Rick Mercer Shows How Angry Rogers & Bell Customers Can Find Love Together [VIDEO]


The Rick Mercer Report has some of the funniest spoofs, and the latest one is just pure gold. It involves our favourite wireless carriers, Rogers and Bell as part of the new dating service called ‘Conglomermate‘. I’m not going to say anything more–just watch the video below:

Previously, we’ve seen the RMR break down the ‘iPhone versus BlackBerry’ debate, which is by far one of my favourite videos (“I can get email on this thing! Send–and receive!”). Well played, Rick–but what about Telus?

[RMR via MobileSyrup]


  • Peter

    So awesome!  The looks on their faces when she says “I’m mad at Bell and I just switched to Rogers” were priceless!  We all jump around from one of the Big 3 to another thinking we’re so smart until someone tells us they are making the opposite switch 😉