Residents of Kawartha Lakes Upset about Rogers Building 4 New Cell Towers


The residents of Kawartha Lakes are in an uproar over four new wireless cell towers being built by Rogers Wireless. The Mayor, Ric McGee, says he’s got no control or say on where the towers will be installed, as that is up to Industry Canada.

“I think this is a classic representation of lack of authority,” he said. “Residents on Balsam Lake do not want to see anymore flashing red lights.” In addition Ward 16 Councillors David Marsh said “Big Brother is going to do what he wants to do”.

It appears that the town council has passed a motion to collect a fee of $1,000 for processing the application and for staff to prepare a telecommunications protocol to deal with such issues in the future.

Personally, I would love some additional towers, and always enjoy hearing about a wireless carrier expanding into areas that were once not covered. However, with the towers being so tall, in a small town that could end up looking extremely ridiculous. Especially if the town is in beautiful environment. You would think there would be some way to efficiently install towers that weren’t as large, but I’m not expert on that area. What do you think?

Source: ThePost



  • Baddowman

    I don't know what everybody's problem is. I welcome more towers. I live in the City of Kawartha Mistakes and as soon as I walk in my house I have no signal. I hope they put a new tower near me. I have a bell tower at the top of my road and the blinking lights have never bothered me. I also have a cottage on Balsom Lake and the lights are a great guide when boating at night. The only people they would bother would be pain in the ass people that should just dig a hole in the ground and live there so nobody will bug them.

  • Dale

    I welcome the addition of some new towers in the Lindsay area. The coverage there has been very poor to date. I think other business people who count on cell service will rejoice along with me.

  • Jason

    The bottom line with anything radio-related, the higher you get the antenna, the better the coverage area, but also, the less power you need to transmit into the atmosphere. That tower might just provide the needed communication link to call for an ambulance…

  • sean

    There's always the cell-phone tower tree in Algonquin Park that could be replicated. It's a cell phone tower… disguised as a really really tall pine tree at the corner of the Whiskey Rapids Trail parking lot. If you were just driving by, you'd just think it was a tall tree. They should just start putting those up everywhere.

  • D2

    Baddowman – hit the nail on the head… love it. How right can you BE. Great points, well put.

  • D2

    Baddowman – hit the nail on the head… love it. How right can you BE. Great points, well put.

  • Surveillance

    7 years later still only 1 tower in Lindsay!

  • Dik Burns

    OK, more brainless input from the self serving, NO MORE TOWERS,
    Low frequency causes brain cancer to thrive, you want the children of Lindsay to not be able to fight a disease just for your convience of a cell phone? Every buisness person would apreciate that youre sure.