Fido Retention Plans of $55/6GB, $75/10GB Being Offered to Some Customers


Fido appears to be offering a couple decent retention plans for customers, which customers in B.C., Alberta and Ontario have been able to successfully get.

The plans available are a $55 Fido Pulse 6GB BYOP (bring your own phone) and $75 Fido Pulse 10GB BYOP plan, which include the following features:

  • Unlimited Canada calling
  • Unlimited text, picture and video messages from Canada to Canadian, US and international numbers
  • Call Display
  • Call Waitin
  • Circle Calling
  • Mini Voicemail
  • 5 free hours of data (1 hour, 5 times per billing cycle) with Data Bytes
  • Fido Roam
  • Compatible with Spotify Premium offers
  • Data overages: $7/100MB or $70/GB
The savings on these retention plans work out to $30 per month, so effectively that’s $360 per year, if you can get it.

Some were able to get an additional 1000 international long distance minutes on top of these plans. Do note data overages are at the new Rogers rate quietly released last month, and was extended to Fido in early August.

Users on RFD have been able to confirm they were able to call in or chat with reps to get this retention plan, but persistence and patience will be required.

So your job now is to contact Fido and ask to speak to the retentions department, to see if you can jump onto one of these plans. Let us know if you’re successful!


  • sf1234

    I chatted with two different reps at Fido. They both said ‘your account has to be targeted for you to get this plan. otherwise we cannot give you this plan.’
    Does anyone here know how to work around this?

  • Yes. Ask to speak to a supervisor (you’ll need to spend a lot of time on hold, so multitask to do something with your time while waiting.)

  • dbusguy

    Tried twice and both times told my line is not targeted and I’m not eligible.

  • Elaine Leung

    Tried calling a couple of times, but the line cuts off. Trying to do online chat right now

  • Elaine Leung

    Was able to change it via LiveChat. Previously had the $40 for 4GB plan, but i always go over. hahaha

  • wongnog

    Any chance that rogers will match this retention offer?

  • Vince

    Best I could do was get 6GB Pulse plan (no contract) for $65. They would not give me the 1000 international long distance minutes. I had 4GB for $65 previously. I was persistent and patient. Was on the phone for 45 minutes

  • winnertakesteve

    I’ve already got a 6gb plan grandfathered from 2011. what is killing me are these $70/gb overage charges. most of the time 6gb is plenty, but every now and then circumstances arise where I have heavy usage and the overage rate is ridiculous. 🙁

  • Woody

    Does anyone know if the mini voicemail can be upgraded?

  • Gyarados

    I got the plan successfully within 5 minutes (from the $40/4GB plan). A very happy customer!!

  • Yahoo!

  • Google!