Rogers Promo: Free XBOX 360 with Activation of iPhones on Shared Voice/Data Plans


Rogers currently has a promo that will offer a free XBOX 360 with Kinect to customers that activate two new smartphones on a couples and family voice and data plan. The offer does apply to the iPhone 4S.

The advertised plans offer:

  • SMS and MMS
  • 6PM evenings and weekends
  • Canada-wide family plan member calling
  • Canada-wide calling from your computer with Rogers One Number
  • 3 year term required for each smartphone

The promo applies to the:

  • Unlimited Couples and Family Voice & Data Plan
  • Ultimate Unlimited Family Voice & Data Plan
  • Ultimate Unlimited Family Voice Plan w/ Data Add On

You can also be eligible to purchase the XBOX 360 for $149.99 if you activate a new smartphone on an eligible single line plan. Those that choose to get the XBOX will have to fill out an online form to have the unit shipped to them.

Anyone jumping on this offer? Take the 3 year contract for a free XBOX, or just go and buy an XBOX on its own?

[via Rogers]


  • pk

    Still got a year+ to go on Telus with a locked iP4. Wish Telus could figure out how to unlock their ios devices.

  • Scott Brookes

    yea this is a great deal if i didn’t want an iPhone 5 in a few months

  • RaphaelNinjaTurtle

    I fell for this scam with Bell and what they don’t mention is they charge you 20.00 per month for the Xbox promo after 3 years I paid 700$ for an Xbox elite

  • thevarmanator

    XBOXes suck anyway. I like the kinect, but I’d rather grab a refurb XBOX and find a kinect somewhere than sign three years of my life with Rogers.