[Update] Rogers/Fido Increasing 411 Directory Assistance Fee To $2.50


If you have ever used Directory Assistance with Rogers or Fido (dial *411 from your mobile), you would have noticed a $2.00 (+ tax) charge per call posted to your wireless bill. This call also reduces your wireless minutes and is charged long distance if you are outside your home calling area.

For those that have never used Directory Assistance, it is a service used when you need a phone number. You dial ‘*411’ from your mobile and you’ll get your needed number, be connected to the number, and the listing is also sent to your device via text message. However the service also provides movie listings, driving directions, and weather conditions.

With smartphones and data plans however, Directory Assistance is almost obsolete considering the Internet (Google, Yellow Pages, Apps, etc) is an amazing resource. But, for those that do not have a data plan, and cannot be bothered to call a friend, Directory Assistance is for you.

As of March 16 2011, Rogers/Fido will be increasing the usage fee of Directory Assistance from $2.00/call to $2.50/call. The posting is available on the Rogers and Fido websites, but is also found in the first few pages of your wireless bill.

MobileSyrup also provides a list of what other Canadian wireless carriers charge for Directory Assistance:

  • Bell: $1.90/call
  • TELUS: $1.50/call
  • Wind Mobile: $1.75/call
  • Solo Mobile: $2.49/call if you are on a Solo monthly rate plan or $1.99/call Prepaid
  • Public Mobile: Does not support 411 calls
  • Virgin Mobile: $2.50/call
  • Videotron: $1.99/call
  • Chatr: $2.00/call
  • Mobilicity: $3.00/call <– Ouch!

As for why this service is being increased to $2.50/call, your guess is as good as mine.

Update 1: Rogers let us know, via Twitter, why the fee is increasing:

@iphoneincanada Hi Gary, we are increasing the fee by .50 to bring the rate in line with other Canadian wireless service providers…

@iPhoneinCanada Customers have a choice. Directory Assistance is a pay-per-use service and customers have a number of other options.


  • Mhwaite

    Robbers strikes again!!!!

  • Moddejunk

    So would this count as a change to my service agreement, thus allowing me out of my contract without paying a cancellation fee?

  • Anonymous

    No things like local calling areas, 911 fee increase, maybe even the text, but directory calling has no mention in your contract terms of service.

  • Ex

    Unfortunately no.

  • Auto Strada

    maybe this is their way of recouping the money they will lose for when they offer personal hotspots for us iPhoners πŸ™‚ so instead of charging us, they’ll get the money somewhere else, like a non-essential service that is obsolete ONLY to data users.

    i mean, someone has to take one for the team, right? so, why not those who don’t require data? πŸ˜›

  • Scott

    This is crap. They only raise the rates cause they can. I use an iPhone so you can get this info from many apps but there is also google 411 and it is a toll free call and works great.

  • xxJDxx

    Amen, remember back in the day when we used to be told that cell phone costs would go DOWN eventually??

  • Ex

    that was a good joke….oh wait…you’re serious πŸ™

  • Anonymous

    1-800-GOOG-411 shut down on Nov 12.
    But they have a txtmsg service free 466453

  • Noahattic

    That is in no way they will lose money by offering personal hotspots for free. You ALREADY pay for the data that you would use of personal hotspot. Also, they will make money from this feature because the way people can easily bypass the amount data (mostly 1G).

    I don’t use 411 service at all but I don’t like the way rogers is rolling out. It seems like rogers increases the rate of every possible way they can do. It’s just so sick.

    We have already locked into the longest contract, paid for the most expensive phone bill and suffered the least competitive mobile market all over the world. What’s next, Rogers?

    Do something, CTBC(whatever it’s called)! I’m already regret of switching to rogers, I would pay for the ECF , buy Nexus S and jump onto Wind!!

  • KnightFire

    What?! πŸ™

  • Anonymous

    $2.50 is a lot of money especially if you dial it at least 6 times a month like me.
    Fortunately I’m using the Net10’s prepaid plans and they don’t charge for dialing 411 calls. Apparently Straight Talk prepaid plans also don’t charge their clients for dialing 411. This is quite a money saver then for people using Sraight Talk and Net10 phone plans.

  • Celery66

    I just used it and was charged 4.30.. fucking bullshit