iPhone 4 Launch Overview: Rogers Systems Fail Again!


The iPhone 4 launch was a huge success depending on how you acquired your iPhone. For those that purchased outright unlocked units from Apple Stores, your transaction was completed in a matter of minutes (including those that ordered online). I entered the Apple Store in Vancouver at 7:30am (after waiting in line all night) and I was out the door with my unlocked unit 10 minutes later. I noticed employees were only plucking “device only” people out of the line up–and people looking to upgrade with Rogers were at a standstill.

For those that were upgrading/activating through Rogers, your dreams of an iPhone 4 probably turned into a nightmare. Why? Because history likes to repeat itself when it comes to Rogers, and for the third iPhone launch in a row their systems crumbled like a deck of cards. Just like the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS launch, the systems went down coast to coast and caused many hours of waiting for customers. I feel bad that I couldn’t be a part of that waiting this time around.

Not only did the systems go down on launch day, but I was inundated with emails about how the Rogers iPhone 4 sign up page did not send any emails to notify customers about plans. People relied on to help them with their iPhone 4 launch preparations instead of the websites of the Big 3. Funny how that works, eh?

On a side note, I’d like to give credit to @RogersMiranda for personally contacting me to help solve a customer’s concern that was voiced in the comments on our blog. Well done Miranda!

How did your Rogers/Bell/Telus launch go? Were you one of the lucky ones to activate when systems were still up? Sound off in the comments!


  • Fraze

    Buying the iPhone from Fido was easy- transfering service to the microSIM card took 6 hours!

  • JumpinJim

    For those of us planning and upgrade through Rogers the most annoying this is we can't order online on the Rogers site. What is the deal with that! That would have saved so many people such anger. Yes it would mean not having the phone right way but I wouldn't have minded waiting for it to be delivered.

  • Mike

    I went to the local mall to get my iPhone 4 on Friday, from Telus. I was actually switching away from Rogers to do so. I walked past the Rogers outlet, there's this huge line. Nobody at Bell across the hall. I thought “Suckers, lining up to sign a contract with Satan.” then got to Telus where they had plenty of stock and I was in and out in about 10 minutes. Was a wonderful experience. Transferring my old number from Rogers to Telus was not, as Rogers screwed it up royally, effectively justifying my decision to switch, and Telus fixed everything up.

  • Franklin

    I would call the iPhone 4 launch a huge failure. I know in my city we barely received any iPhones. I dare say the total in the entire city was close to 100 in total. Literally 1000's of people lining up at all carriers, yet hardly any stock at all. Rogers themselves had less than 20.

    The problem with this is that these carriers need to get their act straight fast because the free case is only until the end of September. With they only get 100 per shipment to the entire city, a lot of people are going to be unhappy.

  • lello91

    Switching from rogers to telus will be your new regret. Good luck tho

  • Mike

    Can't be any worse than the regret I had not long after I switched away from Telus to Rogers in the first place, for the iPhone 3G.

  • Bdobson

    Yeah, I switched away from Telus for many different reasons. None of which I have yet to run into with Rogers.

  • Lined up at 5am, was 70th in line. Mall opened up at 7am Finally got into the store at 3PM (!!!) and left the store with two phones @ 4. Activation didn't take 'til 8pm. Rogers dropped the ball big time but to play devil's advocate we can pretty much agree that they were hammered with an unpredictable amount of requests nation wide. Of the “big 3”, Rogers is the only one at is truly nation wide (no bell or Telus activations here in Manitoba) so I'm sure they had more numbers to deal with. That said, that is two years in a row that they have been unprepared (I give the first year grace as it would have been difficult to predict how busy the first launch would have been) and if the next qualify-able launch has Telus or anyone else in the running, I would consider switching to save my time in line. 10 hours in line is a lot to be overcharged for a monthly contract.

  • Yuriy

    I love rogers! They are the best carrier, PIRIOD!!! My plan is: 6g of date 300 minutes 6 pm early evenings and weekends free, unlimited incoming, Rogers to rogers free, Voice mail, 2500 txt, caller id for below $50 a month! My rogers experience is amazing, they screwed up ones in 5 years but it took me 20 min. to get them to fix it and give me 10 of my bill for 2 years.

  • BC

    yea i got screwed out of getting an iPhone 4 all together… really reallly really fustrated about it..ive been looking for one for the past 2 days..i waited in line all night and i got to the counter and they wouldn't give me an iphone for the promotional pricing even tho i bought my 3GS on LAUNCH DAY and 3G on LAUNCH DAY .. and have consistantly payed more than 100$/month.. i was considering cancelling my contract and paying 400$ then starting on telus.. as they are the carrier i've had the least problems with…bell i have to go through for my DSL .. i use TekSavvy.. but they use the bell lines..and everyone else on bell sucks..people only complain about rogers and now after 2 years of being on rogers i DEFINATLY know why….they're customer service does suck.

  • Lined up at a Rogers for 1:30 hours and was 4th in line only to find out my store didn't even have a 32GB model in stock :-(. Now I'm stuck waiting for a few weeks.

  • Mike

    Rogers? Nationwide? You've never been to Newfoundland.


    Lol u so mad.

  • Turtle

    rogers has kinda bad customer service, telus has NO customer service. rogers kinda tries to give you a cheap-ish deal, telus only does if everyone else did too. (6gb plan for example)

  • Meg

    I had a great experience with Bell. My only complaint would be for people who were upgrading (I was doing a new activation), because the Bell store I was at, had a pre-determined waiting list that people didn't even know about and they weren't doing upgrades on launch…only new activations or the people on the waiting list. I am really really glad that I went in the day before and the guy there put one aside for me. I was the first person to get it at that location. However, I think the plans on Telus might be better. Oh well…got mine on launch, didn't have to wait all night…so all in all, very happy 🙂

  • Thien

    I have rogers an F- because they only had about 10 phones in stock, the line up was stupid and going nowhere and they should have planned this out. You really think they would learn from the last 2 iPhone launch days.

  • Whiterhino14

    We drove 5 hours to get to the West Ed Mall. Rumours in my town said noting was coming in . Got in line up with 70 head of us at 4:30 am made it to the front of the line at 9:00 and thats when Rogers and Fido shut down. They pulled 50 people out behind us who were with Telus, Bell or buying an unlocked phone. This went on for an hour plus so I didn't get in till 10:00 am. Rogers went up and went down again in 2 min. I spent from 10-11 in front of a blank screen with an apple guy. I got tired of waiting so I just bought my IPhone 4 32GB unlocked, and that took 5 minutes. I'm really glad I bought it unlocked. I got home and sold my 3GS for $300 bucks and my 3G for $200 bucks and I didn't have extend my contract. In my option i came out way ahead. LOOOOOOOVE my new IPhone 4

  • Tim


  • dustin1007

    Telus is the worst of the worst. For clear reasons which led me to leave them after 7 years of service on Friday. Wasn't getting a phone from Rogers as they only has 11 phones but I was very lucky to get one of 2 iPhones Virgin mobile received. 😀

  • Yuriy

    lol. Why didn't u check online first? I don't know why all you people complain about rogers. My family is with them for more then 5 years and we had great experience i got 3 iphone 4's on a lunch date being 5th in line 2 hours before store opened there were 32 phones: 7-32g and 25-16g Calgary SW

  • Shawn

    While my experience in getting my iPhone 4 was delayed because of Rogers and their total ineptness at making sure their system could handle the load that was about to be placed on it, I must say that the Apple store did a fabulous job (all things considered). I have never seen a manager so apologetic for something that he could not control. And, as much as it sucked leaving the store with a slip of paper instead of the phone I waited around for 6 hours for, the fact that Apple guaranteed your phone upon return was a tremendous relief. To sum it all up, kudos to the Apple store and it's staff, massive fail for Rogers.

  • ddisoul

    i gave rogers an A+ cause as soon as the eligibility program was online it gave me the rigth price and since i was second in line at laval apple store i got my iphone4 activated before it crashes and burn . they only down side of the launch for me is that i was stuck with a noob for my purchase at the apple store…never activated and iphone before i had to tell him what to do …come on now … scanning a little card he had in is pocket for the serial number of the phone…lol…and thnaks to you for keeping canadians informed as soon as u did…A++++++++++

  • jackal190

    Anyone know when the next shipment of phones will come in to Rogers?

  • Shierkahn

    I waited from 4am till 10:30 for the rogers store I was at to recieve their shipment. when it finally came, they had all of one 16 gig iPhone. I was in line for the 32. So stupid considering the store across the street got 15 iPhones. Time to wait for the next shipment.

  • Shmolsen

    I had to wait in line in Edmonton for 8 hours just to but an unlocked phone. They should have had 2 separate lines or something…..

  • Whiterhino14

    All the providers suck. If you look through these post you will see a 1000 plus comments telling us why Rogers, Telus and Bell suck big time. I just plan to keep buying unlocked phones till I'm out of my contact and then make them want my business. If anyone ticks me off I''m just gonna move along to the next one. I don't know if we understand what kind of impact that buying unlocked, commitment free phones is going to have on our market.
    I believe this is going to be the change that will make the big three wake up. ( over time ) If no one was in a contract we would have the power to choose for a change. That's gonna make all the difference.

  • montymon

    Apple Store in Ottawa was really good. They did raise some complaints when Rogers/Fido systems were down because they only had one line for everybody, but they had great people dealing with the crowd and it went as smoothly as they could make it go. I ended up after 8 hours of waiting with two slips to get my phones at another time after four straight attempts to process one upgrade failed. I went back Saturday and was served immediately without waiting and both phones were operational within about 20 minutes.

    After three launch dates in a row of server problems, Rogers gets an F. Even if it's only one day a year, it should be fixed.

  • Josh

    As I was buying it outright, I got plucked out of line at Yorkdale just before noon. Got home and used the Rogers online tool to transfer the SIM. It took about 45 minutes or so, but then it came up and all was good. BUT, even though that worked for me, I was in the minority. I give them an F for holding up thousands of people across the country, and more importantly, for making the same mistakes THREE STRAIGHT YEARS. You'd think at this point, they'd know how to handle an iPhone launch. How have they not learned from the past?

  • Calgaryboi

    Anyone know if Rogers is going to compensate and “offer” their customers any kind of incentive deal??? Inquiring minds want to know…..

  • Prailor

    the part about relying on iphoneincanada was right
    i had signed up to be notified by rogers, but heard nothing

  • I was lucky to be second in line at a Rogers Plus in Etobicoke and I was in and out within 15 minutes. 🙂 I know people after me who were in line experienced problems. I knew this would happen, that's why I came early (6am).

  • Jnwinto

    they did….kind of. I inquired about buying one outright and then they took me right to the front…20 min, and out the door i went. Rogers system was down initially when i went on my computer to change sim #'s, but i refreshed and it worked within 5 minutes. personally i couldn't have been happier with my outcome, but i can understand the pain and fury upgraders felt.

  • Travis

    My Experience with Bell was amazing! I walked into Pickering Town Centre around 4:30pm on the 30th. I proceeded to the desk (no other customers were in there) and asked if they had any 32gb models left, they said yes, I walked out 20min later with my new iPhone. There were no slow downs, hang-ups, or problems at all! The data plan did take about an hour to start working, but other than that I'm really happy and I love the phone!

  • Guest

    Don mills and steeles (Toronto) Rogers store is the absolute worst store in the GTA. The stupid peasants that work there think they are gods gift because they work at a Rogers store. They let people wait HOURS and wouldn't inform anyone of how many phone they had until people started getting really angry. Finally after calling Rogers head office, the peasant told us he only had 4 phones left (2 customers were inside getting theirs already). But in general.. I have been to that store and the workers there are cocky for no reason. I went to uptown communications in Richmond hill.. Was greater in line with a bottle of water and after 20 minutes of waiting, was handed a piece of paper to fill out my info. 3 hours later I was called and picked up my phone. That's how you do business!

  • Guest

    Rogers customer service is 1000% better than tells and 1000000% better than bell. I one called bell to place an order for Internet and was placed on hold for over 15 minutes. My gf is locked to telus.. Sometimes my text messages get to her 20-25 minutes after I sent them.. And that's a normal occurrence for her! Sell your 3GS on craigslist for $400.. Upgrade yourself to the iPhone 4.. And stop crying

  • Guest

    Yes they plan on giving you a black dildo for your troubles. What do you think!!????

  • Danreid

    Rogers pulled a real insincere move at least in my city (Halifax) I passed the main downtown store at 7:30AM on my way to work and their were roughly 15 people in line. My long shot hope is that I could grab one on my lunch. I get to the line at roughly 10AM and there are roughly 20 people ahead of me. 40 minutes later , only 3 people have gotten in, most likely to the systems being down. Thats fine and all but the real cruelty was that they would not let the line know how many they had left. So many ended up waiting hours and hours just to get a peek into the store before a Rogers representative came out and said “Sorry, all gone”.

    Luckily I wasn't under a contract with anyone at this point. I tried going to a Telus store whose shipment was late and whoever was at the store when the shipment came would get them but the shipment never came.

    Sad to go home empty handed, I walked by a mall with a tiny Virgin Mobile kiosk and thought it was worth a shot, turns out they had one left. Lucky Me!

  • I went with Rogers here in Ottawa and it went pretty well. maybe 20min in the store. waited in line all night.

  • Michael

    I stood in line Friday morning at a Rogers store for an hour, they only had 15 so I put my name down and left. I went to the Southgate Apple store here in Edmonton at lunch on Friday and there was still over 100+ people in line.

    So I went at 8 AM on Saturday morning, was 10th in line at the Apple store, and got a 32 GB model right away, NO problems with activation at all.

    A friend of mine went this morning to the Apple store in West Edmonton Mall and was in and our in 10 minutes with a 32 GB iPhone, activated it with NO problems.

    Apparently both Apple stores here in Edmonton have lots of stock left, each store had MORE than enough for anyone who wanted one.

  • Burrows

    I got my i4 from rogers, they set me up and basically sent me home with the phone, which pretty much acted as a ipod touch with a camera until about 9:30PM when the SIMS finally switched.

  • Burrows


  • Guest123

    I ordered my iphone online through the apple store itself, it only took a few minutes, set up the billing and shipping addres, and will be here by the 27th.

  • Vazandrew

    Virgin is actually quite decent. The plans are similar to bell since they are owned by them now but CSR's are great and maybe because they are still one of the smaller guys they do things right. I don't have anywhere near the amount of money to buy one outright, a lot of people are in this position and I think that's what the big 3 are counting on. It's unfortunate. Yes, over the 3 year contract you will end up paying more but that's over 3 years not one big chunk. I will however look into it when I have the funds and my contract is up.

  • Vazandrew

    So you switched to Virgin? How do you find them? I've been with them for awhile and love the service. This is my first iPhone and getting it was a breeze, can't say enough things about them.

  • Slightbleeding

    telus is crap. I tried to upgrade and they weren't having any of it. they said I'd have to wait a week or two PLUS pay 150$ upgrade fee. what the crap is that?

  • Vazandrew

    Virgin is better imo

  • Mike

    Lets see…I signed up for info via the Rogers page and was never notified of anything. I relied on this site for ALL information. I made a call the day before to cx service and was assured i could call on launch day and be taken care of. Launch day, the Rogers website barely worked, and when it did it gave me two different HUP charges after two tries. A call to customer service on launch day i was told i couldn't do business over the phone with my own carrier and i had to actually goto a Rogers store, i was also given a different HUP price.

    I can honestly say, this coupled with my previous experiences with Rogers, has made it the most despised of all companies i've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I will NOT buy the iPhone 4, i will wait until my contract is over and i will be going back to Telus.

  • Tylerluke

    I was pleasantly surprised with my experience. I went to the Apple store in Calgary on July 31st and waited in line for 5 hours. I was in and out of the store in under 10 minutes….and I got it at the $159 upgrade fee. I thought it would be a lot more difficult.

  • yvrgal

    Rogers Sucks! Bell has the best customer service. Rogers is outright rude, obnoxious and ridiculous. Sorry but I think you work for Rogers.

  • Irfan Kara06

    Waited in line from 11pm Thursday, got to the front of the line around 1pm Friday and Rogers was down…made us wait there till around 5pm, sent us home…got a voucher, came back saturday morning at 8am, walked out with my phone at 9am. All at the apple store, fairview mall, Toronto ugh

  • Whiterhino14

    Hey Gary Ex, you should add the Apple store to the vote. They were awesome at the west ed. I actually felt like I was a valued customer for a change. The guy that helped me was new and had to ask the other guy's a lot of questions but it was clear that I was still important even with all the chaos. I've never gotten that impression from any of the big three and I've had contracts with them all.

  • Adaisguy

    First I'll say that I have been a satisfied Rogers customers since the CanTel days. I have a great plan and just resign for 3 more years when I do a HUP every 2 years.

    I went to the Apple Store at Southgate, Edmonton at 7am hoping I could get a phone before work but there were about 300 people in line. I went back after work at 4:30 and had 2 new iPhone 4s by 6:20, a 32 gb for me and a 16 gb for my daughter.

    I was able to resign for 3 years and put my daughter on a different student plan. Both were at the promotional rate. I had a 3G since it's launch and my daughter had an old Sony/erikson from 3 years ago.

    For me it was a very successful launch day
    and we both love our new phones.

  • Dr0x

    I waited in line for 3 hours at a Rogers plus store and I couldnt get it because my dad was not there, only me and my mom, and since the account is under my dads name, I could not get it. Im so mad!

  •  Xaroc

    I give Rogers a C on the pole because despite the extream numbers they had to deal with, traffic didn't stop completely, so I need to credit them for that.

  • I got mine at the Rogers Store at Bloor & Jarvis on Launch Morning. They opened the doors at 6 AM for people who lined up overnight. They had a super-smooth system in place, and once the doors were opened, I was in & out, activated, in less than 15 minutes.

    I can't say enough good things about the staff there. Truly excellent.

  • REMO

    I made sure to check my HUP eligbility online and tells me I am good for the 32 gb iPhone 4 @ $269. I get in line at the Apple store here in Winnipeg after work Friday for 6 hours only to have the last activation be the man in front of me. I do how ever get a ticket insuring I have a 32 gb model waiting for me 'til close the next day.

    So the next day (after tearing my calf muscle) I get back in line for another 3 hours (Apple brought a seat out for me) and finally get to inside for my new phone. Everything is going great then my sales rep has a problem come up with the Rogers site. After a heated exchange with the Rogers rep, my Apple rep gets off the phone, tells me I am NOT eligible for the HUP price I was given online.

    Obviously irritated, I get on the phone with Rogers right there in the Apple store with them waiting. All they tell me is their INTERNAL systems say different and I have to wait until November. I am just like how is it the only public info (HUP eligiblity page) you're giving customers is false and the only info I ever got from the Rogers iPhone 4 newsletter I signed up for previous to the day was to not stop calling your sales reps for any info. And you're asking to just understand after wasting all my time waiting in lines and and being put on hold and talking to 9 different reps over 10 hrs.?

    All that Rogers could do for me is “file a case in customer esculations” a expect a call from management Monday morning.

    F*ck Rogers.

  • kabsalsa

    My husband waited at a Rogers store for 5 or 6 hours after it opened to get our iPhones activated due to the system problems. He could have maybe gone home but he didn't want to leave without his phone. Rogers should improve their systems.

  • thesavic

    i got there a 8:30 and was number 13 and cause there was peope who wanted the 32 gig i ended up getting the 16 gig i wanted. but it took 2-3 hours to get through to activate each person so i waited in the store all day till two and still they were only on 7 so i went to work n picked it up the next morning , it was crazy some people slept out there all night. i have been experiancin the death grip though i ordered my otterbox defender case hope it comes through.

  • Guy

    got mine from Virgin, didn't camp out only called a sales guy my dad got his last phone from. Got there, spoke about the plan then he got the shipment in. He did the credit check and ported my number over from Bell. The whole thing took 30 min and I was the first to get one from that particular vendor.

  • MR

    Wow… glad I didn't decide to buy on release day. Sounds like Rogers really needs to get their shit together… that's deplorable.

  • cancuk

    My experience wasn't bad but it wasn't great. I line up at a Rogers dealer in SoCom Edmonton. Got there at about 7:30 14th in line. The Rogers system was down, which most of us in line actually expected. I found it odd that people who were 4th, 5th and very close to the did absolutely no research on their eligibility before lining up. That's not Rogers' fault. If you are willing to get in line 12 hours before launch, you should be smart enough to get the details online.

    So the system was down, but at least the Rogers workers at this location had teh decency to come out and explain to everyone the situation. They took everyone into teh store 4 at a time, took down their info and told them they could leave and they would call them when the phone was active. They had about 20-16gb and 15-32gb. I ended up getting my 2 iP4's at 4pm, 6hrs after I got in line. Very slow by any means but at least they didnt make everyone sit and wait in that crowded store.

    Also I had iPhone 3gs which i received after Launch day, and the other line was upgraded in January of this year and both got the promo pricing.

  • Babyrocky1

    I'm with Rogers and tried to get a phone Friday (8 phones at the location I was at- I was 10th in line 🙁 some people bought 2 grrrr) anyway anyone know when more phones are going to be shipped and when will I have to line up again lol?? I called some rogers stores and they said to call but at the same time sounded annoyed that i was calling to find out lol

  • Mike

    I didn't even get an iPhone. Probably will never be able to get to a store in time to get one. Absolute fail.

  • Guest

    rogers, A+
    lol i had problems activating my sim card took 7 hours and i had to get a new one. $11
    but i got unlimited texting for 10 months and umlimited incoming calls for 1 year. i love you rogers.

  • thatguyoverthere

    What's the cheapest iPhone 4 plan from Rogers? And what does it include?

  • Missing_intellect

    I was ~ 60th in line at the sq1 apple store and when I got in, the rep took me to the middle station at a table. The people to either side of me had been there for 45+ mins trying to get their Rogers phones activated. By some fluke, mine went through on the first try and I was in and out in no more than 10-15 mins. Unfortunately, those people were still sitting there when I was walking out. I could feel their pain, or maybe that was my legs hurting from standing in line so long.

  • Canuckdaneh

    The whole thing was as much a mess as I expected. Nothing available at Rogers on launch AM but at least I found out via corporate department on the phone that I qualify for the promo pricing which was a relief. Got to Toronto late Friday to waited in line at Eaton centre early Saturday am just to be told I'm not even allowed to wait in line since they're only serving the ones from the Friday line that couldn't get processed and they only had enough for them and they were sold out by noon. What the F? Could Apple not have better stocked their main store in Canada's largest city? Honest to god. You hear of other stores in Alberta that are well enough stocked for the entire weekend and we sell out in TO? I was gutted by this nonsense. I must say though that I much prefer the Apple store dealing with the sale/set-up of the phone. I know I will not have the patience to deal with any Rogers store employees. The wait continues I guess 🙁

  • Rogers told me repeatedly over the phone Thursday night I was eligible for upgrade, the website still says I'm eligible to upgrade but refused me Friday morning. I was second in line, and the people ahead and behind me had the same problem. Thanks to Rogers I still don't have an iPhone 4.

  • Rogers in Kanata, Ont was okay. Their store manager didn't kelp much but between the people in line and the sales staff things went fairly smoothly. The biggest hold up in processessing seemed not to be Rogers systems, but the exceptions that required intervention from a CSR at Rogers. One clerk cleared 4 new phones in the first hour, while the others were stuck with the first sale. Once I hit the front of the line, I was out in 15 minutes, after waiting in line for about 2 and a half hours.

  • I guess you only hear from those that had a bad experience, but mine with Rogers was a breeze.

    I went to a Rogers Plus store in Gatineau at 6:20 AM and was 4th in line. They were normally opening at 9:30 but the manager started to take 2 peoples at the time around 8:30. It was about 9 when I went in, the first one in had some issues activating is SIM and left to come back later. The second in line had a bit of an issue but it was because when they activated his phone in the store, itunes pushed the 4.0.1 update and the internet link was very slow.

    When I got my turn I actually profited from a glitch in the Rogers system, on Thursday night a Rogers CSR told me that my upgrade to a 32GB would be $499, when in store it actually turned out to be $269. Because the 2nd guy was still updating his phone I left with mine not activated (but SIM transferred). I was home around 10am, plugged my phone in and activated it myself, took about 10min and I was good to go.

    All in all I can't complain.

  • Chris Johnston10

    The Rogers launch sucked!!! I camped out and was first in line to find out that fedex was late and we had to wait until 12ish for them to come. Then they only had 5 of them and I wanted to upgrade both my lines but they only let me do one upgrade and I am currently the first one on the list for when the next shipment comes

  • you’re right, I haven’t… my apologies.

  • Ksmith

    i don't think rogers is that terrible, however i have been screwed out of a few things, main one was when the xperia x10 came out, i called and talked to 3 different rogers reps and they said i was eligible to upgrade to the x10 for promo pricing, but when i actually went to the store they said i can't upgrade until my upgrade date in september which was total BS, but if you bitch them out enough they can make your plans pretty amazing

  • Taylor

    This happened to me to… I went around 6am to the Fido store at the Pen Center….. While i was at work on Thursday i went to the Fido website to find out i am eligible. Called into Fido and they tell me to follow what the online tool tells me since thats what they use. I get to the Fido store and i am 7th in line with 12 iPhones in stock. Wait 5 Hours and walk up to the counter to find out i am not eligible.. The lady at the desk calls CR and they just tell her what is on her screen… I Leave Empty Handed…

    After 5 Calls to Fido, 3 of which they hung up on me.. All i get from them is why don't you just cancel your contract.

    Still waiting to see if Fido's systems get fixed

  • Tom

    See, this is what I don't get. You say that over the 3 year contract, you will end up paying more. I assume you mean that you will end up paying more than the phone costs outright.

    OK, so if I go with an unlocked phone and then go with, Rogers/Bell/Telus who all have similar rates, I am still paying a similar amount over the 3 years, so other than the flexibility of choosing, what is the cost advantage of buying unlocked? Surely you will end up paying LESS over the 3 year contract, including the initial purchase price.


  • Ksmith

    no man the meadowvale town center rogers store is the worst, they got 3 iphone 4's shipped to their store, but all 3 of them fucking jerk offs came in while i was waiting out the door said they only have 3 in stock and they upgraded their own phones to the iphone 4's, so basically those fuckers took the only stock in their store and used it on themselves, their reason being “because we can”

  • Steve

    I forgot TO is the centre of the universe…

  • p4t4p0uf

    Pfff what do you expect? Rogers website is low as sh*t on day to day basis. Imagine on a launch like the iPhone4. I would have expected they learn from their past experience, but no. Even their system used only by their retail stores are unable to deliver.

    I was unfortunately out last friday. I searched all morning on my iphone the link to order it online trough Rogers customer care to find out the sentence that kills (iphone unavailable through their CS).

    Sucks. this week I'll go to a store and put my name on a freaking waiting list hoping I get one before sept. 30.

    Anyone knows if the Apple stores are doing upgrades or new activations only? Can't seems to find the info online?

  • AppleFly

    I got in the Rogers store at 9:15 got everything set up, they activated at the store opening time 9:30 an dI was gone by 9:40 … All aside, the store I went to only had 19 iPhone 4s and only 3 were 32Gb

  • I went passed the passive line at the apple store and stood for 10 minutes before the virgin kiosk opened up – I'm actually surprised how virgin was mentioned so rarely on this blog as an iphone4 carrier with one of the best lower end plans – but then again – apple doesn't list them as a carrier on their site, and some of the apple store reps didn't seem to realize they were able to activate virgin either.

    I had the chance at 1 of 2 16gb iphones – and with much willpower turned it down. I'm gunning for a 32gb. It seems all the virgin retail stores only got 16gb's probably assuming it was serving the lower end of the market. I ordered a 32gb from virgin online around midnight of the launch – i just hope it ships soon. would love to know if anyone else has the scoop on their online stock/shipments.

  • iPhoneVirgin

    I have no experience on Post Launches(Never had an IPhone 'till I bought a used 3G on Kijiji),

    I for one, have been with Rogers since my Prepaid days of my Z200(Fido) then, to my Planned Krazr, Razr and all Blackberries. Only dealing I did with Telus was buying a new Storm2 to Unlock it and run it on the Rogers' Network.

    My experience: I had the naughty “Activation Required”(Harmless be it) at the top of the screen, Called Telus – basically told to F off, or sign up to clear the message. Called Rogers(Why not, Lol) dude even googled it trying to help me! Call that awesomeness.

    I sold my Retentions plan from Rogers, to aquire the new IPhone4 for eligibility.

    10.00/Month 250 Weekday Mins
    25.00/500Mb Data Plan
    Free Evenings/Weekends after 6pm
    Free My5
    Free 10.00 Value Pack W/ Caller, Name & Voicemail
    After Taxes, credits etc etc, 42.66/Month.

    Now, My plan when I started this BlackBerry Journey just minored under 80.00. Two retention calls throughout my contract and I was down to 42.00 Now THAT is customer service. I was legitimate when I was looking to break the contract for financial reasons, and the rep did everything in her knowledge and power to aid in cutting mine down to half..

    I for one love Rogers and their C/s. Telus, no, Fido(be it owneed by Rogers – NO).

    I think, yes I may pay more a month, yes I will be locked in for 3 years but I think its a trade off for the respect and service I have been given by Rogers throughout my years. I think when I sign up for my first ever IPhone(4) It will be Rogers.

    'Nuff said. 🙂

    **Also, yes I know all people have varied experiences, so take mine with a grain is salt.. Lol.
    Free 2500 text Messages

  • Fallinin

    i agree, back when i had my first phone i had limited texts, i called and asked if i would get a notice if i go over my texts per month, they said yes. a few months later i get my first gf and i got about 300 texts over. they never sent me a notice. then they lied to my mom about her prepaid plan, it was actually a contract she didnt agree to. when she called to complain they said that they tried to call her to tell her, we have caller ID, they never called. somehow even though its owned by rogers fido seems far greater in costumer service. except that they forgot to mention that in order to be applicable for the HUP pricing you needed a previous iPhone so i had to pay full price and agree to a 3 year contract just so i can use my fido dollars

  • Whiterhino14

    I don't know if it saves a person money but consider the longer term. You could sell an unlocked iphone 4 next year for 400-500 bucks providing you took care of it. which works out to be about the same price as getting the iphone with a 3 year contract. the big 3 rely on our lust of the latest apple phone and thats why the past three years we have been able to keep upgrading even after 1 year. This keeps us locked into a contract forever. If all phones were unlocked the competition would actually have to use another tactic like maybe giving us good service ( heaven forbid) and much more competitive rates. like i said before this unlooked option is hugh. Why else would we have the americans driving up here to by one. People want the freedom to choose. I'm stuck in a contract with a gas company here in alberta and I hate them with a passion I'm paying way more but I'm stuck in a contract and have to pay a hugh penalty to get out it . Contracts for anything suck! It's just a way to imprison someone into paying you weather you like the service or not. The contract is made in favor and for the benefit of the company not the customer.

  • Taitofu

    Isn't it obvious. Well not obvious. I believe rogers did it on purpose to earn the same dollars from new existing customers, and grow their customer base. It's corporate warfare, and I don't believe rogers in the past has shown to care about their existing customers.

  • Taitofu

    … I mean in the past has NOT shown to care about their existing customers.

  • Half_Pint

    That’s a lot of date.

  • Half_Pint

    That’s a lot of date.

  • Gpeezee


  • Calliope

    Surprise surprise… Rogers has been nothing but headaches for me. Since I want a 32GB, the site says $740. When I call to Rogers, they say $499 – instore they say I can't get one at all. WTAF? I'm calling them again tomorrow to bitch. I never get anything but inconsistent answers from them.

  • amoemabutt


  • amoemabutt


  • Omegaphi

    I thought I was alone on not getting an iPhone 4 but looks like that's not the case.

    Last year I was the only one in moncton NB camping out on launch day and still got screwed out of the iPhone first because the upgrade server crashed second because my account was not showing I was eligable. Basicaly got my iPhone 7 days l8ter.

    This year decided to show up exactly @ opening time there was a huge line and ofcourse the server was down even though I tweeted your precious Miranda to fo something extra to the server.

    So I decided to walk away from the gong show a together. Now I laugh at those people who have iPhone 4 for torturing themselves. I plan on getting an iPhone a week from now after I sleep in with working servers and a fixed account. Hopefully android will get more apps soon so I can leave apple all together. Question ehh bot produce a month before to make sure of no supply problems? Go android!!!

  • how the hell did you get that? I'm also on rogers.

  • Juan Antonio Perez III

    10:am. In Nanimo. I arrived at a rogers store in a mall. After some confusion…(all staff seemed abit flustered….more work than usual)..Ended up getting a 16g handed to me. I turned it down, I am after the 32g. None left at any of the Kioks at all. Go to Best Buy. I am one of 5 Rogers guys waiting because they only had 1 Rogers iPhone come in and there shipment was apparently on the way…ya right. We waited about 2hrs. Needless to say, I don't have it yet, but they are apparently calling me when the delayed shipment arrives on Tuesday.
    The more i think about, the more attractive the unlocked phone seems. The extra 450 bucks kinda seems like a low price to pay to not have to deal with all this. I have a fairly good plan with Rogers, but, talking to them is painful, the service is not horrible, and depending who talk sometimes it can be an enjoyable experience..BUT, no one really seems to know what is going on, I constantly get different answers from different people. The entire industry is extremely flawed. THE PHONE WE BUY AND THE PLAN WE CHOOSE SHOULD BE 2 DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES ALL TOGETHER. ALL PHONE SHOULD BE UNLOCKED.

  • Sa

    just checked with my friends that work at Rogers. They will have more stocks on Tuesday.

  • I signed up for Rogers, Telus AND Virgin notifications and I didn't get anything from either…

  • Phantom

    I went at 8 am to get iPhone 4 32GB at Rogers dealer (opening at 9 am) and there was no line. Come to find out that they only had 5 phones and at 7 am there was a lineup of 8 people. All those were gone before I got there and the dealer was nice enough to open the doors so people didn't have to wait to find out they didn't have enough for everyone. They were offering to take names for call backs when next shipment came in. I opted not to leave my name and try and find a device elsewhere.

    I then went to Future Shop around 8:40 am and they didn't open until 9:30 am. I was the 5th person in line. Lineup started at 5 am with all the 4 other people getting there before 6 am. Was happy to see there was only 4th a head of me. They opened a little early and took 2 people in at a time until the store opened at 9:30 am. It ended up they only have 7 phones total. 3x16GB Telus, 2x16GB Rogers, and 2x32GB Bell. As I was a new activation I had my pick. When I was up to get my phone I had 2 Telus, 0 Rogers, and 1 Bell phone. Since I wanted a 32GB I was stuck with Bell or go to the other Rogers store opening at 10 am. I took the Bell. Not doing much of any research on the other providers I have come to find out that the Bell network is what I should have chosen all along. I do have every other service with Rogers (cable, internet, home and cell phone) I would have gone Rogers but Bell's 3G coverage looks better then Rogers total call coverage.

    I am glad I got my iPhone 4 but really didn't need to get it ASAP. Just worked I was off that day and though why not try. Very, very glad to have a Bell phone.

  • Kolewan12

    I gave Telus a C however it was really a F- turned into a A+. I went to my local telus store and was waiting for them to open. The doors were locked as i had figured since i was 15 mins early and didn't really give any thought to it. So i went and sat in my car. Then a couple mins before they were supposed to open then opened the doors, which excited me. I walked in to see there were already people in there! quite a few at that. They had been selling them to their friends before hours and I asked for the 16 gb model and they ONLY had 32gbs even though i was the first actual customer to walk through on their opening day! So I walked out being so angry after having a strong word with the lady at the desk. I left and went to the one about 5 mins away. It was close for about another 30 mins. I was standing there and the manager had come outside and since i was the only one there she was chatting with me and I explained to her my situation. She sympathized and was extremely upset by their neighbouring stores actions and put two aside for me and my friend! This made me happy and then my friend and I went over to tim horton's and we sat down for some coffee until it the telus store opened. Now I am still upset about the first telus store I visited but the other store did everything they could have to make it better. Good on you Spruce Grove Telus Store!

  • Half_Pint

    Telus is the only one (besides Apple) that emailed me on launch day.

  • Frenk

    Rogers is crap – can't get service at my house in the middle of the city. I can get service with Telus though. No problem. Waiting for my company to get my iphone 4 in. Very excited.

  • warpdrive

    Two telus stores where I live in a city of 18000. Had a 16gb reserved at one for the wife. After I grabbed that I went to the other store and snagged a 32gb for myself. Only 3 people in line! Entire city only got 20 phones in and I got 2!!! Luckiest I've ever been on launch day as when I was with Rogers I'd have to order on launch day over the phone and wait 3 days.

  • Matt

    They have to screw up ones apparently.

  • Matt

    They have to screw up ones apparently.

  • rebeld

    Almost the same thing happened to me. After standing in line for 12 hours and waiting on hold in the store for another hour and a half the Rogers CSR on the phone told us that I would be paying $499 for a 32GB phone and that there was NO serial upgrader discount available. However, after we read him the content from the redboard blog post he disappeared to check with his manager and when he came back he was highly apologetic and agreed that yes, I actually did qualify, and my cost was $269 for the 32GB phone. Ah, fun times.

  • Jimmy

    Tuesday August 3rd? And what city is the Rogers that your friends work at located?

  • Unlisted

    Ordered mine from Fido custumer retention service last friday and it was pretty easy, even if it was said that phones would only be available through Fido stores and official retailers… I was even able to cut around 20$ a month to my plan… I'm expecting the delivery in the next few days… Overall, very satidfied!

  • Sa

    North York (toronto)

  • Jimmy

    Do you know if its just that Rogers or other Rogers stores too that are getting more iphones?

  • How did you manage it? What number did you call? What catch phrases/threats did you say to get Fido to relent on their “no iPhone ordering over the phone/internet” policy?

  • Jeepy

    Any new on when Fido (me) and Rogers (my GF) will get a new batch of iPhone 4?

  • L537p

    Here is some inside info from a un named friend who works for apple in Cupertino. Apparently apple was forced to alocate iPhones evenly over all carriers even though they where aware that Rogers has almost 90 percent (apparently) of iPhone users. This led to a anticipated shortage on Rogers part. So as the other carriers hold on to the 32 gb iPhone your waiting for apparently their plan was and is to quote ( aggresively) dropship ( I assume that means deliver) replenishments to Rogers. Also the reason they held back launch for a month was apparently the same reason they held back the ipad. To build up hype, apparently Canadian customers are slow on the draw. Just thought I would share this with you all.


  • Mac

    Anybody know when bell stores will get more phones and if i ordered to day how long would it take for them to ship.
    The bell store online said 14 days but i wasnt sure because of the huge demand of the iphone4.

  •  Xaroc

    Might take 14 days to order. But delays are always unknown at this
    time. It's really hard give a time on orders. In store stock word
    around the street some time late this week. I would call tomorrow, and
    every day after if your serious about in store pickup

  • Turbo_mazda06

    you know what terrible I went to rogers on launch day, they said on launch day they would be gaurenteed at least 16 units, i was 4th in line, there stock didnt arrive till 2 pm, on launch day, while getting my phone order done, I was told i was not allowed to purchase two units, for my wife and myself, i was informed by the rep, there was a limit of one per customer, even tho there own website stated a max of two, showed this to the manager, and was bluntly told that, that because they are not a rogers corporate store, they are a “dealer” and not corporatly owned they followed there own rules, i was disgusted and walked out of the siore. why does rogers not say ” some stores” do not follow all there policies and procedures

  • Bobby

    Rogers are a bunch of bullshitters. I'm in Montreal and on St-Denis street, they lie to everyone. They said that the system not allowed upgrade for everyone who has already a data plan. I haven't one already so I was thinking yes I'm gonna get one. Hummm almost my friend. They try to register mine (they got only 3 16g that's it) but the system lock the transaction again. The real answer is the give the IP4 to the new customer only and tell bullshit to everyone else. What a nice way to treat you're client, BRAVO !
    (pissed off customer seeking for another provider to get f***ed the other way)

  • Guest007

    I am in vancouver area. I was at Bestbuy store on Friday morning around 9.30am to pickup my phone. I was no. 6 in the line and was very positive that I will get my iphone 4. I am with rogers by the way. But when store opened at 10 am they guy told me that they only have four iphones for Rogers/Fido and only one of them is 32 GB. All the five people in front of me were either with Rogers or with Fido…..I was shocked…..then I quickly ran to other rogers dealers in the area but result was same…..I was out of luck.

    Ever since, I have tried calling Apple store, Rogers dealers, Best buy, future shop but everyone is out of stock and they have no information, when they are getting new stock… is very frustrating.

    Do you have any inside information?

  • Newbie

    Retention Stories. I'm interested in what deals people get from Rogers….especially existing customers renegotiating the contracts. Do you call Retention directly? or do you ask to be transfered to them? what do you tell them? do you threaten to leave? do you just ask for better deals?

  • iPhoneVirgin

    Threaten to cancel contract. But for me it wasn't a threat but an actual circumstance, where I could no longer afford it, but I couldn't afford the NFS fee, or the bad credit, so they helped me out. Be nice, calm, and polite when you call. Go to Account Managing reps, explain your situation or need to cancel, then you should be redirected to retentions. You can get good deals IF you need them, don't try and con your way though,.. It kind of puts the system to Lockdown and others who need it at a loss.

  • Half_Pint

    GRRF… Good Riddance Rogers F***tards!

  • Bellsucks

    So rogers wouldn’t give you the iPhone promo price? Try going to either bell or telus and try to get a early upgrade at all. As long as you had a rogers phonr before June 7th you could upgrade to a 16gig for 399. Neither bell or telus does that. I had my bell phone for 2 years and i still can’t get the upgrade.

  • Serphantius

    yeah, i got royally scre*ed, and was only eligible for the 399/499 hup. after expressing rage, i am now eligible for the 159/269 upgrade plan when stock comes in. im still not happy as i was first in line…..but im saving 250-300$ now i guess

  • Isolanum

    call retentions directly. i was first in line and was told i could not get a phone, even if i were willing to pay the outright price at that time. so i walked out of there with no phone, an incredible amount of embarassment and rage beyond comparison.

    I used this when i was speaking with retention. Being embarrassed like that is something any agent can relate with and 9/10 that agent will have a heart and do something for you. some of those things that they did for me were:

    -> im only 12 months into my contract but they have deemed me eligible not for the 399/499 hup…..but the 159/269 hup for the inconv.
    -> 6 gb data, unlimited txt's, 350 daytime minutes unlimited weekend/evenings etc etc…. for 46.25$ (my bill was 93.69$ before)
    -> and theyre sending me the phone in 2-3 biz. days express mail

  • Johnny

    Hey Jan, I was in line with you at Best Buy and gave up. I still haven't got my iPhone 4 yet, did BestBuy call you yesterday?

  • Livininvic

    Rogers activation page the night before told me I'd get the $269 upgrade price.

    Their initial pricing was, anyone who upgraded to the 3GS when it launched last year, was eligible.

    While I was standing in line at 4:30 in the morning, Rogers quietly updated their information so that I'd pay $499. Kind of an FU to customers.

    I showed the Rogers guy the pricing info from the day before on this website, and he agreed it should be $269. He put a note on my file incase the bill comes in at $499, and wrote $269 on my contract. Thanks awesome Rogers store employee.

    I wonder how many other early upgraders were devastated by this information and DIDN'T get Rogers to revert it back to $269.

  • Mine worked no problem. My contract was only 3 months old on a 3GS and got 159 for my 16g

  • Spaceman1701

    Rogers was a disgrace on the launch day. It took me 5 hours, after i waited for 10 hours in a line outside the store to open, to get 2 iphones activated thru rogers. When i finally got them running, I got home to find out that none of my features or plans were in place so the iphone had no plan attached to it, when i called Rogers, they blamed Apple.
    Rogers used to be the number one provider in the land and I can see why they have fallen to last place.

  • I agree. my MMS fell off, i had to get it reinstated. after reading that article posted about Telus Internet upgrade sometime in 2011 makes me wonder if rogers has plans for the future too. Or will Rogers/Fido becomes the New Old Telus/Bell

  • The Truth

    Has anyone told you guys, your a bunch of losers? Camping out for a phone? Really..? Man..what exciting liives you must have…I bet after camping outside for the iphone when you got home you played your war craft…bottom line is..its just a phone…you can wait a month..and as much as rogers can be a pain, no other company did early upgrades…so quit pissing and moaning, you think because you sat for a third time like a retard in line you automatically deserve a big discount on launch day…get a clue

  • cjm

    Got totally screwed by Rogers….Did my time in the lineup, and got to the cash.. Had the Iphone 4 in my hands, then activation servers went down… Rogers employee was on hold for activation for more than 2 hours.. After 2.5 hours, I told the guy I had to leave – could he put it aside for me (I mean c'mon..i already waited in a line-up..first come, first serve, right?).. His answer was No…told me to come back in the morning as he had PLENTY of phones.. Of course when i returned the next morning, they were sold out…

    Called Rogers to complain…Escalation manager was ambivalent.. Even blamed Apple for activation system problems… Unbelievable…

  • Ex

    Apple Store = Win

  • Ouch.. yeah they offered me to leave too. i said there was no way in hell. They offered paper to show that they would hold one for you, but paper means nothing to me. I refused to leave, and it paid off in the end. im sad to hear your were not able to stick it out a little longer to get one.

  • Tubesocks20

    Rogers had issues with their system that day that was telling many ppl the wrong promo pricing, they were giving ppl credit if they ended up paying more than the promo price they were promised on their site.

  • Are they lying to Cx who call in to ask about their stock? I call every day (including Tuesday) and they said they didn’t get any. Treasure hunt?

  • Fordomatic69

    Just put a $50 deposit on a 32GB iPhone 4 at a Bell Corporate Store. The waiting list is about 15 long but THEY WILL CALL ME when I am next in line. That is the way it should have been handled all along. Looks like it's Bye Bye Rogers!! Let's face it, the cell phone companies are all bad so for me, it's always been, whoever can get it to me first will win my business. I live in the country and did not have access to many high speed internet choices so it was a race to see who would get it first. Rogers won that battle with the Rocket hub 6 weeks before Bell so I signed up with them. I no longer have any loyalty to any of them, price and availability all the way because we all know that customer service is non-existant nowadays.

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  • Frazdotnet05

    how did you do that?? I have been trying to get them to give me that price for two weeks now, and they wont budge. Saying that they are sorry for the confusion, but thaqts the price I get.

  • Frazdotnet05

    how did you express rage??? I have been contacting rogers non stop, Ive talked to retention once already, and they still wont let me get that price!!! help me!!

  • Frazdotnet05

    so THEY CAN DO IT!! the little shits!! Ive been fighting with them since the launch to get that price, and I was quoted the 269 price back a week ago, now its 499 again, what was the website you had???

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