Rogers iPhone 4 Update: Oops, We Were Wrong


Remember when Rogers last posted about their iPhone 4 updates? On their Redboard, they told customers that stock would be arriving on Saturday, August 7th. Due to this information, many of you lined up outside Rogers stores hoping to get an iPhone 4.

However, the exact opposite occurred. There was no stock. You wasted your time. Rogers CSRs had no idea what the Redboard was. Another SNAFU. Well, according to the Redboard another update has been posted:

UPDATE (August 9, 2010, 1:05 PM) Hi everyone. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused this past weekend as many of you expected iPhone 4 to be back in stock at our stores. In an effort to get devices available as soon as possible, we are expediting all shipments to stores outside our normal process. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication on Friday and stock was not available as expected on Saturday.

We are trying to be as transparent as possible and provide you with timely information. Obviously, this isn’t a perfect process and we appreciate your patience. Stock that was en route Friday will be arriving in some stores today. Additional inventory will be arriving throughout the week. Due to high demand and limited quantities, we strongly recommend that you call ahead to ensure that iPhones are in stock.

What’s your play now? Buy an unlocked phone or continue the waiting game?

Thanks @niker23 for the tweet!


  • Shnoggins

    Wait. Rogers isn't worth the hassle in Newfoundland. I'd have to be absolutely desperate to go back to Rogers after my two year stint with them. Thank goodness I got out of that contract for free…

  • Dammit

    Same for Fido?

  • Ake

    None at Surrey Central or Coquitlam Center. I think it's best to take a break for a while and wait for a confirmed shipment. The stock seems to be legitimately low now everywhere. Even apple stores don't have any in Vancouver.

  • How did you get out of it for free? I know that Rogers has almost no service in Newfoundland from being there last summer, did you manage to convince them to let you off free because of that?

  • KairuByte

    I already purchased one from the apple store. I'm just hoping it will come with 4.0.1 even though the chances are slim.

  • Daniel

    yeah, I'm with Rogers in Newfoundland and I HATE IT and I'd like to know how you managed to convince them to cancel your contract for free!

  • Why does it matter if it's on 4.0.1 or 4.0.0? 4.1 isn't out yet, so don't worry your little head about that. You'll be jailbreakable.

  • roadcarver

    Just wait its not like your iPhone 3G or 3GS is broken. I'm trying hard to wait…while I still use my 3G. I know, its slow but its ok for me since I haven't really tried a 3GS LOL! Once I try a 3GS, I'm sure the need for speed will be there.

  • Shnoggins

    Give them an address outside of their coverage area. If you have any friends or family living in rural parts of Newfoundland use their address. If they can't provide service in that area they will wave the early cancellation fee. Applies to anywhere in Newfoundland.

  • Shnoggins

    See above.

  • excaliburca

    Are there still any unlocked phones available?

  • Oshawapilot

    If you have an Apple store even remotely convenient your chances if finding a phone to HUP (or buy unlocked) is apt to be about 1000% better.

    It will probably be months before any carrier location *regularly* has stock for walk-in customers. Until then it's a roll of the dice.

  • AdamInMontreal

    I'm actually a Fido customer (well, that's Rogers anyway) but this “lull” in availability has really made me re-think my need to get the iPhone 4 so quickly. My 3G is operating no too badly under iOS4, and I just know that a few months after the 4 comes out, Apple will have either ironed out hardware issues or come out with something more improved (think 3G –> 3Gs). Since I can do virtually everything I could do with an iPhone 4, I have to question why I'm biting at the bit to upgrade, and you know what? There are no compelling reasons to do so. I'm going to wait this out and save a few hundred bucks in the interim. I'm willing to be my “need” to upgrade to the latest model will die very shortly anyway.

  • arcterex

    I think there might be an issue (or at least, a major PITA) upgrading to 4.0.1. Buddy of mine had a heck of a day trying to upgrade, ended up having to do something with a DFU-set/unset tool to get it to finally install.

  • T2

    How do you know our 3G is not broken? My was stolen in October. I'm now also eligible for a full subsidy with renewal and have a pending retention plan, pending on the iPhone. Need the IP4 asap. But, I understand your point, some people can't be happy with their stuff once a new model comes out. When the IP5 comes out, they will complain about how horrible the IP4 is, with its antenna problems and so on.

  • reddyroc

    i called a rogers location at Oakridge mall and they said they wont have any stock until at least the 16th. lame. broke my 3gs last weekend and have been using my 2g as a backup…painstakingly slow.

  • Why would you want to upgrade to 4.0.1? All it gives you above 4.0.0 is the different carrier bars which tell you that your signal is bad. It doesn't actually improve your signal, it just tells you your signal is worse than you previously thought it was.

  • Hmm, I wonder if that's true in Nova Scotia as well. I don't have service at home, only at work and when I told Rogers that before it didn't get me out of my contract. May need to try again,

  • Hmm, I wonder if that's true in Nova Scotia as well. I don't have service at home, only at work and when I told Rogers that before it didn't get me out of my contract. May need to try again,

  • After the iOS4 update I'd consider my old 3G “broken”…dropped calls, freezing, hanging when trying to switch between tasks…you pay for data each month and want to be able to use the phone…after watching a co-workers iPhone 4 in action and how fast he was able to switch between screens, multitask, etc. it reminded me about how I felt when I got my 3G back in 2008…you shouldn't have to be frustrated with your phone, almost screaming at it because you just want it to answer your phone call…

  • Oh, I've since lined up outside the apple store (was there at 7am) and was able to purchase a 32GB. I am very satisfied…

    I'd suggest that if you have the time and you really want an iPhone 4, go take a chance and line up outside the your local apple store (early – Oakridge mall in Vancouver allows you to go in through select doors early and you are able to line up outside the Apple store before the mall even opens)…

  • Angela Robert

    I stopped by the Apple Store today at Pacific Centre and they said there were lineups daily for customers hoping to get the iPhone 4. You can also lock into a plan at the Apple store which is why I went there today as I wanted to confirm it.

    In one of the Bentall towers there is a Roger’s store with over 70 people on the iPhone 4 list.

    I guess we just have to wait awhile. Here is a funny video while we wait:

  • Salaman

    Mine came with 4.0.1, launch day. :/

  • james

    Just downgrade like I did. Works like a charm now. it will at least hold me over until I get the 4
    Someone else posted this in a different post. I used it without problem. responsiveness is back!!

  • Mike

    Im thinking the same thing only I dont have one yet just a itouch and BB Storm but Telus is offering the 3GS for 49 bucks. I might get this one and wait as well

  • reddyroc

    i'm getting closer to doing the same thing. i think i can have my 3gs fixed and be totally happy skipping the 4. if they cant stock it then they dont want my business that bad.

  • tcatcrb

    I decided to not even bother trying to get one from my local Rogers stores. I ordered one directly from Apple's website and now just waiting for them to ship it. What I hate though is hearing that Apple stores are continuing to sell them meanwhile I'm still waiting for mine that I ordered last week.

  • Turtle

    you know there's an apple store in oakridge right? don't waste your time with a little rogers kosk

  • arcterex

    I personally like the 4.0.1 bars better, I'd rather know why my call is dropping instead of wondering why suddenly I'm disconnected with 5 bars.

  • Scott from the Mount

    I am going to wait to upgrade my 3G. My guess is that with the firing of the Apple SVP over the antenna problem – they will quietly release a fixed version in the fall. Apple can't argue there isn't a problem and then whack a senior exec. The antenna issue will be fixed. Until that day comes I am not lining up for a flawed device.

  • Zanteogo

    If I had a working Iphone 3GS I would do the same thing. It's a good phone.

    I however do not have one…

  • E.G.

    will fido hve stock?

  • Scarberian

    Got my iPhone 4 on launch day =). No long line ups; in fact I got to the store 10 minutes before it opened and was 2nd in line! I went to the smaller Bell store that is located in the Smart plaza near my house and for the first hour there were only 4 customers. The only wait I had to endure was with the Bell call center to set up my phone since they were bogged down that day. Of course I had called the day before and reserved the last 16 GB phone. They of course had several 32GB models still in stock. Some guy came in and just wanted to buy the iPhone 4 out right. He was warned of the price, but he just wanted it (32 GB model) and he was still on contract. BTW I was reading and they are reporting news that Verizon in the US is getting it's own model (CDMA) that will use the A9 processor, have a metal back and insulated antenna.

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  • roadcarver

    Did you try reverting back to 3.1.3 using a “shift CTRL” in Itunes via restore? Don't quote me on the shift ctrl and click, but I think that is the procedure or shift click.

  • roadcarver

    Sorry to hear about your 3G being stolen. If I were in your shoes, I'd feel the same as you.

  • NoIphone4me

    Reports from varoius blogs online that people around the world that were a part of the original release and have had their I4's replaced due to varoius reasons are noticing that their replacements have a less shiny, almost matte, finish to the antenna then the original. They also report that “antennagate” has for the most part dissappeared. Is this silent recall by Apple the cause of stock levels or internet myth?? Would be very happy if it was the former.

  • reddyroc

    ya but i'm hoping to do a hardware upgrade on my plan.

  • hub2

    Anecdotally, my 3GS used to always drop network connection whenever I took my building's elevator to the ground floor. Now after the 4.0.1 update it drops it only 50% of the time.

    Mind you I haven't tested whether actual calls will drop or not

  • L537p

    Gota say I'm with you, hopefully we don't forget this and look into android when the time comes again. I'm not saying be a selfless hero. I'm saying the developers are going to android not only because of this but the lock downess of the device. I mean ask arround most my tech friends are recently converted. Android is a good thing we have always trusted google. Bigger screen better hardware os that does flash.

  • Apple stores can process the hardware upgrades just as Rogers. I walked into an Apple Store upgraded to my iPhone 4 (was quoted the $159.00 upgrade price) and walked out without any money changing hands – it's being billed to me on Rogers Bill. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT – way easier than dealing with ROGERS. (Plus they have way more stock, coming in, obviously).

  • K306

    I haven't bothered calling around Windsor Ontario in the last couple days. Got my name on the list (although, after reading some of your posts, after friends and family of Rogers employees get theirs first I may be 100th on that list). I was in Michigan shopping yesterday and the Apple store at Summerset Mall had at least 25 on display for you to drool over. Didn't ask him about stock as I had no intention of buying one in the US. Sigh. Patience.

  • Mweinkauf

    Alright, I got mine fixed. I had bought 2 iphone 4's unlocked, mailed them to the states, a week later they got them, put the sim cards in, and they didn't work. Apple store in West Edmonton messed up and put the sim cards on the receipt. I went down there today and they were able to fix it. Apparently, he returned both units, and resold them properly, and they were then unlocked. It apparently took 2 hours for the system to acknowledge that they were unlocked. The person may have to restore the phone in itunes for it to be unlocked… but that wasn't the case for me.

    Anyways, West Edmonton fixed it, so if you have any problems, I'd recommend them.

  • Mikyluck

    Hi just bought my iphone here in Ottawa at the Rogers Rideau center, both 16GB and 32GB available.

  • L537p

    I hate you apple, I hate you hard core. Supply problems my &$&@ suck my &$$ sack.

  • Iwantaflipiniphone4

    I would be happy to, but I still want a free bumper 😉

  • Zultar

    I would have to agree and I am going to wait it out and maybe even skip the 4. I love my 3GS on 3.1.3 jb and has no issues so, I am thinking as well – why bother

  • L537p

    No…. It's the third time they do this in Canada every year the same storey. They expected thus they choose not to do something about it best case scenario. Not antenna gays that's only a bunch if sanfransisco people experience a worse bit error due to signal entenuation caused by landscape.

  • L84toff

    Exactly what I said until I sold mine for $250. Get a new, faster, way better iPhone4 and pocket the $75. Yes I have to sign a new contract, but I expect to be using a phone for the next 3 years anyway. Plus I just called retentions and got a pretty good deal, so I don't mind staying with Rogers for now.

  • L537p

    Sorry I was tripping on shrooms when I wrote this.

  • Dangilley

    The lack of iphones in Canada is crazy, just making people wait. A ploy, maybe…….not cool either way.

  • GuestIPhone4

    got my rogers iphone 4 today 16g and 32 g at a rogers plus store..i guess the shipment finally came though 🙂

  • IphoneVirgin

    i’m in the same boat! i lined up today at 930 when the mall opened at 1000 and they were soldout by 1030. there were probably 300 of us in line. some guys said they had gone to the other apple store that opened 3hrs earlier, but they only had 30 in stock!!!! THIRTY!? SERIOUSLY APPLE?!?!?! ….luckily i’ve ordered mine “express post” so will have it no later than the 27th, but they won’t ship and charge until the 23rd so i was hoping to get them sooner then just cancel the online order. probably won’t happen since people are still lining up at 5am or earlier for a 10am open!

  • IphoneVirgin

    really? cause fido (which is owned by rogers) said that they are not doing waitlists and it’s first come first serve for all of them?

    what really pisses me off is that i thought they were limiting phone purchases to 2 per person and today in line at pacific centre a lot of ppl in the front of the line, were people who already had one, even two iphone4’s in hand! prob the same @s*h*les who are selling them on craigslist for ungodly amounts of $$! sooo frustrating. it’s bad enough we have to wait much longer than the US!

  • IphoneVirgin

    the apple store pacific center has been getting small amounts of stock basically everyday. today was the only time i tried lining up though, with no luck. there were still like 300 people in line!

  • L84toff

    Actually it’s up to 4.0.2 now. The new iPhones are shipping with 4.0.1 already installed. Both of the iPhones I just got via Rogers were 4.0.1

  • Alan

    Well, get this one folks. Yesterday, I went into the Fido main store on Ste Catherine West in Montreal to ask about the costs and possibility of upgrading to an iPhone 4. The Fido rep checked my record and then told me that I did not qualify for an upgrade until Oct 3, 2010 and that I should return in a few months. She went on to say “you could of course pay full price and get it now, but I advise you to wait – because they are coming out with a newer handset to fix to that antenna problem that the current model has.” So I asked if they are telling everyone who is buying and walking out with a new iPhone 4 the same thing. “Maybe you should wait for the new model”. She just smiled and say “umm – no”. So in a way, I guess I feel sorry for those of you who have managed to grab a new iPhone 4, because according to Fido’s main Montreal store, the hardware is defective. This just keeps getting stranger.

    I’m going back to my original plan. I’m waiting 14 months for this plan to expire and then I’m dumping my iPhone for a new Android phone.

  • Murvin

    Alan Fido is mistaken. In fact Apple is dealing with what this Fido store is telling customers. No other store is making these false claims.

  • Alan

    Well that’s strange, because the speculation in the industry now is that the shortage of iPhone 4s until after September is some indication that Apple intends to come out with a new model to address this issue. And I have a question, how would you have any knowledge of what Apple is telling the management of that store in particular unless you either work for Apple, Fido, or the management of that Fido store? I’m not saying that you are not telling the truth, but in fairness to the reader here, how would you have such knowledge?

  • Murvin

    Alan, no worries I have spoken to the Apple Iphone product manager regarding this (friend) and they have had complaints from customers specifically due to what Fido is telling customers. Apple is addressing this issue with Rogers-Fido this week. If I am incorrect I will eat crow 🙂 I wouldn’t mind a new version of the Iphone 4 but the reason I can’t see it happening is the liability for Apple with all the Iphone 4’s sold. I have several friends with Iphone 4’s and this whole antenna issue has been blown out of proportion. We’ll have to wait and see to be sure…