Rogers Prepared For Any New Wireless Competitor with ‘Bring it On’ Attitude


Speaking at the Canadian Telecom Summit in Toronto, the president of the Rogers’ communications unit, Rob Bruce, said in an interview the company is ready any new wireless competition.

According to the Toronto Star:

“Our view is ‘bring it on…As far as competition goes, we’ve always been a full-speed-ahead competitor and we’re ready to go with whoever comes to market.”

One area where Rogers was ‘disappointed’ was the federal government’s decision to allow foreign ownership for companies with 10 percent or less marketshare, which in their point of view will have ‘no great material effect’ on the company.

Rogers maintains Canada is their focus and plans to lead the way in machine-to-machine (M2M) technology ahead of their rivals. M2M technology would allow things such as your smoke detector texting you when it goes off; Rogers says M2M will generate about $400 million for the industry by 2015, according to Bruce.

In their latest 2012 Q1 earnings report, Rogers noted their wireless division was driven by smartphone growth and data revenue.

[via Toronto Star]


  • Guest

    with other companies offering the same products(tv, internet, phone) with more features for a lot less, i dont see this new “bring it on” campaign being very successful. i actually for-see another fail similar to the rogers launch of “rogers one” on twitter.

  • Gerry18

    How about if Rogers smarten up on how they treat their customers (with respect) first. Not like the one incident where I was rudely told to call back when I can remember my password for the sales rep over the phone to access my account.

  • Steve

    Bunch of crooks.  Rogers obviously dislikes the idea of another company breaking the Canadian telecom monopoly with reasonable rates and some above awful as a level of customer service.  Bring ‘them’ on I say, I hope Rogers goes out of business.

  • Baronshadow48

    yeah rogers customer service is the worst (almost as bad as videotron but not quite). ever try to talk to a manager? they will bend over backwards to get your business, but as soon as your a subscriber…. your on your own. I bought a blackberry and everything was fine then i started having problems with handing off between Wifi and 3g for data…. it never worked… my fone was about 60 or so days old.. their asnwer was wait 6 months and we’ll get a fix for you…. love it…