Rogers Giving $100 Credit To Sign 3-Year Agreement


Looks like Rogers is getting desperate for business!

This week, Rogers is contacting “special customers” via a letter encouraging them to sign a 3-year smartphone (voice/data) agreement with the wireless company.

The incentive? A $100 bill credit.

At this time, it is unknown what it takes to be a “special customer”, however it may be if you have other Rogers services such as Home Phone and Home Internet service and you start a new account for wireless.

We have not received any word of anyone receiving the credit (or why they would want to sign with Rogers), but if you’re looking into an iPhone with Rogers, a $100 credit isn’t bad.

Even though you’re supposed to receive a letter from Rogers, you can check to see your eligibility by contacting 1-866-269-1956.



  • USer1

    On your comment regarding why they would want to sign with Rogers, having used all 3 at some point in time in the past 10 years, some at the same time, Rogers is definitely the best of he 3 major carriers. After Bell incorrectly suspended my account for non-payment even though I had pre-authorized payments set-up, they then told me I had to buy a new sim card because my current one was now defective (it was 6 months old), when I told them this was ridiculous and I shouldn’t have to pay, their response was simply that its $600 to cancel. Worst customer service every. When I wanted to cancel a Rogers line, Rogers discounted my bill 50% and offered me a new curve on a 1 yr contract.

  • Andrew

    Agreed. Rogers has been the best out of the big 3 for me as well. Bell was an absolute NIGHTMARE.

  • BM

    Everyone seems to have different experiences with different carriers. I am with Bell because I had a negative experience with rogers about 6 years ago. Not saying you are wrong, just pointing to a different view point.

  • 6daniel

    that explains why rogers didn’t want to give me my $40.00 pay as you go balance to fido when i switched to fido for the ip4.

  • Theused

    Everybody has their own horror stories about different carriers. Each one had their own ups/downs to their service.

    Personally I think Rogers is the best, hardware protection program, good retention plans, cheap family plans, Over the counter swap for blackberrys in some storesz

  • paygoSUCK

    did you take your number with you to fido? often you take your number or your pay-go-credit. This applies to those who are taking there numbers from pay go to core as well…

    and on top of that, rogers and fido are the same company….

    but really, pay-go customers aren’t real customers anyway…

  • USer1

    And that’s true, everyone has their own experiences that makes their carrier great to them or horrible to them…I just dont think it’s fair to presume Rogers is the worst of the 3…especially when Bell had a very public and very bad customer billing issue a few years back…I don’t remember Rogers or Telus being caught up in those types of issues..and massive data bills don’t count..I’m talking about Bell regularly overcharging customers, then denying to correct it because of their systems error, it was pay it or else collections attitude

  • USer1

    Yeah that handset protection program is sweet, my sis broke an old pearl from like 05 last month, we called up Rogers, here account was month to month, they offered a curve 8520 for free on a 1 yr…and when i brought up Winds promo at the time they quickly offered me a much better deal, still only on a 1 year…Bell suspended my line because of a system error then charged me $25 to turn it back on.

  • Mr. Mac

    It all depends on your criteria. My criteria is solely based on good coverage and a good deal. For my personal use in all of the places I go in Canada, Rogers has the worst coverage(either no coverage or slower speeds in places where bell and telus have 3G) and Rogers fleeced me when they were the only provider of the iPhone when I bought my 3GS outright. The only reason they give reasonable rates now is because of competition. The latter is a more personal experience, but the former is the most imprtantly thing to me. I could care less if the customer service guy on the phone is nice or rude to me. I just want results and Rogers doesn’t come through yet in Canada. They have a lot of 3G upgrading to do yet.

  • James00

    That’s kinda shitty as I just signed a 3 year when I upgraded to the iP4… should be new or old customers.

  • Aml716

    it’s a sham. well not really. i fell for the trap. took them a month to sort the phone thing out and another 3 to get the bill right and another 2 months after that to sort the bill properly and then I got. my credit. an overall bad experience with their incompetent customer service.

  • I called Rogers and they never heard of it as a stand alone promotion. They did say it might for a bundle of services (cell, tv, home phone, internet) or maybe it was for new clients and they get a discount of $100 when they sign up. So it looks like you’re saving $100.

    The representative did say that if I found it call back or visit a store with it.

  • DroStar

    It’s tough to get customers back when you kick ’em in the ass on the way out. I just switch from Rogers to Sasktel and apparently Rogers’ policy is to charge the customer for an extra 30 days after your service is canceled. It’s not a mistake, as they pointed out, it’s right there hidden in the Terms and Conditions they never gave me or told me about when I signed up. To their credit, after a half hour of arguing and call escalation, they waived the fee for me. Now I’m rockin unlimited data for the same price as I was paying Rogers for 500 MB.

  • Anonymous

    I got a call from Rogers on Monday and she said to me that she was calling “special customers” that have been with Rogers a long time. Which I have. She asked if I would partake in a survey, so I said OK. She said it was only one question and that question was ” How do you rate Rogers service – 1 being the worst, 5 being the best. I told her 3. She asked why and I gave my personal reason why and then she said how would I like it if she tried to improve that to a 5. I said OK and she gave me an extra 100 minutes a month for 3 years.Would that help she said. I said Yeah!!! 🙂 Of course I would have to sign a 3 year contract – which she did not mention until I brought it up but I told her I had already signed a 3 year by getting the iPhone 4 just a week or so ago on the release day.
    No problem.
    So my monthly minute allotment has now gone up by 100 minutes. I only had 250 before so to me that is worth more than 100.00.
    I thought that was pretty good.
    Rogers has always treated me reasonably well.

  • Hockeyprojames

    i signed 3 years with bell mobility after talking to the loyalty customer service they offered – 250 daytime mins. free after 6 and weekends, unlimited text messaging… caller id voice mail 3 way blah blah…. and 500 mb of data.
    hardware upgrade fee 35$ waived….. and 100$ rebate on my iphone 4 purchase for a monthly bill of 45$ 🙂

  • MT

    I was caught up in that Bell billing issue. Every month they would double-bill me. I paid one bill, but they sent the duplicate other to collection. You’re right everyone has their own experiences, and with Rogers it’s been good.

  • roadcarver

    $100 credit is not enough for me IMHO. I’d rather get a subsidized discount on the handset. Right now, its has been a year since I got my 3G, and I don’t qualify for a decent discount on the iPhone 4. Rogers web site shows that I can purchase the phone at $649/$749 for 16GB and 32GB respectively.

  • Turtle

    that’s not even a discount HAHAHAHA

  • Jay

    rogers sent out “you are eligible for a iphone 4 upgrade letters” when i called to find out more it wasn’t an upgrade at all. the CS rep even admitted that the upgrade should have been relabelled as renew your contract instead of upgrade. the cost of the iphone would have been the same as if i was to walk into get a new phone.

    rogers is stupid that way!

  • IphoneVirgin

    my sister worked at the bell call center at that time. it was soo terrible. lots of people quit. and i remember i never got a bill for about 6months, and then they were trying to charging 6months or so of bills all due at one time. this was a huge issue.

    personally i like fido. i hate having to call in, but i’ve found that they really do appreciate and treat long term customers well.

  • glendon

    I called Rogers to see if I was eligible for this $100 credit. The girl I spoke to didn’t have a clue as to what I was referring to. She passed me on to someone else (presumably her manager) who also didn’t know anything about the $100 credit, but instead offered me $10/month off my bill for the duration of the contract (3 yrs, as I just did the IP4 HUP last week). So I didn’t get a $100 credit, but I just saved myself $360 over the next three years. Thank you 🙂

  • glendon

    I called Rogers to see if I was eligible for this $100 credit. The girl I spoke to didn’t have a clue as to what I was referring to. She passed me on to someone else (presumably her manager) who also didn’t know anything about the $100 credit, but instead offered me $10/month off my bill for the duration of the contract (3 yrs, as I just did the IP4 HUP last week). So I didn’t get a $100 credit, but I just saved myself $360 over the next three years. Thank you 🙂

  • Haber

    I’m currently with Bell and I just phoned Rogers to see if they could match a similar plan I was offered from Bell. The guy on the phone told me that without iPhone 4 stock, they couldn’t give me any pricing (!!!) So just looking at the website prices, the off-the-shelf cost from Rogers for the package that Hockeyprojames got from Bell would be $68.

  • Net


    How long are you with Rogers ? Cause I had signed for a 3 years for the iPhone 4. But I am with them since 2006. So, if you are telling me it works for you. Probably it will work for me also. Thanks to answer to my question.

  • Anonymous

    I cant remember exactly but it was approximately 1997.

  • Max

    The Harwdre upgrades have alwya involved a contract renew and that is te same for all carriers. only exception (and I am not 100% sure on that) may be the rogers hardware replacement garantee for damaged phones

  • Max

    Actually pya as you go customers can be very good. They pay more for the same service as someone having a month to month contract. They keep going back and buying more credit because they do not want to chnage their number or go through hassel of transfering the number every few months. It also allows for people who travel to become their customers. I travel often abroad and every time I go to a new country i buy a new pay as you go for that country this way I have my original number (rogers) and a local number and evrytime I go back I am their customer once again.
    so pay as you go is good.

  • Gerry18

    I was happen to be at Rogers Video renting a game when I saw this promotion. By the looks of it, the promotion is based on $60 video rentals and $10 off cellular accessories and the last $30 is for a credit on your bill by the looks of it. Just thought I pass this on in case you’re wondering what it was good for.

  • invincibleparm

    I used to work for Rogers, and while they are a good compamy to work for, they are terrible to their wireless customers. I’ve been with Telus for a littel bit now, and have to say that everything I ever needed to know was laid out for me in black and white. When I worked for Rogers, no one seemed to know anything and all had different answers. Last month I was sorting out my girlfriend’s cell bill and came across a interesting fact that they were still charging her PST, sicne it was eliminated July 1st. The rep told both of us that ‘They were phasing out the non-existant tax’ and it hadn’t gotten to everyone’s bill yet. Sure enough, her Sept bill has come and there is STILL PST. Plus, because she forced a credit for a service that was never there and she was getting charged for , they charged her two months in advance on her next bill. Roger’s deserves their rep for being a shitty provider.

  • If you are with Rogers, Telus, or Bell you are still living in the dark ages. Rogers gives unlimited evening starting at 9pm. Who do you speak to at 9pm?