Rogers To Release New iPhone Plan To Combat Telus/Bell


With the recently released Bell and Telus iPhone plans, we have received yet another anonymous tip that Rogers will be introducing a new price plan to combat the new offers coming from Bell and Telus.

The offer from Rogers includes daytime minutes, evening/weekend minutes and additional bonuses/promos. The plan, like the other available Rogers plans, will allow for promotional pricing of the iPhone 3G/3GS which is $99 (iPhone 3G 8GB), $199 (iPhone 3GS 16GB), and $299 (iPhone 3GS 32GB):

Individual Plan [Updated]


  • 36 month contract/renewal
  • 650 + 50 Minutes
  • Unlimited Evenings/Weekends @ 6PM
  • Visual Voicemail
  • 1GB Data + Tethering
  • Caller Display
  • Unlimited MMS
  • Add: GRR Fee (by province)

The plan is considered a rumor until publicly confirmed by Rogers.

Update (11/03/2009): It seems that Rogers has pulled this plan from their Q4 sales lineup.

More as the story develops…



  • kensmartz

    It's very hard to see how any of these phone prices or any plan that kind of costs $95-$100 is any different than what's out there already from Rogers

  • plokiju

    Really? this is how they combat the Telus/Bell plans? With a $95 plan? I really hope they come out with something cheaper so I can finally get an iPhone since Telus/Bell isn't going to be an option in Saskatchewan

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Meh, big deal! I'll continue to hold onto my original CityFido plan (unlimited minutes,anytime calling day or night,free evening & weekends and 6GB data plan all for $85.00+ tax. I see nothing from any of the carriers that can even come close to this. Still I'll be unlocking my iPhone once Blacksn0w comes out November 4th! It just keeps getting better and better.

  • Brettc77

    well for me its a very easy descision… if you take a look at this sites rogers iphone plans that they post they come out to around the same price but if you look at what you get… i have a fraction of that stuff the only reason i pay more is the 30$ for 6GB of data, the most ive ever used it 1.2 Gigs and that was pushing it

  • Flaxx

    how is this in anyway competitive? my plan:
    $17.50 – epp plan 200 anytime minutes + unlimited e/w
    $2 – unlimited e/w @ 5pm
    $20 – unlimited sms/mms, call display, visual vm, who called
    $25 – 6gb data (they threw in a $5/month discount for whole contract if i did this)
    $6.95 – SAF
    $0.50 – 911
    total = $71.95 + tax.

    who cares about my5 when i can use skype to call unlimited north america IN THE DAY (without using daytime minutes) for $3/month! I have caller ID with it; it works flawlessly for me; and 6gb in terms of minutes amounts to up to 28339 minutes or over 472 hours per month! i really don't get it.

  • Justin

    Anyone know what is consider local call for Telus or Bell in Toronto – as some may know, recently Rogers/Fido reduced the local call area in multiple ciites, so Newmarket call to Toronto is considering a long distance call now (before Oct. 15 this year, it was consider a local call). I'm still very upset about this!

    Anyone has any idea where is the Telus or Bell local call map? Want to know if a call from Newmarket to Toronto is considering a local call or not. Thanks.

  • Dusty

    No thanks…

  • Carl

    I'm already paying $92/month at Fido.

    6 GB Data
    750 minutes (unlimited evenings/weekends at 5)
    The $15 addon which includes 1,500 Text messages
    and some other standard things

  • Looks like the competition is starting to pay off already. Like many of the other posters, I'm already getting a better deal than this. I pay between $95 and $100 a month total with 6 gigs data, 600 daytime minutes, my 5 canada wide, unlimited mms, and visual voicemail. The lesson of this post is don't pay the advertised price anywhere, negotiate yourself a better deal.

    Off topic, this blog is in desperate need of some CSS tweaking, the text of the posts and comments are too small.

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  • Ben

    The $95 plan is a joke… This is my plan.

    250/Unlimited Eve/Wkds Plan – $20.00

    * 5PM Early Eve. Calling Option
    * 250 Wkday/Unltd. Eve/Wkends
    * 50 Bonus minutes
    * Unlimited Incoming Calls Opt.

    Additional Services

    * Call Forward/Trans.Pay Per Use
    * Detailed Billing
    * Van./Vic. Rate Following
    * Unltd Picture or Video Msgs.
    * Unlimited Text Messages

    Additional Charges**

    * System Access Fee – $6.95 – Monthly
    * 9-1-1 Emergency Access Fee – $0.50 – Monthly


    * $5 Data Discount – To be removed on 25/10/2012
    * $10 Data Discount – To be removed on 25/10/2012
    * Monthly Fee Credit 3 yr – To be removed on 09/02/2012 ($-7)
    * Incoming Calling Opt. Cr – To be removed on 02/03/2012 (-$10)
    * 33.3% Value Pack Add-on Disc.

    $7 5PM Early Eve. Calling Option
    $5 Canadian LD Anytime Option (1000 minutes)
    $10 Unlimited Incoming Calls Opt.
    $30 Data Service Plan 6GB – Limited Time Offer – term expires on 30/09/2012
    $20 iPhone Value Pack with Visual Voicemail

    Before taxes, $67.45 – After taxes, 75.54

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  • so if the plan is $95 and you need to sign on for the three year contract. That is (95*(3*12)) = $9420. So think of that as the price of the phone because when you buy it, you are signing on to pay AT LEAST that much

  • CS

    Ben, how in the HECK did you get that? Help me, jerry, help me!

  • CS

    Ben, how in the HECK did you get that? Help me, jerry, help me!

  • Eric

    DUDE your math is terrible… (95*(3*12)) = $3420, NOT 9420…

  • Do you figure for the $30 6GB plan, they will keep giving us “free” tethering?

  • John

    Hey Ben, I need iPhone by next month. Please give me tips on getting a deal like yours.. 🙂

  • bun

    yeah. this is a terrible plan. not surprised, given the reputation of Robbers. My plan is better than this.

    I have

    250 anytime mins
    Unlimited early evenings & weekends (6pm – 7am)
    100 long distance mins
    Unlimited nation-wide incoming calls
    Call display
    Unlimited text messaging
    6gb data plan

    $50 before tax & System Access Fee

    Total: $64.92 a month

  • anon

    who are these plans with, that all beat out the original plan???
    i'm trying to choose a carrier and need to know the perks I can get thrown in 'for free' (aka getting more for my $60+ /month)

  • anon

    who are these plans with, that all beat out the original plan???
    i'm trying to choose a carrier and need to know the perks I can get thrown in 'for free' (aka getting more for my $60+ /month)