Fido Promo: $50 Plan with 5GB Data by Mentioning ‘Freedom Mobile’ is Back


Last month, Fido launched a $50 plan with 5GB data to match Shaw’s Freedom Mobile, and it looks like the promo has returned again. Here’s what’s included with the plan, which is known as a “win back offer”:

$50/month with 5GB Data

  • Mini Voicemail
  • Call Display
  • Unlimited text, picture and video messages from Canada to Canadian, US and International wireless number
  • Canada-wide long distance calls
  • Circle Calling
  • Call Waiting
  • Unlimited Canada-wide minutes

Right now, Freedom Mobile has a “double your data” promo plan, offering 3GB data plus a 3GB bonus (6GB LTE speeds), for $35 per month and unlimited Canada/USA talking and texting. The plan jumps back to $45 per month after ten months.

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All you have to do to get this is mention Freedom Mobile to a Fido customer service rep on the phone or chat, and you should be offered this plan. The plan is available to new or existing customers. It does not include Fido Roam.

Let us know if you’re going to try and get this.

[via RFD]


  • khiladi420

    is this valid in edmonton?

  • Yes, should be. call in or chat

  • Jamie

    Just tried in vancouver. They mentioned the deal initially, then reading further she claimed you need to be an existing fido customer for a minimum 3 months

  • iFone

    Gary – is this for new customers too?

  • SF1234

    Just got mine changed. I was on the fido roam plan with 4Gb for $65. Thank you for letting us know!

  • Mark S

    this promo has never been for new customers. all the the threads on RFD and HOFO say it’s for existing customer for at least 3 months. sometimes you get it without them checking the 3 months things but never heard about it for a new customer. maybe thats changed ?

  • George

    My girlfriend has been a Chatr customer for a year and a half. Would she qualify?

  • S

    Fido is insisting that existing customers pay out the subsidy on existing phones before they will allow this plan switch.

  • Cheers!

  • wongnog

    Wow good deal, I really hope rogers will come up with something similar, or match either fido or freedom

  • Mark

    I’ve been with fido for 10 years, still on their original iPhone 3G plan 6gb/30 but today I switched.

    Thanks Gary!

  • Whoa, classic plan! Nice switch, cheers 🙂

  • Amtoine Grant

    Rogers already did since they owns Fido.

  • Renegader

    Any matching by Virgin?

  • John (Victoria, BC)

    Just called and changed from $40/2Gb to this plan. Thank you very much!

  • Cheers John!

  • Inderjeet Singh

    I just walked into Fido store at 5140 young street and the representative told me it has never happened and they have no such plan

  • Inderjeet Singh

    I just called Fido and the also confirmed there is no such plan for $50

  • SkipinFL

    Just took advantage of this! I was over my 3GB plan. Many thanks.

  • Nice 🙂

  • John

    They do, and I just switched.

  • John

    Also, i think this is for the West coast because freedom mobile is owned by Shaw and Shaw doesn’t operate in Ontario, even though freedom mobile does.

  • Inderjeet Singh

    Please help me how

  • Inderjeet Singh

    I just called Fido customer support and again they confirmed there is no such plan offered by them

  • Inderjeet Singh

    Can any one help me which telephone number I have to call

  • Inderjeet Singh

    Which telephone number I have to call. I called Fido customer service twice but they confirmed that there is no such plan

  • Inderjeet, try talking to Fido chat online or FB Messenger. You need to mention ‘freedom mobile’ and the latter’s rival offering. If a phone rep doesn’t know about the plan, hang up and call back to speak with someone else. Be persistent, good luck!

  • wongnog

    That doesn’t mean the same thing. Fido can offer promos that Rogers refuses to match. I haven’t heard of any deals from Rogers that comes close to what they’re offering Fido customers

  • Dylan

    Just tried to get this plan on a new activation and was told this is for existing customers only…no new line activations…stuck with freedom it is…

  • Samano

    I’m currently with freedom .. can I bring my own phone and get this plan from Fido?

  • Samano

    with freedom .. can I bring my own phone and get this plan from Fido?

  • Samano

    Damn that sucks .. might be to wait for boxing day

  • Samano

    Any luck on the number

  • Farzooq Sayed

    I’m sorry but did you get the $50 plan or did they offer a $35 plan? I’m offered the $50 5gb plan via FB chat just want to make sure there is or not a $35-45 6gb plan

  • The $50/5GB is the one you want. There is no $35/$45/6GB, that’s what Freedom’s offering.

  • Josef Izchaki

    Only for new customers unfortunately/………..

  • Ani

    Tried in Calgary and was told that I have to be an existing customer for minimum 6 months. I’m almost at 6 months with Fido, but not quite. The rep seems to be aware of the plan (as he didn’t deny it), but said that Freedom Mobile’s network doesn’t cover the address of my area.

  • Matt Reitzel

    I’m not with fido, nor have I ever been. I spoke to someone on the phone and apparently they do not offer this plan to non fido customers. Any suggestions?

  • Frank Karabotsos

    Tried today. They offered $50/3GB, so the deal is probably dead.

  • arman a

    Today, Apr 7, I called them. this is still offered for current fido customers who are thinking of moving to freedom mobile. I changed my previous plan to this and added a new line!

  • arman a

    argh, spoke too soon, they expired march 31st.

  • JiulP

    Is this plan for present customers all over Canada or only for new ones?