Rogers Promo: 3 Months Free for 3 Year Activations or Upgrades Until Dec. 31


A new promo today from Rogers looks to end the year with more activations. From today until December 31st, new three year activations on Rogers will get the first three months free and activation fee waived, according to an internal doc, notes MobileSyrup. The promo is applicable to all Rogers locations, dealers and corporate stores.

The memo also notes the $79 iPhone 5 promo Rogers was offering customers ends today, but the new price is now $149 (a savings of $10 off) for a three year term. If you’re looking to upgrade or renew your contract, will three months of free service entice you to sign on the dotted line?


  • K3

    why does the image of a nice tranquil grazing wild life scene just before the hunter arriving come to mind?

  • mrideas

    The key is to keep calling in. I upgraded in late October and so far they’ve updated my plan to a better one each time. Given back the activation fee and given me some credits too. I just keep asking if there is something better or cheaper. It’s like the calm before the storm though. I haven’t got the invoice with the details and as most of us know, Devils in the details with Rogers. Promise the world then screw you at billing time with numerous errors and mistakes…holding breath for a first error free bill.

  • I was pissed when I read this.. I’ve been a customer for 8 years and I’ve never gotten anything free from Rogers.. I renew my contract every 3 years.. Get the new iPhones on release day.. And here they are dropping iphone costs and giving out free service just 3 months later.. So I called and simply said “why do you guys value new customers more than loyal customers.. ” explained that I’ve been a customer (on this account) since 2004.. And had another account prior to that.. And that I’ve never gotten anything free and that I don’t get why I’m being treated this way.. I pay every month, on time, $84, and never miss it.. But I’ve never gotten a thing free… He apologized and tried to say he could give me 3 months free on a new line, to which I said “why would I want another line, I want to know that you guys value me as a customer, for 8 years, without me having to create a new line… You’re going to value a new customer who has never given you a penny before”.. He came back with taking $10/month off of my bill for the next 24 months.. $240 in value.. Not $100 off a phone and 3 free months, but I’ll take what I can get.

  • What is this error free bill you speak of!!! I rely on the errors.. Every time they mess up my bill, they give me additional credits to say “sorry we screwed up” my last contract I had 1000 minutes but paid for 200!!! All because of their “we’re sorry credits”

  • wahgee

    Not unless they can be closer to their other brand, Fido’s pricing for new activations. I hate playing that negotiations game with retentions.

  • Steve 0

    That’s because it’s a boxing week sale you noob. I can buy a TV in September and then get mad at futureshop because it went $600 off on boxing week.

  • Chris Burke

    It’s not about being a noob you jackass… It’s the fact that they offer this stuff to people who have given them nothing, but give nothing to loyal customers. As much as I hate bell, and trust me I hate them with a passion.. After I had been a customer of theirs for a year, they all of a sudden started offering people free Dell Monitors when you signed up.. (This was 6 or 7 years ago now) I called up bell and said, “I’m an existing customer, do I get a monitor” no questions asked, I didn’t get transferred to someone higher up, they instantly said “of course you do, we treat all our customers the same”… I actually still use that monitor to this say…

    I just think that all customers should be treated the same.. I wasn’t expecting them to give me money back on my phone, but I wold have liked 3 free months.. Why should a new customer who has never paid a dime to Rogers get 3 free months (worth minimum $150).. But over the past 8 years, if I had to guess, I’ve paid somewhere in the vicinity of $20,000 to Rogers (probably more), when you consider the average $83/month for 2 phones, plus buying new phones every couple years, and yet they’ve never given me anything.. Literally nothing.. Why shouldn’t I be upset.. I’ve given them $20,000 and someone whose given them nothing gets 3 months free… Doesn’t seem fair to me..

    I just think that companies should be treating their loyal long standing customers well too, not just new customers. I understand that they want to get new customers, but how about giving perks to customers who keeping you in business… Because the guy who signs up today to get 3 months for free.. He’s not keeping them in business.. Chances are he’s signing up on a whim, 3 free months.. He’ll likely end up screwing up his bill in about 7 months and Rogers will disconnect his phone and he’ll mess up his credit.. Those people don’t keep Rogers in business.. People like me.. Wo have been with the company for 8 years, that’s the kind of people who keep them in business.. People who keep renewing their contracts, and buying the new phones, and renewing again, and paying our bills, no telling our friends that they are a good company, etc.. So pay us a bit of respect.. Not the people who are going to default on their bill in 7 months…

  • Steve 0

    They are. If someone is currently a customer and do an upgrade they get the same promo, I checked. It’s boxing week which means sales for people who wait for that week to buy a service or product. I spent $5000 at futureshop last year, so because they have a sale on boxing week mean I should be entitled to money back off a TV I bought in September?

  • Richard

    They are doing this with existing customers too. If you upgrade you also get three months free so they are treating new and existing customers the same

  • Chris Burke

    You’re missing the point.. Clearly

  • gerry

    I signed up on Dec. 14 and I got 1 month free. Now they got 2 extra months. Ugh. I wonder if I call to see if they’ll upgrade it to an extra 2 months lol

  • gerry

    Promotions change or happens unexpectedly. Like Steve said, you buy something at full price and 3 or 5 months later it goes on sale. It’s a win lose situation.

  • gtasscarlo

    Why don’t you rant to retentions. I find Rogers treats existing customers with huge discounts. I bought my iPhone in November and now it’s $30 less. But I make up that difference with my monthly plan discounts. You gotta make retentions offer you discounts. And take this as a life lesson. Next time you want a deal wait till black Friday or boxing day. You can’t complain simply because you can’t get every promo that a company offers.

  • gtasscarlo

    Wouldn’t hurt to call!

  • Chris Burke

    all of you guys defending rogers in this, are the reason our rates stay the highest in Canada.. you are ok with this company screwing us over. Comparing this to going into Future Shop and buying a TV is like comparing apples and oranges.. when you buy a TV its a 1 time purchase, you dont go in every month and pay for that TV (unless you’re an idiot who gets it on credit).. but with Rogers, I am a monthly customer, not a 1 time customer, therefore, I deserve to be treated with respesct, every month, not just at the time of sign up.

    If you are happy and content having them screw you over, sit back and enjoy. Calling in and complaining about this kind of treatment is what got them to credit me $240.. which is what I got when I called yesterday and said “why do you give preferred treatement to new customers over customers who have been with you for 8 years”.. i dont want to create a new line, and I just renewed my contract a few months ago when I got my iphone 5.. there wasnt anything free for me then.. infact I paid a crap load of money to do it.. as I said its people like me who keep the company running, not people who take advantage of these promotions..

  • winnertakesteve

    As a fido customer I can say I’ve been able to improve my plan several times over the years.

    After buying my 4s last fall they called to see that I was satisfied with my service, and I was able to negotiate half price on my long distance and 6gb data for the price of their 2gb offering.

    Then when they launched that $56 promo a few weeks back I asked if there was anything similar for someone a year into their contract. They knocked $8 off my monthly bill. That brought me to $65 for essentially equivalent service to the $56 promo, except I have 6gb instead of 2. So I feel like I’m on a pretty even keel with their best current offering.

    The thing with carriers is they advertise the deals to bring in new customers, and make existing ones have to haggle a bit. And it makes good (but evil) sense to do so, because a high churn rate amongst the carriers means more cancellation and activation fees. So it’s in all the carriers best interests to make you sign up for a nice long contract and then get pissed off and want to leave as quickly frequently as possible.

  • Tom

    This is good to remember for next year’s Black Friday and Boxing Day sale. Thanks for the post Gary and Happy New Year!

  • Dannymaas

    It’s true – and it’s not just with cell companies but cable TV and all utilities really. They want more customers and often don’t show loyalty to those customers they already have. Then again, I got a $100 coupon to the shopping network from Rogers recently and had that magazine promo (choose 2 or 3 gifts, one being a mag subscription) so I guess it isn’t horrible.

    I don’t know if there is a way around this really. What I’d love to see is some loyalty rewards like extra minutes or data for customers who’ve been with them a while, and the longer you’re with them the more you get. That way you’d have more to lose by leaving them.

    As is stands, there is no real way to get ahead unless you call and threaten to cancel or raise a stink. Shouldn’t be that way really…

  • cOmMoNsEnSe

    I have Shaw TV and when I signed up with them, they gave me 6 months free movie channels and other discounts which I forget. That was 7 years ago. Every year during special seasons, they have these type of deals again. Will I call them and say, “Hey. I have been with you guys for so long. You guys should give me stuff for free every time you have a deal!”? No! I won’t! Every customer had his first time deal that made him go to that company. You must had some type of deal 8 years ago that made you signed up with Rogers. That’s how businesses sell their services. That’s how customers buy their products.

    This is common sense. No company in the world will knock on your door and gives you free stuff for no reason every time they have promotions. Also, like others had said, promotions come and go. You should be happy that you get $10 off by calling them about your nonsense.

  • Olley

    It’s totally understandable that the royal customers deserve better benefits, but no person on this planet should be locked down by a 3-year agreement at a rate of 80 plus dollars. It is simple as you picture it without doing the math. I have been an iPhone owner since the very first US-only iPhone came out, but never signed a contract with Rogers or Fido. None of them offers reasonable plans for voice/data, note even remotely. If someone would be willing to renew a 3-year contract for 80 dollars for more than once, I don’t think this person would have troubles buying iPhones at the full price.

    Next time if you want something, simply threaten to cancel and terminate the account…they take this wayyyy more serious than your loyalty 🙂

  • wahgee

    What is your specific plan?

  • You are wrong to say “you must have gotten something 8 years ago when you signed up”.. That’s why I’m pissed about.. Rogers has never given me anything.. Last year they were giving people (current customers included) a free month at Christmas time.. Just to say merry Christmas.. It’s all documented, I believe I read about it on here first.. I got nothing.. I’ve never gotten anything from Rogers. Aside from when they give me credits because they screw up my bill.. That’s why I’m pissed.. Everyone else seems to be getting stuff but me, and it pisses me off..

    Like I said, if you are happy letting them treat new customers better than you, than don’t call.. But I for 1 am not happy with that, and I believe that all customers should be treated well, and that’s why they gave me $10/month off for 2 years, clearly they saw that I was right, otherwise they wouldn’t have given it to me.. I’ll keep calling from time to time, as I’m a customer, and I deserve to see if there is a better price for me, or a new promo I can get…