.

    Can’t get a 2-year agreement with it unless I change my plan to one of their more expensive (and less favourable) plans. Pretty ridiculous to pay an extra $62 a month for 4GB more data that I don’t really need for 24 months when I could use that money to buy the phone outright and keep my phone plan flexible as it is.

    Or switch to one of their other Large plans with similar pricing to what I’m paying now but with 2GB less data and get the phone under the agreement pricing. This would mean I’ll be stuck with this plan until Fido offers something better later in the future or I switch to another carrier like Freedom Mobile. And I lose out of my grandfathered 6GB/$35 plan that I’ve had since the release of iPhone 3G.

    Any thoughts?

  • Bradley Smith

    For those who put in a reservation with Fido yesterday morning (like myself, whose Apple order placed at 12:05am on pre-order day got the Nov 21-28 window)… So far no movement or indication that ours are shipping anytime soon, even though I’m in the 19th slot in line for the Silver 256 model across Canada.

    My guess is that Fido doesn’t actually have any phones lined up for launch, considering up until less than a week ago they were still telling everyone that they had no plans to carry the phone. So the odds of them somehow obtaining a whole bunch of phones for launch or even shortly after are pretty slim, unless Rogers let them have some of their allotment. So I’m not terribly optimistic.

    Any movement on Fido for anyone else?

  • DP

    I’m #18 for the same model 🙂 We’re iPhone X neighbours.

    Unfortunately, it could be a few weeks before this starts moving. Same thing happend with iPhone 7 Plus, but this is even worse cause they didn’t even decide to carry the phone until so late in the game. The logistics of shipping stock to them probably take time to work out since other carriers would have had that lined up weeks ago.

  • JR

    Position in line #2 for Silver, 256. Status still OPEN as of now.

  • kelvin417

    You people are all behind me – #2 (Gray 256G) and #13 (Silver 256G). And both status still show OPEN. Nothing has been changed since I made the reservation. Don’t think it’s coming anytime soon. But still finger-crossed waiting for the last hope.

  • Joe

    I’m 6 for 64greyX. Havent moved since. Lets keep this thread updated.

  • Hosaka

    My position has been bumped up to #16. Either a lot of people cancelled their reservations or Fido is shipping iPhone Xs little by little.

  • jghod

    Any news/updates?
    I started at #215 when I reserved at noon on November 2nd and have been slowly dropping. Now at #166. Are the 49 all people who cancelled their reservations are have there been shipments?

  • jghod

    Update: My status is now “IN PROGRESS”.

  • Hosaka

    My phone has been shipped according to a recent text message from Rogers/Fido. Got a tracking number in my email from them.

  • jghod

    Same here, but the tracking number is not working yet on the UPS website.

  • Hosaka

    When I got my tracking number last night, it said “Shipment Info Received: Ready for UPS”

    This morning (about an hour ago), the tracking states it’ll arrive sometime tomorrow.

  • jghod

    Strange. I am still seeing the following error when I try to track it: “UPS could not locate the shipment details for your request. Please verify your information and try again later.”

  • Hosaka

    Picked up the phone today. Got a phone call from my local Fido store at about 2:30pm PT that it was ready for pick up.

    EDIT: My UPS tracking number still shows the delivery date for tomorrow (Friday) though. Either it hasn’t been updated since initial shipment or the driver forgot to scan the parcels at the store.